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Homestuck God Tier Classes And Aspects by zynwolf Homestuck God Tier Classes And Aspects :iconzynwolf:zynwolf 6,004 732 EndGame by mifinlow EndGame :iconmifinlow:mifinlow 1,059 36 [S] John: Just Lose it by PalaceOfChairs [S] John: Just Lose it :iconpalaceofchairs:PalaceOfChairs 6,215 943 Yaois by Kitkaloid Yaois :iconkitkaloid:Kitkaloid 873 23 Homestuck by uixela Homestuck :iconuixela:uixela 5,949 283 Homestuck Icon Dump 001 by starexorcist Homestuck Icon Dump 001 :iconstarexorcist:starexorcist 2,979 337
JohnKat: Sick
"Karkat?" You look over at the troll by the doorframe. He's leaning against the door, his skin paler than normal. "Karkat you don't look so good."
"Shut up, I'm fine." He took a few steps forward before he started to fall.
You rush up and support him, "You're not fine, Karkat, you can hardly stand!" You place a hand to his forehead, "Oh gosh, Karkat you're burning up! I think you're sick."
"Nonsense, I've never been sick." You help him back into his pajamas and under the covers. "This is stupid, I've never been sick on Alternia."
You nod sympathetically and leave to grab the thermometer. You've heard from Rose that trolls are pretty similar to humans biologically, so you're hoping the thermometer will work. "Here, this goes under your tongue for a while." He takes it without question and sticks it in his mouth.  After a few minutes you take it out and look at it. "Holy shit, Karkat…"
He looks up at you worriedly, "John?"
The device measured well over a hundred. "Uh, one
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God Tier in the Night Sky by The-EverLasting-Ash God Tier in the Night Sky :iconthe-everlasting-ash:The-EverLasting-Ash 4,150 309 Homestuck Pile by HiyaJinxx Homestuck Pile :iconhiyajinxx:HiyaJinxx 3,667 136 wow karkat, rude by ryounkura wow karkat, rude :iconryounkura:ryounkura 1,902 99 Poke Karkat Flash Game! by HachiJinkx Poke Karkat Flash Game! :iconhachijinkx:HachiJinkx 1,590 474 priorities by ryounkura priorities :iconryounkura:ryounkura 1,674 104
John Egbert x Troll!Reader:What Do Your Horns Do?
[7:00] -- ectoBiologist[EB] began pestering chumHandle[CH] at 19:00 --
[7:00]EB: hey _____!
[7:00]CH: Hi John! Did you need something?
[7:01]EB: actually i did.can you come over?
[7:01]CH: Sure but what for?
[7:02]EB: to watch con air with me of course!
[7:02]CH: Okay then, I'll be there in a bit!
[7:03] -- chumHandle[CH] gave up trolling ectoBiologist[EB] at 19:03 --
   You log off of Trollian and get ready to go to John's Hiv- er House?
                           Your P.O.V~!!!!!
      Hmmm...Why does John suddenly want me to visit? He was acting a bit odd now that I think about it.Meh, it doesn't matter.I should get going or I'll take too long!WAIT...did he say Con Air?! Karkat has always told me not to watch any movie of John's. It can't be that bad...maybe.
                      Time skip!!!!!
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homestuck by ASHESSS homestuck :iconashesss:ASHESSS 5,823 1,077 John's Hoodcape Tutorial by ElectricCamel John's Hoodcape Tutorial :iconelectriccamel:ElectricCamel 1,277 125 Together by lexxercise Together :iconlexxercise:lexxercise 5,750 271 Tier of Gods by Doodle-Master Tier of Gods :icondoodle-master:Doodle-Master 3,725 112 Homestuck by Quere Homestuck :iconquere:Quere 5,026 321 Homestuck by BiRoxy Homestuck :iconbiroxy:BiRoxy 617 49 hey, dave? by Life-Writer hey, dave? :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 2,378 166 Homestuck God Mandala by Neon-Hikari Homestuck God Mandala :iconneon-hikari:Neon-Hikari 4,028 356
John Egbert x Reader: Movie Nights
The lost tangerine orange salamander turned towards you, bubbling water out of her mouth as always.
"Casey, are you lost again? Here, I'll take you home."
Home being John's apartment, which happened to be on the floor above yours. You scooped her up and shifted her under your right arm.
"John! I found your daughter!" You yelled, knocking on his door. He opened it, smiling his signature derpy smile.
"Thanks _____! I've been looking everywhere for her..." He said, taking Casey and pushing his glasses into place. Why did he have to be so goddamn  adorable? You'd had a crush on him since...well, as long as you could remember, really.
"Hey, wanna stay and watch some movies?"
"Sur-Wait, nononono!"
You had failed to notice his smile had become a bit more mischievous.
"Great! Come on in." He said, practically dragging you into his apartment. You groaned. You hated the movies he liked, and he knew it. He loved to trap you in his apartment with the longest, best (Read: worst) one he cou
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John Egbert. Militarystuck by sol-lavi John Egbert. Militarystuck :iconsol-lavi:sol-lavi 965 56
Still the Same Chapter Seven Unedited
When John woke the next morning he was still surrounded by quietly sleeping trolls. He went to move but found himself trapped in Karkat's embrace. He didn't mind, for the first time in almost a month he didn't wake up alone. It felt nice to be surrounded by others he could relate to a little bit. His senses were off, compared to the others, the closeness was getting uncomfortable but he would rather be uncomfortable then alone. The troll next to him shifted and pulled John with him. He couldn't help giggling when Karkat couldn't pull him over with him like a huge stuffed animal.
Karkat opened his eyes blinking a few times, "Oh, hey Egbert."
"Oh hey yourself," he said back. "Good morning." Karkat nuzzled into John and sighed deeply. "Sleep well?" He nodded. "Do we have to wait until everyone is awake to move?"
Karkat sat up and looked around, "Not really." He started talking softly, "Hey guys, get your lazy asses up. It's time to move on with the day. Don't you growl at me, come on let'
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Karkat and John: Have sloppy makeouts by Lindzar Karkat and John: Have sloppy makeouts :iconlindzar:Lindzar 1,838 181 John Give the Crab back to KK by The-EverLasting-Ash John Give the Crab back to KK :iconthe-everlasting-ash:The-EverLasting-Ash 2,076 208
Still the Same Chapter Nine
"John are you ok?" Karkat stuck his head out of the shower they were previously sharing and looked at his quivering Matesprit. John never answered and through the fogged mirrors Karkat could see blue tears. "John?"
The other troll blasted Karkat with a wide range of feelings from anger to depression before covering his face with his hands. "No I'm not ok Karkat!"
Carefully Karkat moved from the shower to stand behind John, "Would you like to tell me what's wrong?"
"No," John sniffled.
Moving slowly Karkat wrapped his arms around John and pulled him close, "You have to tell me, I can't help unless you tell me what's wrong."
"I don't want you to help!" John spun around, breaking contact, and snarled, "I want these gone!" He flared his wings, "I want this gone!" He clawed at his skin, "and I don't want these!" He pulled down on his horns, "Or this, or this, or any of it!"
Karkat watched John point to every part of his body that had changed since he became a troll. His Matesprit fell to hi
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Karkat, really? by Lirlys Karkat, really? :iconlirlys:Lirlys 4,254 316 Stray of Aspect by zynwolf Stray of Aspect :iconzynwolf:zynwolf 721 50 Tricksters gon' trick by Kiddy-chan Tricksters gon' trick :iconkiddy-chan:Kiddy-chan 3,461 136 homestuck valentines notes by lal0nde homestuck valentines notes :iconlal0nde:lal0nde 2,959 279 Play with the KarKat by sizliz Play with the KarKat :iconsizliz:sizliz 2,200 383
Still the Same Chapter Five UNEDITED
John was surprised at Sollux's presence outside his door. 'Why does he want to speak to me? Sollux hasn't shown much interest in me or the other humans, so why now?' It puzzled him, he thought that maybe Sollux was just being friendly. "Sure, what do you want to talk about?"
"I'm going to be blunt. KK."
"Yeth Karkat." He took a few steps forward towards John, "I think it'th time thomeone on thith thtupid athteroid talked to you. Thinth KK theemth unable to do it I will."
"Talk about what?" John asked, "This is sorta random," he laughed a bit, "I mean, you never talk to me."
"I know." He continued past John, "We're going back to my room. It'th more private."
John followed Sollux, watching the troll move through the halls carefully and slowly. He kept a proud stance, even when stumbling over something. He carried a cane, much like Terezi's. "So, um, Sollux…do you need any help or something? I mean, I can lead you if you want, it might be faster…" He trailed off when t
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Homestuck photobooth by Kayetart Homestuck photobooth :iconkayetart:Kayetart 3,482 187 Homestuck WALLPAPER by princelupin Homestuck WALLPAPER :iconprincelupin:princelupin 2,609 76
Wintry Chill [John x Reader]
{Part one in the Seasons Pack}
Tugging the scarf closer to her face, [Name] coughed lightly and furiously wiped at the snow that was getting in her eyes. Why did she walk to the college this morning if she knew that it was going to blizzard later in the day?! Cars passed her on the road, some people honking when they recognized her. She tried her best to wave back, but returned to crossing her arms over her chest because it was so damned cold.
A flash of blue streaked across her vision, causing the girl to stumble back a bit. “What in the world?” Looking to her right at the snowy forest, [Name] bit her lip as she weighed her options. Hurry up and get home to be warm or go and see what that was? Curiosity getting the better of her, she stepped down the small hill and nearly fell on her ass in two foot snow.
“Stupid winter. Stupid coldness. Stupid snow.” [Name] grumbled to herself as she stepped into the forest, grabbing onto branches to help keep her balan
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Still the Same Chapter Eight
The hall was shrouded in shadows, but none of this was new to Sollux. It had been a few months since the accident that rendered him blind and weak, seeing darkness was something he had long begun accustomed to. 'Though,' he thought about it, 'it wasn't really an accident, Eridan and I were both asking for it.' He proceeded down the hall, sweeping the cane back and forth feeling for objects on the ground.
Being blind was a hassle, but it wasn't the worst thing that could have happened to him. At least he had someone who had gone through it before, 'Thank the fucking gods we are aren't on Alternia anymore.' The news about Karkat and John's recent Matespritship was startling but also pretty great. He was happy for both his Moirail and John. But as eager as he was to tell the others Sollux slowed his pace and stopped. This was one of the rare opportunities to test his 'vision' with his psionics.
Carefully he summoned up the tiny amount of power he did have and focused it, moving out across
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4.13.13 by myetie 4.13.13 :iconmyetie:myetie 3,243 581
{John x Reader} Tongue Tied
You were sitting on the couch playing Mario Galaxy on the Wii council until you hear a familiar yelling noise. It turned out to be John's and he smashed through the window next to you. "John! What the hell?!" You had a huge crush on John, but you were angry at him for breaking your window. Seriously, what kind of friend breaks your window?! "We know your secret, ____..." He whispered in your ear. "Wha-" You were interrupted by your front door opening. It was Dave. "We know your secret, _____..." He said. "Huh?" What secret are they talking abour? "C'MON FUCKASS, WE KNOW YOUR SECRET!" Karkat randomly came out of your coat closet. "What the fu-" "SiS, nO nEeD tO hIdE yOuR sEcReT. hOnK ;o)." Gamzee poked his head out from under a picture of you and your friend Feferi hung on the wall. "How is that even possible?" You said. You were definitely confused. You had no idea what they were talking about and your window was broken! Thank God your parents didn't come in Sburb with you. "John, what
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homestuck does splash mountain by Yakuza-Neko homestuck does splash mountain :iconyakuza-neko:Yakuza-Neko 1,860 391
Stormy Night
"Heh heh the wind's really howling out there Karkat."
"Y-Yeah, great." He said quietly, his eyes trained on the TV.
John sat down next to the troll and leaned against him. "It's been a while since we had a good storm, this should be cool." Karkat was shivering slightly, "You cold? Karkat why didn't you say anything?" He grabbed one of the big warm fuzzy blankets they kept on the couch in case Karkat did get cold and threw it around the troll. "You never say anything, you don't have to be embarrassed, I already know you can't regulate your body heat well."
Karkat gripped the blanket tight and pulled it closer to his body. "Thanks."
He resumed leaning against the troll and watching TV. Their lives had become so peaceful since beating the game for good. "Karkat you're still shaking so badly. Are you sure you're ok? Do you need a hot shower?"
"No. I'm fine."
"You're not though," he pulled the other boy closer to him and hugged him. "You can admit this kind of stuff to me."
Karkat nodded. T
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John god tier hood + tutorial by saramonel John god tier hood + tutorial :iconsaramonel:saramonel 438 62 SBURB BETA by Life-Writer SBURB BETA :iconlife-writer:Life-Writer 1,817 43 Homestuck tribute by Valerei Homestuck tribute :iconvalerei:Valerei 9,175 836 HOMESTUCK: Dave Strider by Lokeva HOMESTUCK: Dave Strider :iconlokeva:Lokeva 775 127 HOMESTUCK by Hime-yamaneko HOMESTUCK :iconhime-yamaneko:Hime-yamaneko 4,144 273 HS: Grimdark Heir by Zilleniose HS: Grimdark Heir :iconzilleniose:Zilleniose 1,404 91 can you touch your toes by emlan can you touch your toes :iconemlan:emlan 3,330 396
Spring Showers [Jake x Reader]
{Part Two in the Seasons Pack}
Jake strolled down the street, adjusting the collar of his overcoat ever so slightly. It was the one thing that symbolized that he was finally in his element. Johnathan had his odd pajama type clothes, while Jake had taken the more subtle approach of a large coat that went all the way down to his knees. He missed having it with him for three seasons, but finally, it was his time.
He felt the hum and warmth of the crystal below his jacket and Jake stepped into a small alleyway. Taking a look behind him, he realized that wherever he was walking, the snow melted in his wake. “Bollocks.” Jolting when his cell phone rang, the boy answered quickly.
“Jake English here.”
What’s up Springlish?
“Oh. It’s you Dirkus. What’s up?”
It’s Dirk to you, Bunny boy.
“Bunny boy?”
Yeah you know. Fucking Peter Cottontail with a spring in his step up in here.
“Oh dear God. I
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