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Jotaro Kujo X Reader [Those Few Words]
"Come on, please?!"
This was the third time in one day Jotaro had refused to let you into the room that you two were supposed to share. That's the point of moving in and living as roommates, right? Eight months of living together and not a single problem until now.
Your fist pounded on the wooden door impatiently as you heard the giant of a man sighing inside like he was always does, a "yare yare" lingering shortly behind. Between the sighing and your fist on the wooden door, you could hear him opening drawers from your older dresser before being quickly closed. Your eyes grew wide as you heard what sounded like four of them opening and closing at once, they were moving with a force that seemed desperate.
"Jotaro, what the hell are you doing in my stuff?!" you cried out, your palms beating against the wooden door quickly as you audibly growled.
"Ugh! What's even gotten into you?" With a loud huff, you stepped back from the door, your fists clenched and warm as you frowned at the
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Dio Brando X Reader [Elicitation]
When Jotaro and his group met you in India, they were surprised to find out you were a Stand user of weak abilities, so weak that they almost didn't notice you. Your ability was that you could see Stands inside of their users, as well as get a sort of reading off of said Stand.Of course, they were cautious about you since they had had nothing but enemies in their path, but you assured them that you were not an enemy. You were simply looking for somewhere to go, somewhere to belong with your abilities.
You followed the group around for a bit, they were more than eager to help you along the way. Things were going great and you had been able to use your abilities to help them at one point when the user hid among a crowd.
But that all changed when you were taken by Hol Horse after his partner had been killed, the others grieving over Avdol.
Hol Horse returned to Dio, presenting you like some kind of trophy. When your eyes loc
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Jealousy | Dio Brando x Reader
Hatred tainted your heart early, and an evil almost as grand as the man you served overshadowed your humanity. A life made miserable by the Joestar family, an entire lineage of your members tossed aside and left behind in poverty. Your time in Lord Dio's company had just recently begun, but your sworn loyalty had more than proven itself, and ran deeper in your veins than any sea.
You would do his bidding without question; allow him to drink from you if the whores you provided did not suffice, and accompany him to bed when the same applied. You were his entirely, Dio's second hand, to do with what he willed. As reward, you weren't mistreated and you were not forsaken. Those were riches greater than you could have anticipated.
You would remain by his side until the end of your days, and irrevocably so.
Enyaba shows immense animosity towards you and the favoritism Dio shows you. Though it may be true she has been with him longer, it means little to you. The decrepit hag is jealous of the
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Polnareff X Reader [Friend of a Friend]
AN: So, this was supposed to be funny, and then it turned into this...goddamnit Polnareff, why do you give me the feels?! >8|
When Polnareff returned to his homeland at last, he didn't realize how lonely he was. The joy of having multiple friends around him was gone, leaving him with an empty feeling in his heart; not even his homeland could fill it. His life seemed to fill with an eternal grief as he mourned his fallen comrades every day, which led to thoughts of his deceased sister. He was spiraling downward at a staggering pace.
Until a woman appeared on his doorstep one day, a broken smile on her lips. He couldn't deny her beauty, but after everything that had happened, he naturally put his guard up. Polnareff was about to question her when she began speaking for herself.
"Mr. Polnareff?" What a sweet voice, perfect for an assassin.
"Yeah, that's me. Who are you and why are you here?"
The woman looked down, holding something in her hands. Polnareff looked down to see a paper
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Dio Brando X Reader [Circles In The Sand]
Enyaba fidgeted nervously before the man radiating intense power and charisma in frigid waves, gulping thickly as her body froze with fear. She had made a slight mistake, but it was one that could not go untold to her Lord Dio; he would surely kill her if he found out. Hell, he might even kill her after she tells him. Hence why she was currently sweating bullets to the point she was sure she’d drown herself. Dio’s gaze was thankfully not on her, but on an aged book with faded scribbling across it, one so old she couldn't recognize it; however, that didn't set her mind anymore at ease.
“I-I’m terribly sorry, Dio-sama,” she began, hoping he wouldn't be too hateful towards her. The man didn't pause as he continued to read the book.
“Why ever could you be sorry?” he asked in his usual cool, collected voice of pure silk and gold. It was the voice of an incubus tenfold. The woman felt so compelled to spill her guts, and she did.
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Noriaki Kakyoin crusades into Death Battle!

Name: Noriaki Kakyoin
Age: 17
First Enemy of Jotaro Kujo
One of the most popular characters in JJBA Part 3.
Owner of the Stand Hierophant Green
Really likes Cherries
    A lot.

-Managed to outwit Tower of Gray a stand who could move faster than Star Platinum's fists
    -Which mind you move at 365C (Massively Faster than Light)
-In his first fight he managed to overpower an inexperienced Jotaro Kujo
-Hierophant Green's tendrils were quick enough to put DIO off balance
-Survived his eyes being slashed open
-Defeated the Dream Stand Death-13
-Helped Jean-Pierre Polnereff in killing J. Geil who's stand could move at the speed of light
-Shown to be the best tactician in the team
-Had his eyes slashed open, recovered within weeks

-Can think of strategies on the go making him the brains of the team
-Good at analyzing foes
-Is a whiz at
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