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Heart Base by DiamondDisko Heart Base :icondiamonddisko:DiamondDisko 3,601 850 Zuko is 'Leavin' by AnimantX Zuko is 'Leavin' :iconanimantx:AnimantX 2,432 535 Roxas's Secret Hobby... by obliviousOUL Roxas's Secret Hobby... :iconobliviousoul:obliviousOUL 1,345 373 KH:BBS Ventus - Rock You by tomokii KH:BBS Ventus - Rock You :icontomokii:tomokii 819 106
Young Justice: Beautiful Soul
Artemis was reading in the Cave's library, her nose buried in a book.  Everyone else was either out with their mentors or shopping (in M'gann and Connor's case), so Artemis had the whole place to herself.
Well, so she thought.
"Recognized, Robin. B01." The robotic voice of the Cave computer said slowly.
Artemis groaned inwardly, and tried to sink herself further into the novel she was reading.
'Just when I had some peace and quiet.' She growled to herself. 'Now the troll wonder is here…'
Thankfully though, Robin didn't seem to notice that anyone else was in the Cave. In fact, he passed right by the library.
At first, Artemis had thought she was hearing things, and squinted at the letters on the page, hoping it would go away.
When it didn't stop, she got up and stalked to the door, thinking that somehow the stereo or radio had turned on.
But when the door slid open, she was greeted by something else entirely.
It couldn't have been her ears being messed up, because she cou
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Roxas and Sora by verkoka Roxas and Sora :iconverkoka:verkoka 136 19 Terence Cosplay Makeup by Amouranth Terence Cosplay Makeup :iconamouranth:Amouranth 93 9 YJ- Rob and KF 2 by DaynahKay YJ- Rob and KF 2 :icondaynahkay:DaynahKay 251 54 Axel um...Motivational Poster? by CrimsonSquadRecorder Axel um...Motivational Poster? :iconcrimsonsquadrecorder:CrimsonSquadRecorder 119 36 ATLA: Fire Lord Jesse by bidrohi ATLA: Fire Lord Jesse :iconbidrohi:bidrohi 268 50 KHBBS - Right Where You Want Them by KimYoshiko KHBBS - Right Where You Want Them :iconkimyoshiko:KimYoshiko 250 45 Jesse Mccartney by chuanerya Jesse Mccartney :iconchuanerya:chuanerya 284 83
PxI Songfic: That Was Then
Phineas and Isabella stand in the middle of Paris while Isabella is slightly confused.
Isabella: So, um…Phineas, why're we here in Paris again?
Phineas: We're here because…I want to make it up to you, for not noticing you back then.
Isabella: You mean…you still remember?!
Phineas: Yeah, and Isabella, I'm really sorry for not paying any attention to you; I've brought us here so we could maybe start all over.
(Song starts)
Phineas holds Isabella's hand as they walk and he starts to sing.
Phineas: Guess I never really notice
The Parisian café
When you told me
I should take a break
I noticed now that I've been very busy working
For a very long time
Phineas gives flowers to Isabella under the Eiffel Tower, much to her delight.
Phineas: All you wanted
Was me to really care
And I didn't even
Notice you were there
I promise that I'll never ever
Make that same mistake not twice
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Jesse McCartney by pa55ion Jesse McCartney :iconpa55ion:pa55ion 35 0 Young Justice Robin singing? by XmzlazyheadX Young Justice Robin singing? :iconxmzlazyheadx:XmzlazyheadX 168 59 Jesse McCartney - Departure by xDramatick Jesse McCartney - Departure :iconxdramatick:xDramatick 64 6 kiss flash by Shumpu kiss flash :iconshumpu:Shumpu 488 52 MMD - Beautiful Soul - RoxNami by XxChocolatexHeartsxX MMD - Beautiful Soul - RoxNami :iconxxchocolatexheartsxx:XxChocolatexHeartsxX 73 26 Tell Her by drinked-ale Tell Her :icondrinked-ale:drinked-ale 71 2 ATLA: MORBID, MORBID JOKE by bidrohi ATLA: MORBID, MORBID JOKE :iconbidrohi:bidrohi 104 44 Birthday Sharing Problem by Chocoreaper Birthday Sharing Problem :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 254 239 YJ- Why Speedy Left by DaynahKay YJ- Why Speedy Left :icondaynahkay:DaynahKay 188 85 Zutara - ZuCartney Parody by SetoAngel01 Zutara - ZuCartney Parody :iconsetoangel01:SetoAngel01 79 19 DC- Bird on Watch by DaynahKay DC- Bird on Watch :icondaynahkay:DaynahKay 139 19 Jesse McCartney - Departure 2 by xDramatick Jesse McCartney - Departure 2 :iconxdramatick:xDramatick 30 2 MMD Roxas Singing AMV EDITED by barbypornea MMD Roxas Singing AMV EDITED :iconbarbypornea:barbypornea 109 48 Realistic Roxas by SeaSaltJunkie Realistic Roxas :iconseasaltjunkie:SeaSaltJunkie 99 108 Jesse McCartney by JazzSquare Jesse McCartney :iconjazzsquare:JazzSquare 76 1 Roxas McCartney by angeldevilsophie Roxas McCartney :iconangeldevilsophie:angeldevilsophie 197 108 Jesse McCartney 2 by JazzSquare Jesse McCartney 2 :iconjazzsquare:JazzSquare 45 3 Jesse McCartney by goyong Jesse McCartney :icongoyong:goyong 43 45 Lyric Brushes 3 by xalatarielx Lyric Brushes 3 :iconxalatarielx:xalatarielx 71 5 YJ- Robin by DaynahKay YJ- Robin :icondaynahkay:DaynahKay 240 32 Jesse McCartney - Drawing by BeatrizLoveMyJesus Jesse McCartney - Drawing :iconbeatrizlovemyjesus:BeatrizLoveMyJesus 113 38 Jesse McCartney by musiqgirl203 Jesse McCartney :iconmusiqgirl203:musiqgirl203 134 18 Zuko's Rant: The Sequel by Doxeh Zuko's Rant: The Sequel :icondoxeh:Doxeh 197 113 Birthday Sharing Solution by Chocoreaper Birthday Sharing Solution :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 134 133
Rufioh x Reader - Beautiful Soul
You weren't the prettiest girl ever, nor were you the ugliest. You just seemed to miss the physical requirements for anyone to even consider being red for you. You always tell yourself that personality is more important, and that you shouldn't try to change yourself physically for anyone. Ha. People aren't honest anymore... society actually cares more about looks, no matter how much they deny it...
You're matespriteless, with a flushcrush way out of your league. Your moirail, Rufioh Nitram, was absolutely perfect to you... and apparently everyone else thought so too. There were so many other beautiful trolls Rufioh could have over you, like one of your moirails Porrim or hell, even Damara. Still... you don't want to give up without a fight.
Anyways, here you are, walking to Porrim's hive. You've confessed to her about being flushed for Rufioh through text, and she basically demanded that you come to her 'fashionable hive' (her words) as soon as possible. You tried to look as fashionabl
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Because You Live: AkuRoku AMV by SharpAnimationInc Because You Live: AkuRoku AMV :iconsharpanimationinc:SharpAnimationInc 15 7 AATC-Live action-REQUESTS by brittanyandalvin AATC-Live action-REQUESTS :iconbrittanyandalvin:brittanyandalvin 56 16 Avatar Movie: WTF lol by ShadowclawStrike Avatar Movie: WTF lol :iconshadowclawstrike:ShadowclawStrike 179 98 Robin- Young Justice by Shin-Bi Robin- Young Justice :iconshin-bi:Shin-Bi 67 4 Jesse McCartney by jazphantom Jesse McCartney :iconjazphantom:jazphantom 33 17 Jesse 1 by jmac-club Jesse 1 :iconjmac-club:jmac-club 69 5 Jesse McCartney by BurningOn Jesse McCartney :iconburningon:BurningOn 108 68 Jesse McCartney Wallpaper by dearstudioaudience Jesse McCartney Wallpaper :icondearstudioaudience:dearstudioaudience 41 6 Young Justice- Rob and KF by DaynahKay Young Justice- Rob and KF :icondaynahkay:DaynahKay 46 9 Jesse Wallpaper 1024x768 by JazzSquare Jesse Wallpaper 1024x768 :iconjazzsquare:JazzSquare 23 5 Their Birth by Sleep by ExusiaSword Their Birth by Sleep :iconexusiasword:ExusiaSword 126 7 Jesse McCartney Desktop 2 by dweed52889 Jesse McCartney Desktop 2 :icondweed52889:dweed52889 49 17