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Crafted to the Core (Team Crafted Parody)
Sky: C’mon guys, you all know this one!
Deadlox: We do dis!
Sky: Wooloolooloolooloo!
Bajan: Wa ‘sup?
Sky: We travel the road of kings and legends, joined by a brotherly bond~
Husky: We journey across the Minecraftia nation, from the Overworld to beyond!
Refrain: Team Crafted forever, Crafted together! We’re best friends but so much more~
No matter what comes, we will face the Nether! We’re Crafted to the core!
Jerome: There’s no place that I’d rather be, than hanging out with my best buddies!
Deadlox: Friends all around wish us luck, you see, so we’ll carry on across the land!
Refrain: Team Crafted forever, Crafted together! We’re best friends but so much more~
No matter what comes, we will face the Nether! We’re Crafted to the core!
Seto: We’re peas in a pod, cool as Caterpies! Any Poke-pun, you can throw at me!
Bajan: We’re here for each other, through thick and thin. You’re always welcome, let the games begin! W
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Attack On Minecraft
I leaped from rooftop to rooftop of buildings using my maneuver gear, allowing the wind to tussle up my hair. My companions were not far behind me. We were defending the town, making sure no more mobs had infiltrated too far into the wall. The mobs had already broken through Wall Brine, and we couldn't afford to lose Wall Jeb nor Notch. All humanity would parish if we did. It was up to us to protect the remaining walls.
It all lies in our hands. Everyone's lives depend on us. We were risking our own lives fighting the damn things. Many of us died. Plenty went missing or were severely injured. So many have quit, wanting to spend their lives with family instead of having it hang by a thread.
"Sky!" a voice called behind me. I stopped on the roof, adjusting my shades as Ant pointed down the street. "Ender-class. Headed for plaza." he informed me.
I stared in the direction of where Ant pointed, spotting the tall, dark figure sauntering through the streets, its purple tongue dangling out of
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The Unforgiving Sickness
Lungs burning, nose running, the leader of the Sky Army lay in his bed, his back propped up on a couple of pillows. Coughing again, Sky glanced over at a glass of water that sat next to his budder colored sheet bed. Reaching over, Sky took the cold drink in his hand and brought it to his lips before violently letting out another cough, dropping the water letting it spill all over himself.
“Dear notch..”
Sky muttered to himself as he looked at the soaking mess in front of him. Hearing a sound of a door creaking, Sky looked up over to glance away and sneeze into the corner of his arm. Feeling a presence close to him, he turned his head and looked at his visitor.
“You're only getting worse.”
A familiar male came into vision as Sky’s fuzzy vision started to clear. He noticed light green headphones and right off the back knew who it was, plus the voice kind of gave it away as well.
“You shouldn't be here, Ty, I could only get you,-” Cutting himself
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The Other Side of the Mirror: Prologue (Written)
“Hey, Jeb?”
The ancient man looked up from his ancient book, a look of slight annoyance in his eyes.
“What is it, Dinnerbone?”
“What’s on the…” Dinnerbone’s voice faded as Jeb stared distantly past the glass wall, beyond the confines of his study. Somewhere else, his thoughts were flying about like the glad angels of the Aether.
The two players sat inside the grand buildings of Mojang Headquarters, exploring some old scrolls and scripts that Jeb had discovered two days ago. Located on the top floor, Jeb’s study had a glass wall that enabled anyone inside to look down into the never-ending buzz of the lobby. Several Mojang members hurried around, up and down stairs, passing on information and ideas like some kind of deadly contagion. The amount of potential packed into this one building never ceased to amaze Jeb, as it did with Notch. Sighing inwardly a little, Jeb remembered his old friend, the memory still fresh. He missed t
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