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Scout - To Kill a Mockingbird :iconhouseki-chan:houseki-chan 263 146 Dress Up Scout Finch :iconmaurri:Maurri 93 69 Boo and Scout Speedpaint :iconziksan:ziksan 33 21 Dill, Scout, and Jem. :iconxayti:Xayti 61 14 Arthur Boo Radley :iconguntopa21:guntopa21 60 16 Gotta Ham It To Ya :iconxxsuzumekanda-chanxx:xXSuzumeKanda-chanXx 43 14 Pass the Damn Ham Stamp :iconmiyazaki-a2:Miyazaki-A2 56 11 Collage :iconsonoci:sonoci 49 26 Clara Oswin Oswald! :iconfloraredwood:FloraRedwood 21 6 Scout and Dill - TKaM :iconbluesun777:bluesun777 19 6 I'm Jean Louise Finch :iconiblue-potato:iBlue-Potato 40 8 Boo Radley :iconmmlf99:mmlf99 12 21 Atticus :iconemiliemajarian:emiliemajarian 8 1 Scout Finch :iconippiki-kurokami:ippiki-kurokami 13 0 Scout Finch :iconkenzielovesmusic21:KenzieLovesMusic21 6 14 TKAM Justice Mini Comic pg 1 :iconloshcomixfan:LOSHComixfan 6 2 It's A Sin To Kill A Mockingbird :iconmonumentalfailure:monumentalfailure 4 2 To Kill a Mockingbird-Snow Day :iconcanadianeggroll:CanadianEggroll 4 5 To Kill A Mockingbird :icono0xxtoxicangelxx0o:o0XxToxicAngelxX0o 5 2 Jean Louise Finch a.k.a Scout :iconxlastyearscookiex:xLastyearscookiex 0 0 Hello, Boo :iconmystiquegoddess:MystiqueGoddess 5 0 TKAM comic 6 :iconaquastorm4:AquaStorm4 0 0
Pitch Darkness or just another grimy street?
Jean-Louise was bleeding from her nose from the open back-hand across the face and tears blurred the grimy  back-streets of the American city of Sin she called home. It wasn't broken, she had had a broken nose before.
The men chasing her had no qualms about beating a child to death; breaking every bone and making her scream before slitting her throat.
No-body cared about her, she was just an homeless, orphan upstart who had pissed off their Boss.
JL, as all the other kids of the streets referred to her, was Queen.
Every-one knew it.
She was but 12 years old and she had 18 year olds beating on kids that didn't do as she said.
Every-one feared her.
She knew that without fear she would loose everything she fought so hard to get was gone.
She had to be cold, ruthless, and she hadn't been a child since she was six.
Her close partners in crime  called her Jelly for short.
This was a term of affection but also a warning, as Jean would fly into fits of furious jealousy.
Yes, Jean-Lou
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Scout Finch :icontropicalbanana:TropicalBanana 0 3
Creative Writing Assignment
I didn't know who he was at the time, all I knew was that he was alone. He was sitting on a bench, watching everyone else walk past him. Everyone was busy that day, there was church and court and visitings to do. He was the only one sitting still at all. I went to sit on the bench next to him.
"Excuse me, mister, but why're you sittin' all alone there?"
He turned to look at me, and I could see that he had a scar on his forehead, like he had been hit rather fiercely.
"Hello, child."
"Are you hungry? Calpurnia's makin' corn bread for supper, an' I bet there'd be enough for you."
"But I cannot repay you for it, I cannot even pay my bus fare..." He trailed off, looking around him. He didn't seem to feel very at home, and I can't recall ever seeing him before that day.  From the way he was absorbing the sights and sounds of the town, I guessed he had come a long way from home.
"Then how'd you get here, mister? Didja walk?"
He shook his head, then let it drop into his hands. "I do
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TKAM comic 6 :iconaquastorm4:AquaStorm4 1 0 TKAM Comic 7 :iconaquastorm4:AquaStorm4 1 0 to kill the time :iconscene-damage:scene-damage 5 14 Scout Finch :iconhyperbunnyzz:hyperbunnyzz 1 22 Scout and Prin :iconblackstarlight17:blackstarlight17 2 0 Project TKAM :iconktechhelvetiin:KtechHelvetiin 2 0 Team Mockingbird 2 :iconluigigirl65:Luigigirl65 2 0 Aid :iconlinxcat:Linxcat 8 2 Maycomb Days :iconprincecheezburger:PrinceCheezburger 3 3 Maria related poem past :iconiamdreamland666:IamDreamland666 2 1 Reading :icondipperf:dipperf 2 4 Scout and Jem in the Hood :iconbadgerflight:badgerflight 5 0 Boo's Children :iconr-e-d-e-s-i-g-n-m-e:r-e-d-e-s-i-g-n-m-e 3 0
Old School Assignment
I am from the South,
Where the heat of the yellow sun washes over you.
From the big house of birds,
Finches, there since the beginning.
I am from justice;
The law is what I work for.
From the courthouse
With the lazy judge.
Dozing… Dozing…Awake!
I am from the innocent.
I defend those without a chance; race is inconsequential.
No point in noticing it at all;
Inconsequential, in the eyes of the law, my commander, my general.
I am from the children;
They are my every breath.
Their muddy faces, their shining eyes, peering up at me.
Twinkling smiles, tinkling laughs;
I am from the children.
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The Ties That Bind
The Ties That Bind</i>
By: Gimmi Luv
Summery: Detective Jean Louise Morris is new to Orlando, FL after transferring in from Denver, CO. Her first case started out as a simple homicide and quickly escalates into tracking a malicious serial killer. Not bad for a newbie, right?
-Chapter One: Welcome to Orlando, Florida-
Jean watched the tall buildings of Orlando through the back window of her taxi. She was fresh off a red eye from Denver to Orlando in order to start her new job. Although Jean was sad to leave her home state of Colorado behind, she was looking forward to a fresh start.
“Here’s your stop, ma’am,” the cab driver turned to look at her.
“Thanks,” Jean smiled and paid him after exiting the cab. She then looked up at her new work place.
Once inside the silence was broken by ringing phones, conversations by the coffee machine, and the rustle of paperwork being filled out. As she stood there observing the squad room someone bumped into her f
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Last Kiss :iconxxsuzumekanda-chanxx:xXSuzumeKanda-chanXx 8 3 Garden Hoe :iconbadgerflight:badgerflight 3 0 To Kill A Mockingjay :iconpenut-butter-goddess:penut-butter-goddess 10 10 Running Through Fate's Path :iconblackstarlight17:blackstarlight17 1 0
Spitfire,Sinister,and Spiteful:a loss of innocence
The picture of innocence, a mockingbird, is put into the friendly words of "Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up people's gardens, don't nest in corncribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." (Lee 90). In Harper Lee's best-selling no and only novel; To Kill a Mockingbird, she expresses lessons of life and loss of innocence used in the time period of the novel, the 1930s, and today in the 2000's. Through the characters and their experiences; Mrs. Dubose and her addiction, the jury and the cruelty of humans, and Bob Ewell trying to kill the young children, Jem and Scout are forced to learn harsh lessons of life.
She might not have been well liked or the supreme nail-biting experience; however, Mrs. Dubose imposed a powerful teaching on Jem and Scout. Mrs. Dubose, on her deathbed and in her coffin, taught the children one of the lessons, where Atticus had tried and failed to t
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Scout being Adorable :iconblackstarlight17:blackstarlight17 4 9 Scout Finch :icon5ony:5ony 3 9 Toy Store App sheet- Maria :iconiamdreamland666:IamDreamland666 5 4 Still Here... :iconxxsuzumekanda-chanxx:xXSuzumeKanda-chanXx 8 4