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Your addicted to Runescape...
You know your addicted to runescape when...
*When you go to a public bank and start yelling over and over “selling pencil 200gp”
*When you stand up to a murderer with a gun because you think you have protect against range
*When you get angry that men and women get suspicious about you pickpocketing them once
*You put on your mom's diamond wedding ring thinking it’s a ring of life and jump off a cliff
*You prowl around a graveyard with a steel hatchet in search of zombies and skeletons
*When you try to find a pick lock option on a locked door
*You report your parents for having sex as it is against jagexs’s code of behavior
*you challenge a bully twice your size to the wilderness when there is no wilderness and expect your “clan to be there”
*in the actual woods wilderness you beg a hiker to not kill you
*you stand still and not do anything for days waiting for a random event to come and give you stuff, but end up dieing from starvation
*you believe your bl
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Nerd Humor
(An Open Source Poem)
I'd compiled a REALbasic poem
in which a Python
with a bad Lisp
named Haskell
(or Pascal)
concocted a Scheme
to swap a dull Ruby
for a shiny new Perl
from the king Cobol
while making Smalltalk
about Mathematica
over a cup of Java
before knocking him out with a SNOBOL
My prof gave it a C++
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