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Farewell Love...

Her unforgettable beauty attracted him very much,
The long scarlet hair flowed which he wanted to touch;
Her charming smile was like an angel to his eyes,
When he saw her, he felt that he had been in the skies;
They fought evil together from grimms to every scum,
At Beacon Academy where they had come from;
They danced at the ball with awe and glee,
Every student laughed and beamed to see;
At Vytal Festival, they had fought,
They made it easy as they thought;
Then, Pyrrha's heart was too confused,
Jaune tried to comfort her as he had used;
Her fate as a guardian had troubled her,
The ruthless enemies made it like a blur;
She and her lover had fled away,
Cinder and her fellows made everyone their prey;
Jaune wanted to stay with his loved one, 
Pyrrha thought it wasn't done;
The lady warrior had risked her life,
The villain did a deadly strife;
The brave young man lost his love,
When he looked at the skies above;
His heart had crushed and bursted
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You Oblivious Blonde Boy (Arkos Oneshot)
Brushing the caked dirt out from his bangs from his latest clinch to the floor, Jaune Arc whipped  up his hair back and brought himself to a stand. As his hand bounced from ground to knee, his opponent spoke.
“You're still too narrow with your feet.” He turned swiftly before being met with the cocky smirk of Pyrrha Nikos, the two being on one of their private sparring lessons atop the dormitory roof. Jaune lashed his arms out and in, ready for another bout, before making the bumbling straight charge that has practically become his trademark.
Pyrrha didn't even have to move. Grasping Jaune's incoming fist, Pyrrha blasted her palm against his elbow, shocking the rest of his arm into flaccidity. With his noodled limb she lashed him forward, plunging her kneecap directly into his stomach. As the air squirmed out of Jaune's windpipe, Pyrrha squished her hand into his face, lobbing him backwards into the harsh, familiar arms of the ground. Jaune grunted as his face grated ag
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