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~Saved~ [Jason Voorhees x Reader Oneshot]
~Flashback to the summer of 1951~
~Normal POV~

    Twelve was your age at the time, the time it happened. The worst day of your life, well, so far. The weather was perfect, camp was great. You made sure to write back to your mother and father every Wednesday. Three whole months you would be there, Camp Crystal Lake. You've been going ever since you were eight, so that would be about four years.
    You woke up, and brushed your hair. Alice, your cabin counselor sat in the chair at the front of the room, watching all of you. There was the Girl's Village, and the Boy's Village. Guy's weren't allowed in the Girl's, and the Girl's weren't allowed in the Guy's.
    You looked over at the alarm clock on one of the desks, it read 6:47. Thirteen more minutes until role call and the siren, ugh. You stood up and walked over to Alice sleepily. "Morning, (Y/N)." She looks up from her book, sighing contently. "Go
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A Kiss Of Sorts
*Idon't know, so don't ask. This is that scene form Freddy vs Jason where Fred's tryin' ta kill Jase in his dream after knocking him out with those needles. Summary: After Jason has Freddy pinned to the ground some sort of insane mass murderer chaos ensues. Ya gots ta read ta fins out the rest! X) I'm so evil! Love me! And slash! Which this is! XD God damnit I'm going to Hell for this! ENJOY!*
"Why! Won't! You! DIE!?" Freddy Krueger screamed in frustration and anger, kicking at Jason Voorhees' gut, making the taller killer lurch foward. He glared through his beaten hockey mask, lunging foward and pushing Freddy to the ground, pinning him by his arms.
"Get OFF me you useless shit!" the smaller slasher demanded, gritting his teeth and struggling against Jason's grip. The zombie simply hovered above him, breathing heavily through the holes in his hockey mask. He knew he couldn't kill Freddy, but that didn't mean he couldn't try.
Freddy glared feircly, startling bright green eyes narrowed
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The Girl Who Ate My House
Mac had been waiting for today. Christy had been hyping up the Friday the 13th marathon for weeks, even calling in a special favour so Mac could get in without needing to wait six years. Were she still his babysitter, his parents would have gone ballistic, but of course it was less about seeing the movies, and more about sharing a few hours of her company as she guzzled down soda and gobbled up popcorn by the bucket in that way of hers.
They were expecting light showers, so the freak rainstorm storm that rolled in around midday took everyone by surprise, and made it very difficult to leave the house; perhaps a result of actually hosting the event on Friday the 13th.
The thing was, Mac didn’t really mind.
Kicking back on the couch, he jotted down a text down on his phone. “Can’t…make it…storm…is too…stormy.”
Just days ago, he had written a six-page love letter, then he had scrunched it up, deeming it unworthy. In his eyes, Christy was the
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A Love Worth Killing For...
A Love Worth Killing For
For Fun Story
FreddyXJason, Yaoi, Blood, Killing, Horror
Use of Blood in Romance
Don't Like, Don't Read
     It was dark out probably around 12. Out on the porch sat Jason Voorhees, his left arm holding him up while the other rested on his knee with his machete clutched in his hand. He was at his home, surrounded by trees and the peaceful sounds of the night-covered forest. Of course all that had to be interrupted when a more than likely female burst of laughter came echoing through the trees.
     Jason's eyes opened, cold and dark filled with hate and rage. There were trespassers on his territory…but not for long. Little did they know was that they were about to die. Jason got to his feet standing at almost 7 feet tall. His eyes squinted at the sound of another high-pitched laugh. Don't worry, they'll be dead soon, then the peace and quiet will return.
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DEATH BATTLE: Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers
paul: okay fam let's get it done, ITS TIME FOR A DEATH BATTE!!!!!
Camp Crystal Lake was home to a wide variety of species. It was a long and reoccuring joke that an unseen species of tree frog resided in the trees near the lake, but only came out of their holes on October 31st. Luckily, the intelligence needed to get a Ph.D in this area usually required enough common sense to never venture onto the Camp on the 31st.
But there's always those without a Ph.D.
"She packed my bags last night, pre-flight
Zero hour, nine A.M.
And I'm gonna be high
As a kite by then..."
Music in Sandra Hammea's car blasted modern funky music, inviting no shortage of grins for the five people packed into the car. Little Tommy cradled the littler Blair in his lap, rocking the baby to the beat of the music. To his side was his sister, Selene, who was silently tapping her hands to the music.
In the front, the situation was a bit more tense. Selene's boyfriend Chris sat in the shotgun seat, with h
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Jason Voorhees VS Springtrap: Halloween Battle

Outside of Fazbear's Fright; 11:55

The night was silent and the Moon let it's white glare fall upon the new Horror attraction based on the unsolved mysteries of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. A few lights "borrowed" from the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza/Fredbear's Family Diner cheaply spelled out the name of the place, flickering and occasionally dying out. An old Fredbear mural stood next to the entrance, as it did in the eighties, except it was faded and in poor condition.
News spread of the attraction like wildfire, and, since news also spread that an animatronic had been salvaged, nobody that wasn't an employee had previously dared enter the establishment, let alone stand in front of it. That would change on this night.
Four people, roughly in their late thirties, approached the attraction, wearing masks of the original four animatronics: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. 
The man with the Foxy mask walked up to it first, and said "This b
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