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Moomin ancestor-plushie by IsisMasshiro Moomin ancestor-plushie :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 355 123 Snufkin by Mr--Jack Snufkin :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 2,441 258 Ink Ghosts by heikala Ink Ghosts :iconheikala:heikala 1,451 62 The Moominmamma's Pantry by barbarasobczynska The Moominmamma's Pantry :iconbarbarasobczynska:barbarasobczynska 2,595 170 The Mymble and The Joxter by SiljaVich The Mymble and The Joxter :iconsiljavich:SiljaVich 1,396 223 Snufkin Returns by meadow-rue Snufkin Returns :iconmeadow-rue:meadow-rue 1,328 127 Three Little Masters by Luuds Three Little Masters :iconluuds:Luuds 684 73 Moomin-dad oil on canvas by JohanLeion Moomin-dad oil on canvas :iconjohanleion:JohanLeion 514 80 Moomin Troll by Inarah Moomin Troll :iconinarah:Inarah 919 139 Fireflies by Zetsuboushi Fireflies :iconzetsuboushi:Zetsuboushi 203 23 Groke s winter by villasukka Groke s winter :iconvillasukka:villasukka 407 214 Moomin Hobbit by nokeek Moomin Hobbit :iconnokeek:nokeek 1,004 112 Autumn by Zetsuboushi Autumn :iconzetsuboushi:Zetsuboushi 91 5 Muikkunen matkalla etelaan by villasukka Muikkunen matkalla etelaan :iconvillasukka:villasukka 417 138 They are the Moomins by meadow-rue They are the Moomins :iconmeadow-rue:meadow-rue 797 141 Cochibi:: Moomin can't unsee by vaporotem Cochibi:: Moomin can't unsee :iconvaporotem:vaporotem 629 99 Freeze has gone by Zetsuboushi Freeze has gone :iconzetsuboushi:Zetsuboushi 89 7 Moominland Midwinter by a-hour Moominland Midwinter :icona-hour:a-hour 296 11 Moomintroll and Friends by iricolor Moomintroll and Friends :iconiricolor:iricolor 121 20 Joxter by Skia Joxter :iconskia:Skia 237 12 Snufkin - Autumn Breeze by meadow-rue Snufkin - Autumn Breeze :iconmeadow-rue:meadow-rue 612 32 Moominvalley by Zetsuboushi Moominvalley :iconzetsuboushi:Zetsuboushi 121 14 snufkin in the woods by vern-argh snufkin in the woods :iconvern-argh:vern-argh 540 65 Joxter and Mymble by izmoroz Joxter and Mymble :iconizmoroz:izmoroz 110 10 Snufkin by MumblingIdiot Snufkin :iconmumblingidiot:MumblingIdiot 174 39 Disaster by Zetsuboushi Disaster :iconzetsuboushi:Zetsuboushi 67 7 Moomin and the Last Dragon In the World by barbarasobczynska Moomin and the Last Dragon In the World :iconbarbarasobczynska:barbarasobczynska 183 17 muumipeikko ja perhonen by Faezza muumipeikko ja perhonen :iconfaezza:Faezza 231 46 Spring in Moomin Valley by chibi-sayoko Spring in Moomin Valley :iconchibi-sayoko:chibi-sayoko 131 34 Fishing by Zetsuboushi Fishing :iconzetsuboushi:Zetsuboushi 61 3 Spring's come to MoominValley by SerceZGazety Spring's come to MoominValley :iconsercezgazety:SerceZGazety 101 19 Magic winter by Zetsuboushi Magic winter :iconzetsuboushi:Zetsuboushi 86 18 Spring came to Moominvalley by punpun-art Spring came to Moominvalley :iconpunpun-art:punpun-art 127 49 After Comet - Snufkin by Vablo After Comet - Snufkin :iconvablo:Vablo 386 60 Googledoodle by heikala Googledoodle :iconheikala:heikala 58 16 Mymble and Joxter by SiljaVich Mymble and Joxter :iconsiljavich:SiljaVich 63 19 A Little Unusual by straahl A Little Unusual :iconstraahl:straahl 234 21 Desperate housewife by carmine-voleme Desperate housewife :iconcarmine-voleme:carmine-voleme 131 31 Snufkin and Moomin by SamTBond Snufkin and Moomin :iconsamtbond:SamTBond 54 17 the cave cover by Stetsubi-111 the cave cover :iconstetsubi-111:Stetsubi-111 109 30 Cochibi:: YO MOOMIN MAN by vaporotem Cochibi:: YO MOOMIN MAN :iconvaporotem:vaporotem 345 36
The Bird That Never Dies
The Bird that Never Dies
And the myth fell from the sky…
Therein lies the ethereal bird
Queen of the high sky, eternal as the Sun
Gold in her wings and silver in her feathers
Brought down to earth by the deeds of men
Mortal pain tearing the divine wings
Sleep at peace, beauty
Free of the cares and burdens
No more pain of the wounds
Caring hands
Take the toll of time away from her
We’ve built for you your bed and your grave
Dive deep into the fires of past
Sleep now in ashes, caressed by the pyre
And rise anew
And the myth becomes reality…
In pyre I’m cleansed of my burdens
In fire I shake off my feathers
Worn by lifetimes, ages long passed
Fire burns my pain away
As I swallow the heat of the flames
I am purified
And as the dawn shines on the last cooling ashes
I crack open the crystalline shell
Take the virgin breath of air
And I will rise
Rise from ashen cold pyre
Rise high in the sky once again
In fresh flames I’ve grown b
:iconradoxeald:Radoxeald 12 0
The Journey South by carpish The Journey South :iconcarpish:carpish 139 24 Buka by jashackh Buka :iconjashackh:jashackh 72 7 Moomin-dad by JohanLeion Moomin-dad :iconjohanleion:JohanLeion 155 17 Snufkin by vern-argh Snufkin :iconvern-argh:vern-argh 456 152 Palaa pian Muikkunen by Agina Palaa pian Muikkunen :iconagina:Agina 54 19