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Visuelles Musikerleben by Yannick-Wende Visuelles Musikerleben :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 131 49 Inner Conflict by Yannick-Wende Inner Conflict :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 60 0 High by Yannick-Wende High :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 43 17 Gilded Flowers by Tataouin Gilded Flowers :icontataouin:Tataouin 48 34 Wake up, Dreamer... by Yannick-Wende Wake up, Dreamer... :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 32 10 Janik by darkspeeds Janik :icondarkspeeds:darkspeeds 78 18 Drinking Tea by darkspeeds Drinking Tea :icondarkspeeds:darkspeeds 71 14 Sommersturm by Yannick-Wende Sommersturm :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 33 9 just another song by Yannick-Wende just another song :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 36 2 stressed summer by Yannick-Wende stressed summer :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 33 2 the creeping hopelessness by Yannick-Wende the creeping hopelessness :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 27 10 premonition of spring by Yannick-Wende premonition of spring :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 24 6 Proffessional Cutie by catgutts Proffessional Cutie :iconcatgutts:catgutts 38 5 Too bright by catgutts Too bright :iconcatgutts:catgutts 47 10 burn by Yannick-Wende burn :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 16 12 Tibumeru Chibis by StrageMurcielago Tibumeru Chibis :iconstragemurcielago:StrageMurcielago 27 33 Commission: Kaye by PocketPrism Commission: Kaye :iconpocketprism:PocketPrism 10 8 Random Headshots by MJDAlleria Random Headshots :iconmjdalleria:MJDAlleria 20 20 Commission: Rin Okumura by PocketPrism Commission: Rin Okumura :iconpocketprism:PocketPrism 16 7 {Tibumeru Icon Family} [ ON HOLD ] by PrinceProcrastinate {Tibumeru Icon Family} [ ON HOLD ] :iconprinceprocrastinate:PrinceProcrastinate 41 58 JanikPixel by PsychoPathie JanikPixel :iconpsychopathie:PsychoPathie 18 15 What if Janik and Illias - Meme by Tataouin What if Janik and Illias - Meme :icontataouin:Tataouin 12 9 Chibimeru: Janik and Turtle by PocketPrism Chibimeru: Janik and Turtle :iconpocketprism:PocketPrism 9 7 Ambassador Janik by jerijune Ambassador Janik :iconjerijune:jerijune 8 3 Love happens by ViDashy Love happens :iconvidashy:ViDashy 11 0 Scenery by ahky Scenery :iconahky:ahky 9 14 Kindle by thureese Kindle :iconthureese:thureese 8 3 Senpai Power by PocketPrism Senpai Power :iconpocketprism:PocketPrism 13 15 Dew by Karyane Dew :iconkaryane:Karyane 7 2 True Queen by PocketPrism True Queen :iconpocketprism:PocketPrism 22 35 Stop it u 2 by catgutts Stop it u 2 :iconcatgutts:catgutts 10 6 Janiksparkly by PocketPrism Janiksparkly :iconpocketprism:PocketPrism 4 4 Tibumeru WIPs by StrageMurcielago Tibumeru WIPs :iconstragemurcielago:StrageMurcielago 12 26 Satisfied Man by Tylertut Satisfied Man :icontylertut:Tylertut 4 2 To The Sea by Tylertut To The Sea :icontylertut:Tylertut 2 5 Electric Sunrise by Yannick-Wende Electric Sunrise :iconyannick-wende:Yannick-Wende 5 0 Janik by 9oldmen Janik :icon9oldmen:9oldmen 3 1 JanikPixel by PsychoPathie JanikPixel :iconpsychopathie:PsychoPathie 3 4 Tibu Headshot Cuties by MirrorTree Tibu Headshot Cuties :iconmirrortree:MirrorTree 3 5 Human Janik by Liminull Human Janik :iconliminull:Liminull 2 3 I See Sky by Tylertut I See Sky :icontylertut:Tylertut 1 10 sc sc    cc. by czarnobialatecza sc sc cc. :iconczarnobialatecza:czarnobialatecza 2 2 A creepy christmas by ElectronicCyborg A creepy christmas :iconelectroniccyborg:ElectronicCyborg 1 0 Froggy. by love-ya Froggy. :iconlove-ya:love-ya 2 2
TWAIKI Collection
The year...what year is it again? I must have forgotten. Oh, yes. It's currently 2018 I believe. Sometime in September, perhaps October. Who knows anymore? No one really moves fast these days, so time is a novelty.
Ever since the oil explosion, people really have stopped caring. The streets remain mostly empty of cars. Bicycles rule the roads. People are a lot more carefree and whimsical.
For those that still need gas, they are forced to pay over thirty dollars a gallon. Even when the cars are mostly electric, a scant few gallons can eat up one's paycheck. People have even quit their high-paying office jobs to work on their own farms or local shops. People take their time. It's actually not that bad.
Who am I? Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse my rudeness. I am Quinn. What? That's an odd name? Well, I'm sure you're name would be odd to me if I knew it. Generational names do in fact change.
No one really knows what to do with themselves now. Even the internet is almost non-existent. Oh
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Figgerbub. by gimponwheels Figgerbub. :icongimponwheels:gimponwheels 0 0 Let's Take A Swim... by Liminull Let's Take A Swim... :iconliminull:Liminull 9 17 new id by nikilya new id :iconnikilya:nikilya 1 6