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james bond island 1.2 by meihua-stock james bond island 1.2 :iconmeihua-stock:meihua-stock 1,731 525 So, We Meet again... by Mickeymonster So, We Meet again... :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 3,244 455 Style 2 by faestock Style 2 :iconfaestock:faestock 1,544 202 NEUTRON, JAMES NEUTRON. by Acaciathorn NEUTRON, JAMES NEUTRON. :iconacaciathorn:Acaciathorn 1,690 415 Jazz couch 12 by faestock Jazz couch 12 :iconfaestock:faestock 1,132 163 Jazz by faestock Jazz :iconfaestock:faestock 713 96 Vesper Lynd by Marinshe Vesper Lynd :iconmarinshe:Marinshe 594 57
Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: America Part 3
Warning: This shows you living your ENTIRE life with America. This involves what happens thousands of years from now. If you want to listen to the music I have linked in the story, open it in a new tab. I recommend listening, for the best results. Thank you!
*Age: 3*
“(Y/n), pass me the salt please?”
“Yes sir!” You handed your Uncle Arthur said salt, smiling brightly.
“Thank you, poppet.”
“Why can’t we have the TV or some music on?” Alfred whined, next to you.
“It’s the polite thing to do on Thanksgiving, bloody git…”
“Name-calling isn’t very nice, Uncle Iggy!” Matthew smiled.
“Sorry, poppet,” He mumbled, glancing up at you quickly and smiling.
“I would not mind some music either,” Francis said, having swallowed his turkey.
Yep. FACE was spending your first Thanksgiving with you. Upon America’s request.
“KIDS BOP!” You exclaimed.
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