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The Fat Wives of Hoshido Part 1
(Fire Emblem Fates / No Spoilers)
Corrin had only just stepped off of the last step of the ladder leading into his personal tree house quarters when he heard his beloved wife crying out for him.
"Corrin! W-We've got trouble!"
Even before he had opened the door, the young prince already knew full well what to expect. Corrin entered his room without a word. He saw Felicia standing in front of the full-body mirror. She was being forced to acknowledge how fat she'd gotten since the war's end, which, unfortunately for her, she did not like at all.
"I really thought I wouldn't mess this I mess up everything else I do that's related to my job..."
Felicia held up the torn scraps of black and white cloth and bindings that she was supposed to be wearing. Unfortunately, none of it Felicia sniffled; there were tears already stinging the corners of her eyes, but she refused to let herself burst into a sobbing fit in front of her husband. Unfortunately, it was probably BECAUSE of h
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