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JackSepticEye (Sean) X Reader
“Sean, it’s a game, not a bloody cult.”
Sean looks up at (Y/N) angrily from the couch as she closes the fridge. She was smiling, his misery and fear bringing her the kind of joy only Sociopaths understand.
“You scared the crap out of me when I was playing a horror game!” He cries picking up a pillow and throwing it at her. Putting up her empty hand she swats it away.
“Then don’t be so cute when you cry.”
He pouts and looks over at the other side of the room, his determined look making it all the more entertaining. As her body comes into view he turns towards the floor, desperate not to make any sort of indication of how he really felt.
(Y/N) hands him his drink and flops down next to him, his sour look still attached to his face. Her smile never fades as she leans over to meet with his downcast eyes. She could see it, the trace of the smile she thought was dorky.
“Sean… Babe.”
He looks
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What Happened Last Night?![septiplier]
I moaned a little as I lifted my hand up to hide my closed eyelids from the sun.
Huh, sun?? It's never this sunny in Ir- oh yea that's right, I'm not home. I stretched out some, feeling something weighing my chest down. Assuming it was just covers or a bunch of pillows, I pushed them away as I opened my eyes.
"Mm, hey! No shoving." A deep voice grunted.
I jumped a little, my eyes popping open.
Laying across my chest like it was a pillow, was a rainbow of pinks.
"Merk?!" I yelled, shoving him more.
"Huh??" Mark questioned, sitting up off of me, "Oh, OH! Jack?? The hell are you doing in my bed??"
"That's what I'm wondering! Get off of me you dumb!" I scolded, watching him roll over.
Mark sat all the way up and ran a hand through his colorful hair as he yawned.
"Well, good morning." He whispered, smiling at me.
"Heh, good morning. Or well, top of the mornin." I said, smiling back, "Did you let me sleep in here or something?? I was fine in the guest room by meself. You trying to cop a feel
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Protecting Jack
Mark and Jack had been very good friends for so many years. they were always there for each other. they knew everything about the other, as friends should, but Mark, wanted more. he loved Jack, but couldn't tell the man, as he was already in a relationship with Jack's friend, Felix. but that didn't change anything Mark felt for Jack. so thats why, the moment Jacks ringtone went off on his phone and he heard his normally happy and loud friend, choking back sobs and his voice barley above a whisper asking where he was and if he was busy, Mark knew where to find him. Mark quickly dropped what he was doing and jumped in his car. he followed the speed signs, though he wanted to speed. he pulled into the hidden drive way through the woods and drove down until he saw Jacks car. he quickly shut the car off and jumped out, running over to Jack, who had his face buried in his knee's. he quickly knelt down and put a hand on Jacks shoulder. Jack, without even pausing to check that it was Mark, lat
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Don't Call Me That (Septiplier)
"Yeah?" Jack broke his gaze from the blur of the passing city going by around them, quirking his eyebrow inquisitively at his friend.
Mark side-glanced him from his place in the driver's seat; "You've been awfully quiet. Is something wrong?"
Snorting, Jack waved a hand dismissively, "Miss my beautiful voice already, Fischbach?"
Mark reached over to turn the volume up on the radio.
"Oh fuck you!" The Irishman scolded as he swatted Mark's hand away from the dial. He let out a small giggle, "I'm just thinkin'..."
Mark feigned a look of utter distress, his voice faux-trembling "Oh, the horror..."
"Fucking terrifying, I know." He quipped with a roll of his eyes.
Jack toed off his shoes and pulled his knees to his chest, nestling his noggin against the headrest of the passenger's seat. "It's just..."
A deep exhale.
"I really like it here in LA. Fuck, I'm havin' th'best time these past few days! Collabing with you a-and th'grumps and all..."
"Buuuuut?" Mark drawled out, sparing quick
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