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The Talismans by magicwaffles123 The Talismans :iconmagicwaffles123:magicwaffles123 2,492 275 Jackie Chan Adventure Talisman by waynekaa Jackie Chan Adventure Talisman :iconwaynekaa:waynekaa 476 139 Comm - ECP_Penny-Jade by Garabatoz Comm - ECP_Penny-Jade :icongarabatoz:Garabatoz 562 38 Waiting, Planning by plangkye Waiting, Planning :iconplangkye:plangkye 557 166 Jackie Chan Adventures: Bai Tza by Vincent-Covielloart Jackie Chan Adventures: Bai Tza :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 226 20 Jackie Chan Adventures: Hsi Wu by Vincent-Covielloart Jackie Chan Adventures: Hsi Wu :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 224 22 TL postcard by Mr-Samson TL postcard :iconmr-samson:Mr-Samson 345 28 Commission: Mala Reid by SolKorra Commission: Mala Reid :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 268 5 Jackie Chan -Bad Day- by DonPapi Jackie Chan -Bad Day- :icondonpapi:DonPapi 774 167 12 Talismans of Chinese Zodiac by Z-studios 12 Talismans of Chinese Zodiac :iconz-studios:Z-studios 506 224 The Talisman Demon by magicwaffles123 The Talisman Demon :iconmagicwaffles123:magicwaffles123 252 22 Tso Lan by Vincent-Covielloart Tso Lan :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 137 13
DEATH BATTLE!: Day of the Genocide

Lina: The demons have awoken and the puns have been made! We've reached a conclusion!
Dramech: The stage is set, the curtains are rising...
Saki: The cameras are rolling, and the combatants are ready!
The Last Corridor, Dusk
The yellow-hued hall was silent, and despite it being dark out, light still shined through the mosaic windows as pillars stood tall on both sides of the hall. This peace would not last, though, as stomping was heard before a giant green fist smashed through the wall on the left side of the hall. The wall crumbled to reveal a green-skinned, red-eyed dragonic humanoid, one that was around 20 feet tall and had a very euro-chinese look to him. This was the Demon Sorcerer of Fire, Shendu.
He had com
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Hsi Wu the Sky demon by alaer Hsi Wu the Sky demon :iconalaer:alaer 156 36 Cartoons That Made Me, Me! by xeternalflamebryx Cartoons That Made Me, Me! :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 553 218 The Tolaloli project by Mr-Samson The Tolaloli project :iconmr-samson:Mr-Samson 197 74 Shendu by ParisAlexandros Shendu :iconparisalexandros:ParisAlexandros 106 4 Stamp - Jackie Chan Adventures by Suxinn Stamp - Jackie Chan Adventures :iconsuxinn:Suxinn 295 34 Serpentine Embrace by Spleef Serpentine Embrace :iconspleef:Spleef 95 85 Lessons from Uncle by Zephyros-Phoenix Lessons from Uncle :iconzephyros-phoenix:Zephyros-Phoenix 190 66 Valmont studies by MsLyoness Valmont studies :iconmslyoness:MsLyoness 52 13 The Talismans of Shendu by portadorX The Talismans of Shendu :iconportadorx:portadorX 91 2 Jade Chan by lumary Jade Chan :iconlumary:lumary 233 16 Jade Wu and Hsi Wow by Moheart7 Jade Wu and Hsi Wow :iconmoheart7:Moheart7 156 40 Valmont by BreakthroughDesigns Valmont :iconbreakthroughdesigns:BreakthroughDesigns 125 23
Tickling Detention Punishment
"I can't believe we got caught!" exclaimed a pink ahired girl named Anita King as she and a few others walked down the hallway.
"Not my fault, I didn't say anything." a blue haired girl named Coraline Jones retorted.
"Hotaru did you squeal?" A young black haired girl named Jade Chan asked another girl next to her.
"No, I didn't." replied another black haired girl named Hotaru Tomoe.
"Somebody did." Jade said.
"Well here it is." Coraline pointed out as all four girls stood in front of a door that read.
Foot Class
Their classroom. Related to all things feet.
"Foot 101." Anita King finished. "Let's get this over with."
"Ms. Tsunade's detention here we come." Hotaru sarcastically said.
The door opens but however, the classrom is completely dark with no light.
"Hello?" Hotaru timidly asked before the door shuts completely.
They couldn't see but they felt they were being held against their will and something being taken off. Four lights come on each on the four girls with their bare feet sti
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Jade's Ticklish Adventure
MC^2 and Angel starring in:
EmSeeSquared says:
*ok. it starts out in Uncle's antique shop*
Angel says:
JADE: Jackie this is boring
EmSeeSquared says:
JACKIE: I'm sorry, Jade, but we must finish translating these inscriptions 4 the museum
Angel says:
JADE: we've been doing this for 2 hours come on let's give it a break
EmSeeSquared says:
JACKIE: jade, this is very important. y don't u go out and play?
Angel says:
JADE: gladly* runs out*
Angel says:
JADE: what to do what to do*Looks around*
EmSeeSquared says:
*in a nearby parked van, Finn, Ratso, and Chow watch Jade depart the shop*
Angel says:
JADE: man this is getting boring again
EmSeeSquared says:
FINN: There she is.
Angel says:
JADE: um *looks around and sees the dark hand coming up from behind* uh oh* runs*
EmSeeSquared says:
FINN: After her! *Ratso drives the fan and chases after Jade*
Angel says:
JADE: not good* runs as fast as she can*
EmSeeSquared says:
*not looking where she's
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