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Rise of the guardians - Jack Frost :iconanne-rica:anne-rica 863 58 Jack Frost :iconbunnykick:BunnyKick 609 69 jack frost papercraft paper toy :iconrichmen:Richmen 239 41 Scene expression! :iconvergiil-sparda:vergiil-sparda 158 13 Jack Frost And Elsa :iconeykihan:EYKIHAN 601 64 Jack Frost :iconkaitastic:kaitastic 1,234 39 Jack Frost on the lake :iconvergiil-sparda:vergiil-sparda 172 23 We Both Want To Be Believed In :iconkaitastic:kaitastic 684 43 Jack Frost 2 :iconkaitastic:kaitastic 449 14 A Home for Fear :iconkvalificatsia:Kvalificatsia 540 78 Jack Frost: I Believe.... :iconkaitotoshigirl:KaitoToshiGirl 187 30 Sketch Dump- January 2013 :iconkaitastic:kaitastic 124 7 Javis Doodle :iconrainbow-nebula:Rainbow-Nebula 53 13 +Jack Frost_ :iconmaplekeurig:maplekeurig 346 55 ROTG - Jack Frost :iconvergiil-sparda:vergiil-sparda 100 36 My Name is Jack Frost :iconvexa-leonhart:Vexa-Leonhart 130 14 Sophie in Guardianland :iconcottonvalent:CottonValent 248 25 Jack Frost :iconvergiil-sparda:vergiil-sparda 79 11 Jack Frost :icongothic-icecream:gothic-icecream 218 17 I Believe in Jack Frost :iconkaitastic:kaitastic 379 14 Jack Frost Rise Of The Guardians :iconrichmen:Richmen 126 8 When the Sky Falls... (PRT1) :iconvexa-leonhart:Vexa-Leonhart 99 10
September Snow - [Jack Frost x Reader] - Part 1
---September Snow: Jack Frost x Reader - Part 1 ---
Author's Notes: Medium-length, multi part fic taking place a few months after the events of the film. Until recently, Jack Frost has always had trouble getting children to believe in him. But what about the 'kids' who are actually closer to his apparent age? The heroine and reader avatar is an ordinary human girl, newly arrived in the town of Burgess and about to begin her freshmen year. Like most teenagers her age, she has outgrown the ideals and fantasies of childhood, making her less likely to accept a supposed fable as fact from mere word of mouth alone.
Do enjoy 8D
The little imp eyed you from the open doorway, her visage all but hidden behind a tangled mess of blonde hair. A large, green eye peeked out brightly from beneath unruly bangs. As you stared down in surprise, that small, rosy-cheeked face stared back with an equally bewildered expression.
"…Um. Hello!" you greeted the wide-eyed girl. "By any chance, is
:iconcherrypikkins:cherrypikkins 165 80
We Will Stand Tall... (PRT2) :iconvexa-leonhart:Vexa-Leonhart 95 9
Jack Frost x Reader {To Believe}
Jack Frost x Reader {To Believe} - Rise of the Guardians
You ran your fingers through your hair, a hint of a smile on your face as you stared out the window.
The sky looked more beautiful than it had in a long time. It was jet black and layered. You felt like if you stared hard enough you would pitch forward and disappear into an endless void. The moon looked like a beacon of silver light.
And the snow. The snow glittered and reflected the moonlight like a shattered mirror. It was so enticing it placed you in a state of wonderment.
You inhaled sharply, filling your lungs with the chilly air.
Finally, a chance to relax alone-
You screamed, pitching backwards from the windowsill and landing on the floor.
"Whoawhoa, sorry! I didn't mean you startle you!" said a silhouette perched on the sill.
"Who are you?" you shouted, too terrified to think straight.
The person leaned forward so that you could see their face in the dim moonlight. It was a boy with pale, platinum hair and awkwardly
:iconmesoclumsy:MeSoClumsy 67 20
Jack Frost :iconelec-trixxx:elec-trixxx 29 5
Peek.[Jack Frost.]
Humming a random tune under your breath, you rinsed out your soapy hair, feeling the silkiness fun through your fingers as you soaked in the last bits of the warm shower you could get before you had to turn around and turn it off so you could get ready for bed. Dropping your shoulders, you gripped at the knobs of your shower, and turned them off before shuddering when the breeze of cold hit your warm, wet body. Peeping your head out of the curtains, you glanced around to make sure Jack wasn’t peeking(He used to joke around about doing that to you), before sliding out quickly and opening the counter, ready to pull a fluffy towel over yourself.
But that didn’t seem like it was going to happen when you noticed that you had no towels in there. Then it hit you in the face. Your mother cleaned them and placed them in a basket at the end of your bed, and you forgot to grab one before taking the much needed and deserved shower. Grumbling quickly under your breath, you wrapped your
:icont-adash-i:T-adash-i 67 14
Rise of the Guardians : Jack Frost : :iconlinvathan:linvathan 24 3 Now you're the Easter Bunny, Bunnymund! :iconchibigaia:ChibiGaia 240 18 Rise of the Guardians - Jack Frost :iconvergiil-sparda:vergiil-sparda 51 13 Bring Me A Dream :iconmarxis:Marxis 51 0 Kind of... Jack :iconamaryllex:Amaryllex 53 16 Shin Megami Tensei GBA mock-up - Vs. Black Frost :iconheatphoenix:HeatPhoenix 18 2 Because :iconkur0-sakura:Kur0-sakura 111 6 elsa x jack frost (frosla) : summer frosty love :iconblimpblimp:blimpblimp 36 10 Jack Frost and Little BabyTooth :icontsukipan:TsukiPan 91 3 Hold On... (HiJack for dear-daddy-stars - PRT1) :iconvexa-leonhart:Vexa-Leonhart 48 7 [Come out to play] Jack Frost Cosplay :iconcharliegloom:CharlieGloom 25 3 He's Laughing At Like A Fart Joke Or Something :iconsandflake-adoptables:sandflake-adoptables 102 4 Rise of the Guardians - Jack Frost :icon25thhanabusa:25thHanabusa 35 4 Jack Frost 25mins :iconcomic-engine-alex:Comic-Engine-Alex 54 5 Jack Frost Smiling :iconrichmen:Richmen 66 0
Paint it Black Ch.1 (Dark!Jack Frost x Reader)
Summary: They say love conquers all, but you knew that was a simple lie. It's been almost a few months, since Jack has joined sides with Pitch. After the battle with the Guardians, it was the last time you ever saw him. You did your best to move on from a broken heart he has left you in. So you kept yourself occupied with the Guardians, and your siblings. Slowly moving on from your old crush. You to start to grow feelings for someone you didn't expect to, and you realize you're ready to fully move on.
However, you are unaware your belief in Pitch, is causing him to regain his powers back, and develop small interest in you. So when he sends Jack to keep your belief strong. There Jack finds out what all you been doing, and he doesn't like it one bit...
(In this story, you are the older adopted sibling to Jamie and Sophie. This is an AU of the movie. You are also the last believer of Pitch.)
Pairings: Major!Dark!Jack x Reader, Bunnymund x Reader, Slight!Pitch x Reader
It's b
:iconshadow-mei:Shadow-Mei 20 8
Jack frost in suit :iconlelode:lelode 41 6 Jack Frost :iconvirgevelve:VirgeVelve 21 0 I'm a Believer :iconsigma-the-enigma:Sigma-the-Enigma 42 4 Jack Frost :icontouken2:Touken2 28 5 Rainbow Smoothy :iconrainbow-nebula:Rainbow-Nebula 46 1 Jack Frost :iconarcania:Arcania 49 5