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Just Gotta Nope Outa Here :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 1,812 222 Uke Fell, Seme Swap :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 520 87
Fake Friend
Fake Friend
Why are you hurt?
Why are you crying?
Don't tell me things
If you'll be lying
Why wont you talk?
Can't you see?
It's perfectly safe
To open up to me
I want to help
I want to try
I want to know
Why you cry
Open up
Let me see
You should know
You can trust me
You just smile
And say "I'm fine"
But that's a lie
And here's mine
I want to help
I want to try
I want to know
Why you cry
"So I can make you cry more..."
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Foxy the Adorable Pirate :iconartsy-ailurophile:Artsy-Ailurophile 437 20 Bonnie :iconsilverbaze:SilverBaze 330 74 Creepy doll base :iconrockinface:Rockinface 226 77
No one cares
No one cares
Why should you try
Why should you care
When no one is listening
And no one is there
Why should you try
When you're all alone
What's there to say
When you're on your own
No one is out there
No one cares
Yet you still sit down
And say your prayers
You want them to listen
You want them to care
But no one does
It's really unfair
What will you do now
As you stare at the knife
Do you really have the courage
To take your own life?
"Maybe I'll say my prayers one more time..."
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Adventure Time OC Meme (Mint and candy) :iconanime-lover05:anime-lover05 148 68 Undead Pony Base (MS-Paint Friendly Version) :iconzx-shadowlugia111-xz:zX-ShadowLugia111-Xz 246 5
Once upon a time,
I met a patch of grass.
I wanted to go around it,
But it stopped me,
Telling me to go ahead -
It was going to die this winter anyway.
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EVERYONE SMILE! :iconmintwillow:MintWillow 88 59 PoM - A day... an idea :iconleilush12:leilush12 63 30
swapfell!Sans x reader: chocolate milk
You opened the door to the skeleton brothers' house, and poked your head inside, seeing if one of them were home. nope, not home yet.. You opened the door all the way and walked inside. You had been living with the brothers for a bit after your little... fight with Sans. You convinced him that you weren't going to fight and he let you stay, which you thought was a little odd but didn't mind. It was better than staying out in the cold. You shiver slightly at the thought. Your thoughts then trail back to Sans. He may be a pain in the neck to be around; threatening to kill you, bossing you around, etc... but you didn't mind it all that much.
"no.. it can't be.." You muttered, walking into the kitchen, a light pink on your cheeks. "I have a crush on Sans..?" You shook it off and opened the fridge. You looked around the fridge for something edible. "hmm..." Your eyes lit up at the sight before you. It was a bottle of chocolate syrup! (just roll it--) You wondered how long it had been
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Gaster!Sans x reader: fireworks
You were dragging G along with you up the hill. you were carrying a blanket, it was big enough for the two of you to sit on, while G was carrying a small basket with a few snacks and drinks. within a few minutes, the two of you had made it to the top of the hill, and you set up the blanket, with G's help of course, and the two of you sat down, you lying your head on G's shoulder with his arm around you. The sun was starting to set, meaning it was almost time for the fireworks! Your eyes lit up like a child's on christmas. You looked over at G, who looked back at you and chuckled softly. he placed his teeth onto your forehead, in a form of kiss.
"I can see you're excited, love." G commented.
"mmhm!" You nodded and snuggled closer to him.
"not much longer now." G looked back up at the sky, and so did you.
"yeah. I can't wait!" You smiled as the two of you sat there in silence for a few minutes. The first firework flew into the air and went off.
"it's starting!" Your eyes lit up at the si
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Old Flames! Levi x Reader [2]
OK, this was something tricky. I wrote this with the reader thinking back and forth about the past and current conversation. I'm putting everything that was in the past in italics. Any current conversation will be left normally. I hope i didn't confuse you guys.
Gently a hand caressed your face as you stretched out on your bed. You looked back at mischievous grey eyes watching you. He slowly traces the curve of your hips with his finger tips. He looked back at you with a small smile playing on his lips.
He made a loop around your breast and came back to the crook of your neck. You shivered as he did this. He leans in a bit, slowly tracing his lips up and down your neck. A moan escapes your lips. Levi chuckles into the crook of your neck.
You smiled down at him running your fingers throughout his onyx waves. It was a routine you two picked up before an expedition. Past close calls made you realize one of you could not return. That night worries were thrown out and was spent wi
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dancing with Underfell Sans
I slowly walked over to the short sleeping skeleton on the couch. I knew just how to wake him up, though he would probably end up killing me in the process... or not~ depends on how I want to wake him up... I then sat beside Underfell sans, and gently rubbed my fingers against his belly, and he starts to laugh. I giggled, as I knew that he was now awake. I stopped tickling him, but he ended up grabbing my hands. I looked over at him, and noticed the light shade of red on his cheekbones. aww! that is so cute!
"you are so cute~"
*I AM NOT CUTE, NERD (I can't think of anything other than this, so....)
"yes you are~"
"hehe~" I then continued to tickle him, and he just laughed, he didn't attempt to stop me. I then stopped, and attempted to get up, but he wouldn't let me.
"but I didn't even say anything-"
"So... if I were to ask something, then the answer would just be no?"
"dance with me?"
"but why?!"
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When Your Flower Finds Out U Constantly Draw Them :iconmoracalle:Moracalle 27 3 Tekken Bv -xiaoyu ling n Alisa :iconamit55:amit55 32 6 LoK- Borra childrens! :iconladyziodyne:LadyZiodyne 35 12 Marry Dimentio Button :iconxxthe-ice-reaperxx:xXThe-Ice-ReaperXx 120 318 Nyan Class Star Ship :iconscottahemi:ScottaHemi 16 11 .: Magical Rocks In TOKYO :. :iconlawblz2000:lawblz2000 42 52 :AlwaysThere: :iconaika-hikari122:Aika-Hikari122 39 2
IcelandxReader: ...You Love Me?
"Did you say that you love me?"
Your cheeks were red, deeper than any cherry could ever done.
One yard away from you* stood Emil, him looking down at his shoes and his face the same red as yours.
"All the things that I've been struggling for..."
You stepped towards him, reaching out your hand. "E-Emil, I..."
Emil frowned, and backed away, then running off into the foggy morning. "Emil!" you yelled from the clearing. Emil ignored you and kept running.
"Its okay to just kill them all?
As well as the me you hate..."

Emil sat against a brick wall in a dark alley, holding a pair of scissors. He sighed as he pointed it to his chest, but then a dark figure snatched the object away from him and threw it behind its shoulder.
"Emil, just..."
"Is it okay to just love eachother?"
The Icelandic felt the collar of his shirt being pulled a split second before he felt your lips, chapped from the cold but still soft, pushing a bit harshly against his. This lasted for 5 secon
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bullpup mp5 :iconbobafettdk:bobafettdk 18 11