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Hide and seek :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 195 6 Hetalia Dress Up Game ver.2 :iconkawaiipandah:KawaiiPandah 15,785 6,115 INTERACTIVE ROMANO FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 6,234 2,422 Hetalia - Crossing +Germany+ :iconr-ninja:R-ninja 6,084 656 A Date in Italy FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 8,592 3,555 World Academy Sim Date {Hetalia Sim Date} :iconsodacat17:SodaCat17 2,195 2,235 APH - Jealous :iconx-lilou-chan-x:x-Lilou-chan-x 2,437 317 HetaOni ENGLISH PROJECT V17_1 NEW LINK (+tutos) :iconpianodream:Pianodream 2,783 940 Foggy Venice VII :iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 313 3 Hetalia Dress Up Game :iconkawaiipandah:KawaiiPandah 21,812 6,437 Summer Thing Sim Date :iconsodacat17:SodaCat17 1,723 1,190
LovinoxReader: Morning Distractions
Lovino groaned groggily as he buried his face into the warm and velvety crook of his companion's neck. He could feel the warm golden rays of sunshine hitting his bare torso, signaling it was morning and time to get up, yet he had no desire to do so whatsoever.
His arms tightened their hold on the woman curled up before him, your smaller frame molding perfectly against his. Cracking his eyes open slowly, his gaze roamed over your smooth skin that glowed in the morning light, and he smiled as he felt your deep and rhythmic breathing.
Sitting up slowly, he propped himself up on his elbow, resting the side of his face in his hand as a gentle smile graced his lips as he watched you sleep. His fingers ran lightly against your cheek carefully before he brushed some hair from your face, causing a small crease to form between your brows. He couldn't help but grin at the sight, continuing to stare at your slumbering form as he ran his fingertips over your shoulder and down your arm. When you shi
:iconaplbunny:aplbunny 858 324
APH - South Meets East 2 :iconr-ninja:R-ninja 1,887 282
Romano x Reader - Jealous Confession
“Feli, don’t these tomatoes belong to Romano? I don’t think we sh–”
“Nonsense, _____! I’m sure fratello won’t mind if we use his tomatoes in the pasta sauce, ve~”
“Are you sure? I mean, Romano really likes tomatoes…”
“I’m more than sure! Now c’mon, we need to go look for a pot to boil our pasta noodles in. I forgot where I left it… I think it’s in the basement, ve…”
“The basement?”
Si! Pasta can be cooked anywhere, _____! Now come with me, our basement is dark and I don’t want to go alone. It’s really scary, ve~”
“Don’t worry Feli, I’ll be right behind you.”
If looks could kill, Antonio was fairly sure that the venomous glare Romano was sending both _____ and
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,500 243
Italy X Reader - Bubble Bath Fun
You closed the bathroom door behind you with a sigh. Your whole body ached from the high amounts of stress you had endured during the long week, and you couldn’t be happier it was Friday.
You turned on the bath taps, watching the hot water spurt out. You could already imagine lying in the bath, the swirling water soothing your sore limbs. You smiled at the thought and began to discard your clothing, tossing them to the floor as the bath began to fill with clear water.
As you slid off your last sock and threw it to the floor, you couldn’t help but notice a large bottle of bubble bath sitting on the shelf. It had an Italian flag on it, so it must be your boyfriend’s. You smiled as you squeezed the milky liquid into the bath, causing millions of pure white bubbles to form in the swirling water.
You stepped slowly into the hot water. The bubbles tickled your legs as you took your time to get used to the heat. You let out a loud sigh of pleasure as you let your body sink d
:iconbutterfingas:Butterfingas 1,631 530
Romano x Reader - Teddy Bear
“You’re sleeping with that thing again?”
The familiar voice of the Italian carried a disgruntled tone as you clambered onto bed, his words raspy from drowsiness as he cracked one eye open to look at you.
“There’s nothing wrong with it,” you retorted defensively, clutching the soft material of your teddy bear closer to your chest. “It helps me sleep. Really.”
His scoff wasn’t very subtle as Romano propped himself up with his elbows, eyes narrowed at the plush animal that was held in your arms.
You’d recently received the teddy bear from your mother who’d been digging through old belongings she had up in her attic. During her little adventure, your mother managed to recover an old teddy bear that used to belong to you, and without a moment's hesitation she instantly mailed it to you to help ‘keep in touch with your childhood’.
Initially, Romano had used it as a way to tease you, especially when you cuddl
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 943 181
APH- SAY YES :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 3,158 1,350
WARNING: YAOI. Lots of it. Most is just fluffy cuteness, some is quite explicit. I warn you.
Dolfin (GerIta)
Pirate's Chronicles (USUK)
(England Japan) Insolent Peridot R18
Gap Moe (Bad Touch Trio)
Koori no Kuni ni Shinzou wo Torareta Hito (SuFin)
Gamers syndrome – (USUK doujinshi)
Pirate's Chronicles
igirisu usage to chiisa na otouto
(America x Canada)
:icondragonartist22:dragonartist22 504 186
Italy x Reader - How to say 'I Love You'
 Ring ring ring
 Ring ring ring
 "Mmmph... stupid sounds, why won't you shut up...?"
 Ring ring ring
 "Five... more minutes..."
 Ring ring ring
 "Okay, okay! I'll get up if you just shut up already, stupid clock!" You cried before realizing you had been talking to an inanimate object. Sighing to yourself, you pressed the off button on your alarm clock and held your face in your hands.
 "I honestly wonder sometimes if I'm going mad..." You mumbled, shaking your head. As you groggily tried to rub the sleep out of your eyes, a sudden voice caught you off guard.
 "Vee~ _____, you're finally up! I was wondering when you'd wake up, bella!"
 Feliciano poked his head through your bedroom door before he bounced over to your bedside, his curl seeming to bounce with each stride that he took.
 "Oh, hey Feli," You said with a yawn. "Mm... I'm tired..."
 It took you another five seconds to finally comprehend what was happening at the moment.
 Feliciano was here
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 803 184
Reunited ::Child!ItalyxReaderxChild!Romano
You held on tightly to your two little countries, you didn’t want them to be taken away.
“You can’t just take them away from me Austria! This is dirty!”
“You know the rules, now hand them over [Name].”
Sadly, after a slight war between Austria and France about the Habsburg Territory that would divide the certain European countries…
Italy and Romano would be taken away from you.
If you were to fight back you would surely lose.
The two little Italians clung to your legs tighter
“M-Mamma please-a don’t-a leave!”
“Leave-a mamma alone bastardo!”
Your oldest one Romano went up to the Austrian and started to kick and punch him in the legs.
“Roma!” You tried to scold him
“N-No mamma! Run away with-a fratello! I’ll hold him off!” Your poor little Roma was trying all his might to look strong in front of you, but as a mother you could clearly see his small tears in the corner of his eyes.
:icondelicious-tomato:Delicious-Tomato 1,128 610
Hetalia x Child! Venice! Reader Part 1
Hetalia  x Child! Venice! Reader
You were wandering the cold streets of Rome. You had no idea how you got there, where to go or what to do. As a toddler, you were mortified.
As you stumbled around the city, you came across a small Italian restaurant. Oh how you longed for something to fill your stomach! You ran over to the back door of the restaurant, you little (h/c) curl bouncing as you toddled.
Finally reaching the door you were a little shaking but you tried to knock. TRIED. You were just going up to the door when you heard yelling and someone panicking in Italian. The large metal door swung open to reveal two men. One had dark chocolate brown hair and deep eyes. He was really loud and swearing a lot. He had a major scowl on his face that kind of scared you. The other had a lighter version of hair color with a tint of red. He seemed to be fumbling with a garbage bag while the loud one yelled at him. But what really caught your eye were that each of them had a strange curl, jus
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 768 157
ItalyxReader ~ What to do when it rains
You were waiting in line behind about a dozen other people. It was Saturday afternoon and there was a heap of costumers today! After a tiring day at work, you decided on getting yourself a cappuccino or something, to calm your nerves down. You were about to turn and leave until you noticed it was finally your turn to order.
After buying yourself a light cappuccino, you wandered around the small shop in search of a free seat. It was kind of hard, considering the large amount of people present. Sighing, you spun around, ready to leave. That is, until you noticed someone from the corner of your eye.
Is that?...
You started waving your hand back and forth, walking towards the already occupied table. "Feli!"
A young man with light brown hair and hazel eyes lifted his head from the spot he was staring at to look up at your glistening (e/c) eyes. His blank expression quickly turned into a charming and sweet smile.
"Ciao, ________! I didn't expect t
:iconsherlockedhazza:SherlockedHazza 608 1,214
Hetalia RomanoxReader - Stuck in a Box
“Gil! What the hell are you doing?!”
“You’ll thank me later, Frau!” he said, the smirk on his face evident in his voice, as he carried me over his shoulder up the stairs in his house. He reached the top and went into a room where Antonio and Francis were waiting. The two were sitting on a footlocker, and I could have sworn I heard muffled obscenities come from it.
“Ready?” the albino asked.
The other two nodded, and positioned themselves to get off and open the footlocker. Gilbert took me closer to it and threw me inside the split second they opened the lid. When I was fully inside, they immediately closed the lid and––judging by the clatter following after––locked it.
“What the hell?!” I groaned out, still trying to process everything that had just happened.
I blinked, then peered through the dark to see a familiar face. My eyes widened. “Lovino?!”
“What the hell are
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 765 212
Parent!2p!Italy x Child!Reader: I'll try
“This can’t be happening” Luciano scoffed and rubbed his temples as Lutz held a small child in his arms. A little girl with (e/c) eyes and (h/c) hair, who couldn’t be more than two.
“She’s my daughter apparently” Luciano confirmed
“Congratulations” Kuro murmured as he peered down at (y/n). She fiddled with a toy rattle and looked at her father
“I’ll have to ask my fratello since he’s caring for Spain’s brat” Luciano muttered
“So you became a papa too?” Flavio smiled as his brother sipped a glass of wine and turned his attention to his child. (y/n) played with her rattle and giggled as Kuro kept her amused by handing her a stuffed bear.
“I had no choice, her mother dumped her on me without explanation. I don’t even know if she’s legitimately mine” Luciano explained
“Oh she is, I can tell” Flavio gestured as he turned to see his daughter rip the head off the
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 546 35
oh you. :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 6,290 2,733 Hetalia :iconidentitylost-noname:identityLOST-NOname 6,518 386
Hetalia x Reader - Accidental Confessions
Confessions are difficult. That’s a universal truth.
Maybe you can argue that you’re courageous or bold, and sure, that can help make confessions easier – but truth be told, there’s always that split second of panic as you anticipate their answer which can either bring you a sense of elation or send you into the comforts of your home, guzzling down your favorite ice cream with your broken heart keeping you company.
And so, confessions are difficult.
But when they’re unintentional
That’s different.
Whispered ‘I love you’s heard by the wrong ears, heartfelt letters that land into the recipient’s hands a bit too early… there are far too many ways for a confession to go wrong when someone does it by accident.
Although, it’s not so bad when you’re receiving a confession – albeit accidentally – from someone who adores you just as much as you adore them.
Especially when the confession is
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 741 166
Hetalia 30 Meme :icongohe1090:gohe1090 5,381 1,745 Hetalia - chibi nations :iconsego-chan:sego-chan 6,922 722
Romano X Reader: Learning Italian
Romano X Reader
Learning Italian

"Now, bella, repeat after me; arrivederci~"
"A-arrive… arrive-what?"
The usually bubbly Italian sighed, shaking his head. You'd been sitting at Feliciano and Lovino Vargas' kitchen table as Feli unsuccessfully  tried to teach you his native language. Even though Feli had only tried to teach you the basics so far, you were having a fair bit of trouble.
Lovino, who was torn between being disgusted and amused at your failure, would swear and criticise you whenever he felt he felt it appropriate and FYI, that was a lot.
"C'mon bella, it's arriveder-"
"FRATELLO!" Lovino shouted from across the table, catching both you and Feli of guard. "You can't teach the idiota to say 'arrivederci' if she can't even roll her damned r's!"
You gave a snort of laughter as Feli's expression turned to one of a kicked puppy, but instantly regretted it when Lovino turned to scowl at you.
"And YOU, dumb-arse, LEARN TO ROLL
:iconmai-taniyama-anime:Mai-Taniyama-anime 755 480
Foggy Venice VI :iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 515 6 WAITWHUT. :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 4,325 2,368 APH - Cepe Indicum :iconr-ninja:R-ninja 2,740 304 Hetalia Beautiful World Jackets :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 9,221 773 Hetalia: Mochi Care :iconkhakipants12:khakipants12 5,187 1,072
Romano X Reader (Germany's little sister)

You sat in the world meeting quietly as you watched your two older brothers, Ludwig (Germany) and Gilbert (Prussia) argue with each other.
 "Why couldn't you be more like either of them?" You asked yourself.
Unlike either of your brothers, you were quiet and rarely yelled. You weren't very good at fighting and you couldn't stand up for yourself to save your life. You sighed wondering to yourself if you were as bad as Italy when it came to things like war and just plain life. 
You happily got up when the meeting ended leaving your brothers who were still arguing about something else by this point. You were about to walk back to your house that you shared with Ludwig when someone called your name and you turned to find a drunken France stumbling towards you.
"_-__________! Ma cherié (my dear)! 'Ow would you like to go with me and tour Ze Effiel Tower?" He asked grinning mischievously with a glazed look in his eyes.
"Was he e
:iconcrazzzychic:crazzzychic 698 709
Jealousy: 2p!Italy X Reader
This is 2p!Hetalia. Do I really have to warn you? Italy's got a knife, so watch out!~
The thin blade of the knife was pressed against your neck. Red, crimson red eyes burned with love and anger. “Senza di te la vita non ha più senso.” He saw your confusion and put his words into English. “Without you, life has no meaning.”
“Then let’s not kill me?” You squeaked out nervously. He had you cornered against an alley wall with no way to escape.
Luciano had a small smile forming. “But Bella, someday others would want to take you away from me. I know it. So before that day comes, I’d rather take care of you myself.”
You hoped that he meant a spa trip when he said ‘take care of you’. Knowing him and his personality, he definitely meant death.
“Luciano, you know that I love you. Let’s just sit down and eat some pasta. We can talk about this like normal adults.”
He grunted and put his knife aw
:icon16clevertaunts:16CleverTaunts 490 51
12 Days of Hetalia Christmas :iconbrittlander:Brittlander 3,410 684
Romano x Reader - How to say 'I Love You'
  "GODDAMMIT, DON'T SHOUT IN MY EAR _____!" the fuming Italian shouted as he bolted upright from his siesta. "Ugh, stupid ragazza..."
  "Don't use bad language in front of me, Lovi," you said teasingly. "And hey! I am not a stupid... whatever ragazza is!"
  "I'll use bad language whenever I want! And stop calling me Lovi!" Lovino growled, and then adding, "And ragazza means girl."
  "Fine," you huffed, crossing your arms as you feigned fake anger. As planned, Lovino immediately felt bad and you inwardly chuckled as he struggled with his words.
  "Look, I'm sorry for blowing up on you like that and for calling you a stupid girl," Lovino said with a light blush as he averted his eyes. "You aren't angry, are you?"
  You chuckled, throwing your arms around him. "Apology accepted, Lovi~! And you're so cute when you blush!"
  He groaned," So you were faking... A-And get off o-of me, ragazza! I'm not cute!"
  "Hm, let me t
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,295 427
storm :iconcaserta-stock:Caserta-Stock 581 234
Hetalia ItalyxReader - Stuck In a Box
". . . Ready or not, here I come!"
At one of Alfred's parties, we all decided to play hide and seek, Alfred, of course, being "it". I ran into one of the back rooms, spotting an unlocked footlocker. After stepping inside it and making myself comfortable, I closed the lid, being careful not to lock it.
Several minutes passed, and I wasn't found by anyone else. A few moments later, I heard someone frantically stagger into the room, closing the door behind them. There was a short pause before the lid to the footlocker opened, leaving me exposed. I wasn't caught, though, because the person standing before me was my cute little red-headed Italian friend, Feliciano Vargas.
"Oh, _____," he stammered. "I didn't know you were in here—"
"Yo, Feli~! Where'd you go~?" called Alfred teasingly.
"Eep!" Feli squeaked, jumping into the footlocker with me. The lid closed with a loud slam, pushing Feli down on top of me.
"Feli!" I whispered loudly. "Get out of here! This is my hiding spot!"
"Eh?! B-
:iconravens-of-rome:Ravens-of-Rome 740 111
''Angles'' :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 5,142 381 Nekotalia :icondrkav:Drkav 7,260 824 NO YOU CAN'T. :iconkuroneko3132:kuroneko3132 4,675 1,788
2P Country Hetaloid x Reader
(Reader POV)
It was new start for me in (City) as I started to finish unpacking the last of my belongings. I just moved out of my home to live closer to my new college, which apparently was too far for me from where I was. So I packed my stuff, said good bye to my friends and family and left to (City). There’s soo many things that are knew to me and one of them was being alone. Don’t get me wrong being alone is awesome since I can do almost anything I want and not get scolded, but it feels too quiet. “Well I’m done for today” I said to myself as I but the last book on the shelf and looked at the time to see it was dinner time.
“Damn it’s that late already? Good thing I packed some food before from back home” I said as I went into the kitchen and took out (favorite food) from the fridge and heated it in the microwave. Once it was heated I went to the living room and sat down on the sofa to eat “Let’s see what’s on”
:iconlunatheninjakitty:LunaTheNinjaKitty 803 180
**French Kiss** Italy X Reader Oneshot
-Alright! ^^ Time to start checking things off my list of ideas! I'm going to do Italy first since a friend of mine said something about it ^^ Plus I want to write the fluff stuff before I get into the darker stuff.
*after writing* Oh gawd… What have I done to Italy!?!? DB
Italy pushed the door to France's house open, and let himself inside the large building. "Ve!~ Big brother France! I'm here!" he called, waiting for his strange friend to pop out of nowhere and pet him like a cat. When the Italian boy didn't get an answer, his face turned into one of confusion. "Big brother France?" he asked again, shutting the door behind him as he began into the room.
Off into the distance, he heard the sound of a television, and two voices echoing off the walls. To him, it sounded like a more romantic movie, with the soft music in the background and the dramatic voice of the woman.
Italy turned the corner, seeing his French companion clenching a frilly pink hanky in his teeth
:iconsy62697:sy62697 658 283
Italian brothers x reader: curl disaster
Feli yawned, getting up and stretching out, making sure not to wake up his brother who was sleeping peacefully beside of him.
“N-No…” he murmured, clutching onto his pillow, drooling, making his younger brother laugh.
But, as soon as he got up out of bed, he bursted out crying.
“LOVI,” he shouted, shaking his brother roughly.
When he woke up, his face grew a bright, angered red.
“F-FRATELLO,” he shouted, clutching onto his hair, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
That’s when they both realized that their curls were tangled together.
Italy kept crying and screaming as his brother kept calling everyone they knew for help, cursing when they all wouldn’t answer because they were busy or they weren’t awake yet.
“GERMAANYYYY,” Italy shouted, screaming at the top of his lungs.
“W-We’ll have to do this ourselves,” Lovi shouted, trying to untangle his brother’s curl from his, but soon giving up.
:iconeetay99:EETay99 230 38