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From the mind of my 5-year-old...
Perfume.  The best thing about perfume is... you can smell like raspberries or beautiful.
Hugs.  The best thing about hugs is... you can hug anything or anyone you want, except windows...
Thanksgiving.  The best thing about Thanksgiving is the pumpkin pie and aaaalllll the jelly.
Cars.  The best thing about cars is you don't have to walk.  You can drive as fast as you can but... not or you'll get a dicket or a ticket.
Sleep.  The best thing about sleep is... you can be really comfortable and you can go anywhere while you're sleeping like... sleepwalking or deep walking.  Ya know?  Deep walking?  It's where you're under the water while you're sleeping... that's what I call deep walking.
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if the dog can growl and the cat can mewl it leaves room for change
a cat can't bark and a dog meow, but try the least i'd say
for everything is getting great and learning things is good
the boy that cuts and the girl that cheers will soon hold hands as one
together a nation can come around but few don't like the news
jeers and sneers behind their backs like this is just a dream
a dream spiraling out of control and into something evil
something that they'd never wish, because they're souls are black and hollow.
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Monster VI
Ze puts zir teeth against the flesh and bites in.
and again.
and again.
and rips out society's throat.
Still it grows back threefold, a hydra growing skyward.
[one for this -ism and one for that one; and so many other trappings]
Ze gets entangled in its necks, with them weaving to and fro;
and it strangles zir. Once again. and still -
And still!
In a whining, crooning voice it issues:
"Oh please stop, you're hurting us, you monster."
As zir sight goes grey.
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Do you know of fundamentalism?
What about literalism?
Perhaps, all the same?
I'm not comparable.
With only a name
I'm mighty terrible
Its mankind's folly
To be acting so jolly
It's some kind of game
Is this capitalism?
All a game, but who wins?
Are there Sins?
Are the -ism's real?
Or are they just fake?
Maybe, we can seal
this underneath a wooden plank.
Try to keep out the smell
With a spell.
I just can't deal
I hear the sound of violins
The horrible music will not fade
This isn't a serenade.
Catholisism, Atheism, Liberalism, Cynasism, INSANITY!
You’re insane, I’m not mad!
It's humanity
This was all I had
Say I understood, say I lied.
That I died.
They would still exist, no finality
I shouldn't have stayed.
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Shelby and Madelineisms.
I like my pie JUST the way it is THANK YOU. -The beginning of something harvard students could never hope to fully understand.
BOX HOCKEY. -Ah, Elementary school.
Shindongs Gelatinous mass -...lets not go there.
Ramen babies -Shindongs children/minions
Wilford Brimley -The supreme walrus overlord
DIEBEETUS -WIlford Brimley's mating call
WEEGEE CUBE -Oh god, youre screwed.
Madelines scalp/shelbys scalp -Biology.
FUANGAHZ, FEENGAHZ, FUINGUHZ, FANGAHS, or any other incorrect spelling of fingers -Not quite sure where this came from...but whatever.
HELLLOOOO ARMSTRONGAPACHES! THIS IS MR EEEEEWWIIING. -The freak that calls our house more than once to let us know whats going on at our old middle school.
Pingas alert system -If this had been a real emergency, your raidio/television would've gotten an erection and shoved you under the bed with it to sheild you from the wrath of the hungry shindong.
GAWNAREEEA. -More Biology.
TEH BANDEET -Second in command to Jaxin.
The asian store -One of our m
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You're My Favorite :iconlolakills:LolaKills 9 4
Think you\'re free?
God is a statistic,
a number.
Derivative of pie.
Derived from drugs.
You make me sick,
make me wonder.
Think you\'re wise?
Everything is a force of nature,
a force of habit.
Indicative of nothing.
Inditing everything.
You are so sure.
so above it.
Think you\'re right?
Nothing is nothing,
is redundant.
Susceptible to idiocy.
Suspect of thought.
You love hating,
love the ignorant.
Think you\'re bad?
Satan is falser than God,
than honesty.
Vacillating in ideals.
Vacant of ideas.
Your stupid justifications,
stupid rigidity.
You stupid fucking Isms
never get it right.
God is in the Final day
and in the Endless night.
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