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Metamorphosis (Chapter 19)
I rode towards home like the wind itself. I had to spit a few times as strands of my own hair kept flying in my face. I whizzed by people and several times I had to swerve hard to get out of the way of walkers. I was too happy and too hopeful to even consider slowing down. I had a chance…a hope to let things go back to normal! So what if I had to go to one dumb dance? That was just a minor inconvenience in the way of finally getting to be myself again! Mom and Dad might not believe me, but they didn’t have to. I just needed to get them to sit down with me so we could all just talk things out.
I’d been so angry at them…so furious at how they’d acted and all they’d done. How Dad had been the one to feed us the potion in the first place, and then having the audacity to cover it up when he knew full well how this happened. How Mom had taken advantage of my new body to pretend I was her daughter. How my opinion had never been asked, and how my feelings ha
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Wake Up
It's the things we don't say,
                         The words that will never leave our lips,
                                                              That really cut us to the core...

It's cold, cruel, and calculating,
Stop playing tug of war with my heart,
Dragging me into the mud with you;
I don't want to roll around in all the filth,
It's disgusting to me, riddled with negativity...
Dancing along the edge of the knife,
                             The blades of steel help me find my nerve again.

I stand on the precipice of a broken frontier;
Take my advice, take it from someone who's been there,
Never build your dreams out of glass,
Lest you seek for them to be
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The last Truth
Untold lies live in the hearts of the cold.
Untold stories live on in the unloved old.
A forgetful world with forgivable sin,
To end again is only to begin.
No escape from the self-indulgence and lust,
It seems there is so little to trust.
Alas, there is one truth to comfort through the hype
The best friends you'll ever have are a baggy of weed and a pipe.
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