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Tiger: Annoyance by TVD-Photography Tiger: Annoyance :icontvd-photography:TVD-Photography 995 211
i once had someone who was like my favorite blanket.
i held him close, felt his warmth and inhaled his scent that helped me fall asleep.
clothed or naked, he treated me indifferently.
all i'm most certain of is that whenever i'm with him,
i'm like near the ocean, or under a shady tree on a scorching day.
i spoke to him the way i spoke to myself in my head; careless, familiar, unafraid.
i used to lie in his arms with a selfish grin, knowing i have found something most people never will.
i don't exactly know what, but whatever it is, it's definitely worth every ounce of my sleepless nights.
i think we never really had to talk; because even when we were as silent as death,
we understood eachother well, like how first kisses tell you if it's gonna be sweet or not.
i gave him room to breathe when the thought of him and me got too suffocating for him.
i gave him space. for someone so possessive, i gave him a lot of space.
there was never any kind of assurance that he would return,
and that k
:iconizha:izha 169 95
Symbol of the Ishayr by Aikurisu Symbol of the Ishayr :iconaikurisu:Aikurisu 278 15 Ardha Nari Ishwara by T-razz Ardha Nari Ishwara :icont-razz:T-razz 292 98 Tiger: Annoyance II by TVD-Photography Tiger: Annoyance II :icontvd-photography:TVD-Photography 314 94 Al Isha environment art by DreadJim Al Isha environment art :icondreadjim:DreadJim 130 17 Isha Portrait by TVD-Photography Isha Portrait :icontvd-photography:TVD-Photography 302 84 Isha Portrait IV by TVD-Photography Isha Portrait IV :icontvd-photography:TVD-Photography 269 54 Tiger Portrait by TVD-Photography Tiger Portrait :icontvd-photography:TVD-Photography 228 73 Make Out Tactics book earrings by manditaaknfv Make Out Tactics book earrings :iconmanditaaknfv:manditaaknfv 82 31 Isha commission by Harpyqueen Isha commission :iconharpyqueen:Harpyqueen 171 32 WoW is cancer by IronShrineMaiden WoW is cancer :iconironshrinemaiden:IronShrineMaiden 131 77 Psychedelic by isha-roman Psychedelic :iconisha-roman:isha-roman 110 19 Isha Portrait II by TVD-Photography Isha Portrait II :icontvd-photography:TVD-Photography 141 40 DID NOT DRAW by MissKittens DID NOT DRAW :iconmisskittens:MissKittens 126 26 Three Baby Tigers by TVD-Photography Three Baby Tigers :icontvd-photography:TVD-Photography 136 77 Commission - Isha by Lumaris Commission - Isha :iconlumaris:Lumaris 66 19 Shenadoah by MaKo85 Shenadoah :iconmako85:MaKo85 78 157 Agni by LadyCamafeo Agni :iconladycamafeo:LadyCamafeo 78 40 Isha by lina-no-uta Isha :iconlina-no-uta:lina-no-uta 72 5 Isha's Stare by TVD-Photography Isha's Stare :icontvd-photography:TVD-Photography 129 33 Isha by OmegaLioness Isha :iconomegalioness:OmegaLioness 277 30 i am by izha i am :iconizha:izha 27 14 Isha by lina-no-uta Isha :iconlina-no-uta:lina-no-uta 69 3 Isha Maid by soul-less-puppet Isha Maid :iconsoul-less-puppet:soul-less-puppet 146 42 Companions For The Night by EVOV1 Companions For The Night :iconevov1:EVOV1 179 17 Companions For The Night au Lingerie by EVOV1 Companions For The Night au Lingerie :iconevov1:EVOV1 204 12 Isha's Tears by Qeztotz Isha's Tears :iconqeztotz:Qeztotz 32 16 Chibi - Isha by Lelia Chibi - Isha :iconlelia:Lelia 223 10 Commision: LadyCamafeo by Lelia Commision: LadyCamafeo :iconlelia:Lelia 241 26 Dance gypsy dance by LadyCamafeo Dance gypsy dance :iconladycamafeo:LadyCamafeo 33 24 Tiger in the water by TVD-Photography Tiger in the water :icontvd-photography:TVD-Photography 260 56 Save Earth from Global Warming by isha-roman Save Earth from Global Warming :iconisha-roman:isha-roman 24 10 Isha by lina-no-uta Isha :iconlina-no-uta:lina-no-uta 57 8 Isha's Melancholy by Furboz Isha's Melancholy :iconfurboz:Furboz 119 71 Bruce Timm Style II by LadyCamafeo Bruce Timm Style II :iconladycamafeo:LadyCamafeo 36 20 ashita no nadja by cecile-cyclopse ashita no nadja :iconcecile-cyclopse:cecile-cyclopse 86 12 Commission: Leblanc x Isha by Lelia Commission: Leblanc x Isha :iconlelia:Lelia 116 11 That Mesmerizing Smile by EVOV1 That Mesmerizing Smile :iconevov1:EVOV1 360 70 Desert Rose by LadyCamafeo Desert Rose :iconladycamafeo:LadyCamafeo 28 29 My life is in your hands by LadyCamafeo My life is in your hands :iconladycamafeo:LadyCamafeo 25 24 Fleeting Shadow of Love by LadyCamafeo Fleeting Shadow of Love :iconladycamafeo:LadyCamafeo 27 9 Beloved Sister by Des-Henkers-Braut Beloved Sister :icondes-henkers-braut:Des-Henkers-Braut 48 8 Isha HeadShot by FooRay Isha HeadShot :iconfooray:FooRay 85 3 Newest Isha by soul-less-puppet Newest Isha :iconsoul-less-puppet:soul-less-puppet 94 16 comeBACK.iWANTyouBACK by izha comeBACK.iWANTyouBACK :iconizha:izha 9 6 Dancing through veils by LadyCamafeo Dancing through veils :iconladycamafeo:LadyCamafeo 24 3