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Little Brother Of Sin by NostalgicChills Little Brother Of Sin :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 915 83 Irony in a pokeshell by Bummerdude Irony in a pokeshell :iconbummerdude:Bummerdude 1,051 80 Perfectionist by JohnSu Perfectionist :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 942 456 Comic: Better Late than Never by artwork-tee Comic: Better Late than Never :iconartwork-tee:artwork-tee 2,697 596 irony by berkozturk irony :iconberkozturk:berkozturk 8,794 854 Turnpike Ln Fox by WhoAm-Irony Turnpike Ln Fox :iconwhoam-irony:WhoAm-Irony 2,500 104
Kindness [AU] (Levi x Depressed!Reader)
**This has multiple triggers in it, if this makes you uncomfortable please exit out**

Song lyrics of [link]

Often I'm told I need to clean up my act
although maturity is something I lack
"You're such a brat [Name]! You are so damn childish and ruin everything! Get out!" The angry voice scolded, his rage fuming from his body.
Her eyes widened and tears started to sting her [e/c] orbs. He never took his anger out on her knowing how sensitive she was, but her careless attitude cost him his patience. "I'm sorry Levi." She apologized, her lip quivering. 
Levi rolled his eyes at her, "I don't want your shitty apology. I want you to get out while I clean up your mess." He demanded, his finger pointing towards the front door of their apartment.
[Name]'s eyes fell at the broken vase on the floor. She knew how precious that was to Levi, it belonged to his late mother, the only piece
:iconroyaldere:royaldere 350 72
The Prejudice + Power Irony by brentcherry The Prejudice + Power Irony :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 383 300 saint. by cristina-otero saint. :iconcristina-otero:cristina-otero 1,747 55 ulquiorra and orihime by upsman12344321 ulquiorra and orihime :iconupsman12344321:upsman12344321 2,190 280 Bleach by MasterSwordsmen1 Bleach :iconmasterswordsmen1:MasterSwordsmen1 1,888 460
No-one forgets a good teacher
"Listen to me or I'll break your legs"
                                               - Steve Thompson
Dear Sir. Not sir. It's automatic.
Sorry Steve. Dear Steve. I'm fed
On seven years of autocratic
Tiffinisms: "genuflect
to teachers." Seven years' emphatic
Faire-sans-dire still in my head.
Dear Steve. Your style was more dramatic
you taught life and art instead:
Stoppard, condoms, mathematics,
goatee beards and Berthold Brecht
and Bigmouth Strikes Again, such is
what you gave us, plus the threat
of a half a term on crutches
for ignoring you. Dear Steve - respect.
:iconlazylinepainterjohn:LazyLinePainterJohn 145 76
Things That Make You Go Hmm... by jark Things That Make You Go Hmm... :iconjark:jark 1,014 1,581 Refuge from a Storm by PaperDreamerArt Refuge from a Storm :iconpaperdreamerart:PaperDreamerArt 661 414
This is Irony
I count the passing of days in ashtray soldiers,
and stillness in the words of dead poets.
We write our secrets on the inside of our lungs
and hide truths on the inside of our stanzas,
because it’s acceptable to wear hatred on your arms,
but vulnerability is a mark of weakness.
I have choked down everything: pain and shame and arsenic tranquility,
to spew forth such paltry words and call it poetry.
A waltz  away from thirty eight caliber oblivion
we press back, back
because death isn’t as romantic as we hoped,
and poison is quieter than a gunshot.
:iconmozartsnemesis:MozartsNemesis 112 30
Playground... by Saurabh682 Playground... :iconsaurabh682:Saurabh682 580 148
When it Rains - Chapter 1: Irony
The Joker staggered away from the bank slipping past the police that already surrounded the area. He managed to slink by unnoticed and bleeding profusely from a bullet wound near his abdomen. That’s what he gets for turning his back on old Gruesome Face. And this was certainly the last time he’d help him escape Arkham, that’s if he would ever live to see that dreadful place again. He silently cursed himself as he limped for agreeing to aid his escape and bank heist, but hell it’s not like he had any crazy schemes himself tonight. Maybe he was getting dare he say “soft” as the years past. HA! The notion made him almost trip as he began to smile. He chuckled softly remembering how exactly he got himself in this predicament in the first place. After the two escaped and gathered some thugs to help with the job, they all made quick work of the bank. The Joker would obviously get a cut; he never liked doing these sorts of things just for money though. But
:iconshiore-hikaru:Shiore-Hikaru 28 27
Insufferable Prick by FalseRegards Insufferable Prick :iconfalseregards:FalseRegards 1,070 140
Pretty metaphors are for pretty girls
I told you to stop
spewing pretty metaphors at me,
for with each elaborate comparison,
I feel a bit more
detached from this world
And maybe I don’t feel so strong at the moment,
but would you be
if you felt like the entire universe
was resting upon your shoulders,
and someone was just there saying:
But you’re stronger than the powerful beats
of a butterfly’s wings

And maybe I do need more confidence,
but would you exuberate it
when the part you hated most about yourself
were the freckles that have speckled your face for years,
and someone was just there muttering:
They’re not flaws,
but rather stars that form constellations

Yes, I can’t help but hate
all those unrealistic metaphors
you choose to pelt at me when I’m low,
yet the irony is,
I know that those beautiful words
are realistic in your eyes,
So I can’t hate you.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 163 87
The Couplet and the Villanelle
The Couplet and the Villanelle
Said the couplet to the villanelle
"You, for all of your complexity
really are a vacuum and a shell
overwrought and odd, compared to me.
You, for all your cunning and your craft
your metaphors and similes and signs
conjure awkward rhymes that make me laugh
strung together in repeating lines."
Said the villanelle to couplet small
"I know I can ramble on at times
but, you know, you are inside of me
and you are complicit in my rhymes.
What's ironic though, you know... doggonnit.
both of us are stuck within this sonnet."
:iconmystakaphoros:Mystakaphoros 178 64
Despair by 6VCR Despair :icon6vcr:6VCR 225 35
Just A Flesh Wound
I ripped my heart
off my sleeve and
tucked it safe
inside the hole
that you tore
through my chest.
I knew it was safer there.
Thanks for that,
I'm just so careless.
:iconspiritfingers:SpiritFingers 36 60
Suicide or Tea?
Should I kill myself or have a cup of tea?
I decide on the latter and I'm not sure why. Probably because I can. Life is a never-ending scroll of be-goods, be-happies, be-in-controls, be-okays, be-strongs and be-appreciatives. So what's another day?
Just another day closer to death.
Still, life seems incredibly long, don't you think? So long, it's hard to see the end and nearly impossible to touch – even with a knife in my hand that could easily skewer my heart, make it squirm and still like a dying nightingale – sealing its death with a pathetic squeal of almost-song.
Life is pain and people in pain are a pain in the ass. Perhaps occasionally or perhaps frequently, they think "Why not just kill myself? Life is hell, anyway. No hell after life could be worse than this."
But they're wrong. The worst is never the worst because things can always get worse and maybe that's why I decided to stick with the chamomile tea. That or I feel tea-sipping is reason to live.
My per
:iconxtintedlullabyx:xTintedlullabyx 123 61
Drama of an emo life by Evelin-Novemberdusk Drama of an emo life :iconevelin-novemberdusk:Evelin-Novemberdusk 782 224 Today is my Lucky Day by BenHeine Today is my Lucky Day :iconbenheine:BenHeine 480 56
        Emma moaned and struggled against her binds. She was in her desk chair, her hands on its arms whether she liked them to be or not. Emma's wrists were tied down by her own socks. It was only a matter of time before this happened ... again. Emma never cleaned her room and she owned a lot of things that could be used to tie her down or up as the situation allowed.
           Emma sniffled and moaned into her gag. She had a clean pair of her panties stuffed into her mouth and tied in place with a pair of stockings which made a nice, though big, cleave gag. She struggled against her improvised binds but couldn't even move her chair as her legs, ankles and even her feet were bound together with yet more socks. A rather large pair of socks were forced over both of her feet so they could be tied together more easily.
:iconshoggoth8852:Shoggoth8852 88 18
Flavor of the Week: Blueberry! by luvemripe Flavor of the Week: Blueberry! :iconluvemripe:luvemripe 333 45
Insert creative title here.
sometimes I hate the idea
of talking
I rather eat the autumn
skies crushing cold air between my molars
and hiding shaky hands
between pages of dictionaries
and clickclickclicking sounds of typewriters
you asked me why I wrote poems
on the soles of my shoes
and I told you
it was because I wanted to
imprint myself on the earth
then I can create beauty
even if I am not
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 79 34
To Lose It All... by NostalgicChills To Lose It All... :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 601 62 Today is my Lucky Day - 3 by BenHeine Today is my Lucky Day - 3 :iconbenheine:BenHeine 313 37 manipulating woman by xMissTake manipulating woman :iconxmisstake:xMissTake 416 36 I r o n y by StFamous I r o n y :iconstfamous:StFamous 428 95 Sunset by Decadia Sunset :icondecadia:Decadia 1,440 298
Run. Keep running.
Don't look back.
Forget me, forget your home, forget your family.
Because we no longer matter.
What matters now is running.
Past the red fields, the orange sky, the burning suns.
Just keep running.
Don't you dare look back.
Don't even glance.
One look, and you'll regret it.
Past the stars, the worlds, the universe itself.
Years, centuries, millenniums.
You can't stop running.
You won't ever look back. Just in case.
But you feel it, don't you?
The pain, the guilt, the grief.
Because you kept running.
What are you running to?
Lost son of Gallifrey, where are you going?
Do you still feel the fire? The flames licking your back?
Do you still hear the screams? The noise ringing in your ears?
Do you still taste the blood? The blood of your enemies, family, friends?
Don't turn. Don't look back.
Run… Run... I SAID RUN!
:icondangerpro:dangerpro 53 23
irony by berkozturk irony :iconberkozturk:berkozturk 3,637 1,143 '10,000...' by wynter333A '10,000...' :iconwynter333a:wynter333A 232 63 Death by BenHeine Death :iconbenheine:BenHeine 608 37 Wanna B popular... by Evelin-Novemberdusk Wanna B popular... :iconevelin-novemberdusk:Evelin-Novemberdusk 328 168 Ironical locket by BeautySpotCrafts Ironical locket :iconbeautyspotcrafts:BeautySpotCrafts 312 39 the holy trinity by bailey--elizabeth the holy trinity :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 468 142
Norway x Witty!Reader: I Will See You Now...
Stop! o3o
Hi, yeah, so: There's some flashbacks in this story. So if you don't like that; now's the time to leave, if you want to.
You still here? Good. Enjoy~! ^^

"We are all a little weird
and life's a little weird,
and when we find someone whose
weirdness is compatible with ours,
we join up with them and fall in
mutual weirdness and call it Love."
~ Dr. Seuss.
____ had never met someone like him. She had never met a person that she couldn’t win over in an argument. Never had she met someone that could trick her, or outwitt her in any way. She never even thought that there were such a person.
But there he was; smirking his goddamned awful smile that you had came to both hate and love the past few years. How did he manage to do that? How did he make her feel like this? So filled with both hatred, and love…
No. Not love. She didn’t love him. She didn’t even have time to
:iconazumariko:azumariko 138 59
nu? by she-is-weird nu? :iconshe-is-weird:she-is-weird 406 67 Squirrel by WhoAm-Irony Squirrel :iconwhoam-irony:WhoAm-Irony 778 42 John: Be Dave Strider by Kheisa John: Be Dave Strider :iconkheisa:Kheisa 1,613 100
Happy Home
Broken Windows.
Rotted Floors.
painted eyes
that peek through
Look in cracks
of this perfect
and see the mess
you hide
with chrome.
It's Deathly still
in this house of ours.
Put up curtains
to kill the stars
the moon
with plaster walls.
our words
are lost
to empty halls.
Keep it
Keep it
One would think
our world's
but it's a
pull back
the sheet
and you'll find mold
beneath our feet.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 42 5
VOCALOID by Felis-M VOCALOID :iconfelis-m:Felis-M 1,457 238 Sincere Irony - fullviewplz by akirakirai Sincere Irony - fullviewplz :iconakirakirai:akirakirai 1,363 150 EXTREME IRONY by Figuritas EXTREME IRONY :iconfiguritas:Figuritas 922 97
Rhyming in Poems
Why do you all want to rhyme
all the time?
You don't need to do it,
that's perfectly fine.
You think it's so cool
And it leaves poems gleaming,
But it desecrates flow
And can ruin the meaning.
It's so bad to rhythm,
It's like a bad day
You wonder why you're not
Sleeping it away.
You think it's the root
Of your writing's salvation,
But we all will hate you,
All parts of the nation.
You think it sounds nice
But you don't even know
How ruined the sound is
How badly it 'goes'.
So the irony's over,
Your poems can mend,
I'll stop myself here,
Before you meet
Your end.
:iconallvideosown:AllVideosOwn 69 58
Kief by Decadia Kief :icondecadia:Decadia 342 40