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UT Comic: New Arms by AbsoluteDream UT Comic: New Arms :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 2,504 359 Hugo by burdge Hugo :iconburdge:burdge 4,255 572 Steam Horse by Vermin-Star Steam Horse :iconvermin-star:Vermin-Star 2,693 235 Markus Erdt - Annoy-O-Bot by Vaejoun Markus Erdt - Annoy-O-Bot :iconvaejoun:Vaejoun 184 13 Pencil Vs Camera - 60 by BenHeine Pencil Vs Camera - 60 :iconbenheine:BenHeine 4,111 294 Stranded by gas13 Stranded :icongas13:gas13 287 26 The Puffin Crusher by jflaxman The Puffin Crusher :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 244 39 Paintbot by Howi3 Paintbot :iconhowi3:Howi3 2,233 158 Pencil Vs Camera - 20 by BenHeine Pencil Vs Camera - 20 :iconbenheine:BenHeine 1,906 90 Pinkacopter start by DeathPwny Pinkacopter start :icondeathpwny:DeathPwny 345 48 Pencil Vs Camera - 61 by BenHeine Pencil Vs Camera - 61 :iconbenheine:BenHeine 3,360 252 Pinkacopter by DeathPwny Pinkacopter :icondeathpwny:DeathPwny 358 54
The Day I was Never Born
I was rather certain that my parents had forgotten.  
I was finally becoming an adult, legally adult in a world ruled by them and I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. My parents, you see, had always been very protective of me, more so than of any of my friends and it, while it had been a comfort at certain times, it had also been a nuisance as, I suppose, it would be of anyone of that age with such parents. I loved them, of course, but I wanted to fly free, try my own wings and find myself, so to speak.
This wish comes to all those on the threshold of adulthood, or nearing it.
It is a fear, really. Every time we know change is coming, for better or worse, we begin to feel fear. In some, this becomes uncertainty, in others boasting and swaggering. For me, it was neither. Or both. I am not quite sure, but I was certainly looking forward to it.
I remember that week. I was trying to slip hints as to what I desired about my coming of age, about my birthday, as all children
:iconroboticzamat:RoboticZamat 243 165
The Incredible Easter Bunny by RobbVision The Incredible Easter Bunny :iconrobbvision:RobbVision 889 161 Commission - Rin tinkering by HitmanN Commission - Rin tinkering :iconhitmann:HitmanN 1,738 128 The Maker by PollyUranus The Maker :iconpollyuranus:PollyUranus 370 99 Soldier Side by HeliacWolf Soldier Side :iconheliacwolf:HeliacWolf 244 28 The Order 1886 - contest entry by ZedEdge The Order 1886 - contest entry :iconzededge:ZedEdge 202 30 Foaly's Greatest Invention by Megan-Uosiu Foaly's Greatest Invention :iconmegan-uosiu:Megan-Uosiu 847 208 Steampunk Goggles by Crimson-Fatalis Steampunk Goggles :iconcrimson-fatalis:Crimson-Fatalis 281 93 Re-invention by carlosgarijo Re-invention :iconcarlosgarijo:carlosgarijo 391 42
I am exhausted because writing
         Exhausts the spirit
The way tornadoes wear out the wind.
I fall to sleep and my thoughts
         Are a bed of pebbles
Soaking up the rain of sentience.
We welter together
—My thoughts and me—
         We slip away
With the lazy weather.
Then work comes
With grinding wheels
And coughing machines,
To fill dreamstreets with cold humidity,
With soot and oil and leathery boots.
Further down —far past
         The industrial avenues—
The coffee vendors with their poppy bagels,
         A crowd or two,
Seedy strangers with unmovable expressions,
And a few street girls hustling for sugar
—No doubt to fill their little cups.
I flag
A sun-colored cab down
         To the docks
         That face Hoboken.
I stretch
My hand to write the river Hudson.
I am
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 27 31
World Map by Machina-Obscura World Map :iconmachina-obscura:Machina-Obscura 188 0 It's not supposed to do that... by dennyvixen It's not supposed to do that... :icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 618 89 Rube Goldberg coffee machine by dinabelenko Rube Goldberg coffee machine :icondinabelenko:dinabelenko 136 23 Merry and minibot by HEARTZMD Merry and minibot :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 105 17
Other Side of Mirror - movie :iconsonar-ua:sonar-ua 92 44
Humanity by pitch-kee Humanity :iconpitch-kee:pitch-kee 381 52 Prof.Sullivan and SteamyStompy by CBSorgeArtworks Prof.Sullivan and SteamyStompy :iconcbsorgeartworks:CBSorgeArtworks 77 13 Vair's log - Entry 0001 by CorruptKING Vair's log - Entry 0001 :iconcorruptking:CorruptKING 324 145 Kerri's Big Invention by LegendaryFrog Kerri's Big Invention :iconlegendaryfrog:LegendaryFrog 726 318 Tempesta by Rodrigo-Vega Tempesta :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 127 3 Gnomish Farm Bot by MattiasFahlberg Gnomish Farm Bot :iconmattiasfahlberg:MattiasFahlberg 67 14 C r e a t i v e n e s s by MinasTirith C r e a t i v e n e s s :iconminastirith:MinasTirith 143 28
Pnf - Hidden Love Ch 18
Chapter 18 ~ Secretkeeper
Ferb had gotten in pretty late the other night and he was pretty beat after his day with Emily. In fact, he had been so tired that when he went upstairs, He immediately crashed into bed, not wanting to even change into his pajamas. By now, he assumed Phineas would have been long asleep by now, so naturally he paid no attention to his side of the room.
So he was somewhat surprised when he woke up the next morning to find his brother fully away and scribbling away in his sketchpad. At first, the green-haired fifteen year old dismissed it as his one of his usual burst of ideas, until he noticed the piles and piles crumpled up pieces of paper littering his bed and floor as well as overflowing the wastebasket in the corner.
What had worried him though was the fact that there was a coffee maker next to his bed which seemed to pour out a cup every five minutes and would be brought to Phineas by their pet platypus.
"Morning, Ferb! Nice day, aint it?" He had
:iconkeyblademaster113:keyblademaster113 60 73
Irken classes for Tori's fleet by dansdaughter Irken classes for Tori's fleet :icondansdaughter:dansdaughter 144 102 Renaissance by carlosgarijo Renaissance :iconcarlosgarijo:carlosgarijo 564 49 Chindougu by ItaLuv Chindougu :iconitaluv:ItaLuv 642 106 Deep thought - tee by InfinityWave Deep thought - tee :iconinfinitywave:InfinityWave 135 14 Unstable Reactor by 1oshuart Unstable Reactor :icon1oshuart:1oshuart 168 36 Jitters by CalamityChemist Jitters :iconcalamitychemist:CalamityChemist 343 180 COM: Shotgun Fist by JNetRocks COM: Shotgun Fist :iconjnetrocks:JNetRocks 128 18 Pinkacopter unfolding by DeathPwny Pinkacopter unfolding :icondeathpwny:DeathPwny 128 14 The Sun-Brella by CalamityChemist The Sun-Brella :iconcalamitychemist:CalamityChemist 147 133 Freelancers by ErikHolfelderArt Freelancers :iconerikholfelderart:ErikHolfelderArt 434 26 Armor Throne by BasakTinli Armor Throne :iconbasaktinli:BasakTinli 48 11
whole cells swallow boilerplates
 whole cells
     swallow goblins
   chimera swing
       voyagers hang
    gargoyles wing
   cataclysm gr
in the gro      ves
             oo        of the chest
plates sh
      and cleaned
 with abdomen defined
hungry mouths gut                        open ozma
                        nothing liv
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 15 8
Invent Your Own Stuff! by Shadowgirl416 Invent Your Own Stuff! :iconshadowgirl416:Shadowgirl416 100 18