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#326 The Head of an Introvert :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 4,923 360
Everyone's trying
to get out of
the shadow
of their parents-
I'm here trying
to get out of
the shadow
of myself.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 761 270
How to Live with Introverts Guide Printable :iconromanjones:RomanJones 1,875 431 Simple Embrace :icondemachic:Demachic 2,621 155
love letters to introverts
To the boy who prefers spending Friday nights at home:
the world does not understand how beautiful silence sounds
As you crack open that book you've been waiting to read,
  or plug in your computer,
    or listen to music,
or maybe just stare at the night sky from your bedroom window-
(please) remember what everyone else seems to forget;
that being alone does not always equal lonely--
and that sometimes no company is the best company there is. 
To the girl who does not speak up in class: 
I was once you. 
You are not deficient, I promise, despite everyone telling you otherwise. 
You might be the only one who will ever know the universes 
tucked inside your head, 
because they are beautiful secrets you cannot bring yourself to share,
for fear that they might be vandalized. 
When you speak,
:iconsylveda:sylveda 147 86
Shall we ... ? :iconfredyhannover:FredyHannover 474 45
They say I won't live as long,
Because I can't connect.
Maybe they're killing me now,
these feelings I can't dissect.
Maybe it is true,
But I would much rather live a short life,
Than a long one with you.
People tell me I think too much.
It must be relative,
Because it seems obvious to me,
That they don't think enough.
I'll live in solitude,
Or something near it,
Living a happier life,
Than you would see fit.
:iconchronus:Chronus 62 13
welp :iconremarin:Remarin 351 7 Few Friends, Beyond Pens :icondemachic:Demachic 3,526 331 Free Swimmer :iconxetobyte:xetobyte 188 21 The Gap - Page 38 :iconperis-productions:Peris-Productions 273 45 Introversion :iconburdfeet:Burdfeet 479 20 Introversion :iconxetobyte:xetobyte 178 25 Introvert :iconforgottenpantaloons:forgottenpantaloons 633 78 I insulated myself :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 193 4
I didn't notice you were there!
            I got lost in my own world again.
No set of walls will feel like a prison.
            I don't need to leave the house, or my chair, to have fun.
Time spent with family and friends means a lot to me.
            But I don't do it just because.
Reading and writing and my love for these don't make me boring.
            Living in my own mind comes naturally to me, like breathing.
Of course I don't know what to talk about.
            Unless it's deep, meaningful and interesting, I won't say much.
Very good at listening?
            I love learning new things and being there for you.
Escape plan: exits, quiet and an excuse.
            Over-stimulation is the pits!
Real friends are ha
:iconrhiannonoeuvre:RhiannonOeuvre 68 42
Spotless Thoughts in the Sea Glass Hotel. :iconcamiloo:Camiloo 417 57 Il Intro-Vertere :iconxetobyte:xetobyte 229 33
About that Unpopular girl
She becomes the omniscient narrator for the classroom
from the desk in the back of the class [and next to the window]
Her long black hair is combed
Her neatness being revealing how self-conscious she really is
She carries no scent
not of filth or of offensive odor
not of dove bodywash or perfume
not even of the mark of eve
When I capture your fleeting glance
I see the life in your eyes
the millions of explosions
behind your irises that tell me
You are alive.
A tiny glimpse past the corporal--past the dark circles of stress--past all things average about you
but you look away... you say "g-g-gomenasai"
Gomenasai for looking at me
Gomenasai for meeting me
Gomenasai for wanting to be with me
and I young and ignorant will say goodbye [to you and your beauty] and return to my life
I will never hear you again.
:icononeknightsstand:OneKnightsStand 60 58
i am a realist who believes in freedom,
a feminist who reads romance,
an artist with a knack for calculus.
i am a historian who loves folklore,
a girl who cannot cook,
an athlete who dislikes the outdoors.
i am a writer who makes grammatical errors,
an introvert with unshared passions,
a dreamer with my feet on the ground.
and yes,
i am all of these things—
because i am three-dimensional,
and the surface of a lake
doesn't always reveal everything below.
:iconsophiemarin:sophiemarin 50 21
The Process of Becoming a Wallflower
begin to wean yourself off of
                                                               and social stimulation
until the frame of your social structure
becomes akin to
hummingbird bones.
your composure will stretch thin
across your cheeks
and the shadows sleeping
between your gaunt cheekbones
will begin to look like bruises—
rousing piteous looks from
for all the wrong reasons.
allow said
hollow skeleton
to be picked up
                                                               from dusty corners of libraries
by vultures
who claim they knew you.
they will frame
and shape it
into a grotesque arrangement
of silk flowers.
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 49 56
The Introvert
Alone I am weaker, but safe.
:iconja-mes:Ja-mes 34 21
It's Not My Fault I Forgot :iconi3i:I3I 626 64
Of Clowns And Poets
A park bench in a quiet spot. Sunny day. A CLOWN, dressed in a full outfit with pom-pom buttons, giant shoes, enormous ruff, red nose and make-up, sits having a cigarette. He looks unhappy. A POET, dressed in black, approaches him
POET: Hello.
CLOWN: Oh. It's you.
POET: I've got something to say.
CLOWN: Oh no. Please don't.
POET: Why not?
CLOWN: Because I don't want to hear it.
POET: But it might be important.
CLOWN: All right, if it's important.
POET: Ahem. 'I lie beneath the storm, on a bed of rolling sea—'
CLOWN: Whoa! Shut up! Shut UP!
POET: But you said I could –
CLOWN: If it's important!
POET: But it was important!
CLOWN: No, it wasn't.
POET: How do you know? You didn't listen.
CLOWN: If it was that important, you could just say it.
POET: Well I would if you would let me—
CLOWN: No, you didn't say anything. You were reciting.
POET: And?
CLOWN: If it was that important, you would need to say it quickly, right?
POET: Right.
CLOWN: You would want to be sure I understood, righ
:iconwhatdavewrote:WhatDaveWrote 39 29
Introvert :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 1,326 168 Sailor Sit + Kneel 45 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 536 57 beige dress :iconjl-modelstock:jl-modelstock 289 33 Heartsore :iconnataliadrepina:NataliaDrepina 552 22
Things that this introvert...
I wish you knew,
When i'm smiling i often cry inside,
I wish you knew,
The indifference i show is just a way to hide,
I wish you knew,
I help you pack but scream for you to stay,
I wish you knew,
I wanted you every time i pulled away,
I wish you knew,
I lock the door but hope you'll find the key,
I wish you knew,
I hide away but hope that you'll find me,
I wish you knew,
I love the eyes you think i never meet,
I wish you knew,
I stare at you back as you walk off down the street,
I wish you knew,
I long to break this silence, if only i knew how,
I wish you knew,
If i could find the strength i'd let you in right now,
I wish you knew,
I need you every time i push you away,
I wish you knew,
How to read from my mind, these words i'll never say.
:iconxsweetxblasphemyx:xSwEetxBlAsPheMyx 31 16
Goth Glam :iconred--roses:Red--Roses 217 27 I'm Human :iconmisspelledink:misspelledink 238 137
"You've got nice shoelaces."
:icondemachic:Demachic 1,538 583
..I am..
nothing absurd, or obscure,
silent and distant sure,
but never a trace in the blur..
Thriving in depths of the mind
Energized by the comfort
that only silence finds..
Not "shy" or antisocial,
lonesome or woeful..
In tune with my emotions,
I don't lack sociality,
nor live in depravity..
Devotion that never deviates,
an unquestioning Zen state,
that alone I satiate..
Recharging in my quiet place,
to gain strength for the next
...Face to Face...
Truly, there are not words
for just how much that takes..
Some call me strange,
still I pick my battles,
the way some pick their stage..
Life is a journey, not a game
and at the end of the day
we all get there in our own way
...So please...
Don't mistake my absent nature,
for pain, or disdain
...I'm not insane...
Introversion is simply who I am
:iconmisdmeanor:MisDmeanor 29 32
Squall's Acceptance
Growing up I was always so worried
Always wondering about what others thought
I wasn't like the others at all
Opening up has always been a weakness of mine
The warm side of me wasn't connected
For a while I honestly hated that side of me
It was easier being unfriendly and introverted
Life was simpler when I was percieved like that
I've spent most of my life in self-imposed exile
Content to hide behind impenetrable walls
But I guess I wasn't able to keep everything out
As light and warmth have found their way in
It's taken an angel to coax me out of my shell
The seal I put on my emotions has been broken
This time I'm at a crossroad and don't know where to go
Now that I've found it I can't let it slip away
Now I'm overcoming my fears and stepping out
Being attached to someone doesn't sound so bad anymore
The time to be like the lion I admire has come
Even Squalls have to embrace the storm sometimes
:iconazialsilvara:AzialSilvara 23 13
Face :iconoddly-spliced:Oddly-Spliced 160 5
.:How To Make And Keep Friends On DA:.
 Making friends is easy—just start a conversation! Don’t know what to talk about? Ask them what they’re up to, or try to find out what they like. It’s got a whole lot more depth than that (or should) but over time by getting to know each other little by little, you’ll realize you’re friends. I hate hearing about how the teen years are the awkward ugly years you just want to be over. But that’s only true if you allow it to be. If you’re socially awkward, and you have regular internet access, you don’t have to stay awkward. I hate it when people use it as an excuse when they’re online all the time.
 You might think you are a weirdo, freak, geek, or whatever social label you want to slap onto yourself. Well guess what? We all have labels. We can change what we don’t like about ourselves but we can’t change other people. Don’t go into a supposed friendship intending to change s
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 60 117
Come talk to me :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 1,238 176
I'm quite loud, and out there
But only with my friends.
I clam up, the moment I'm
Center of Attention.
I can't speak, or I mumble
My face explodes in deep colors of red.
They're all watching me, waiting
and suddenly words are gone.
When it's all over, I'm embarrassed
Thinking about what I could have said.
Why couldn't I?
I'm afraid.
Afraid that they think I do this on purpose.
That I change my voice to be "cute."
I don't.
I really don't.
It's just how I am, when in front
of others, who are listening to me alone.
I am an
:iconpanicdicedpanda:PanicDicedPanda 26 72
INTJ - ME :iconemn1ty:Emn1ty 64 45
[I dare you to touch her and not get burnt]
i. In winter, I see her seethe under her breath:
flames of condensation flicker as broken words
are exhaled from parted lips,
smouldering slightly with roaring passion
that could scare melt the frost away.  
ii. She won't meet my eyes.
Her expression corrupt by anger,
features concealed by depression's hands;
the cracks between fingers let her light seep through -
onwards and upwards - her gaze goes astray
and I say, let me see you, as you are.
yet she'll still shy away
from her true self (living a lie),
loathing the way she's breathing,
loathing the way she's dying more
with each day that passes by,
[she speaks, sometimes, of fights
that she has been in: scraped
fingernails across her face and fists
forcing unconsciousness to flash in front of her eyes].
iii. Insomnia has its strange ways;
invading her dreams and pretending to be real -
when really she dreams of being conscious
when really - she isn't.
It's cruel to give false hope, she says,
and I
:iconazurenebulae:AzureNebulae 24 23
I am not angry.
I am not sad.
Nothing happened at school.
Or at home.
It's not attitude.
Nor is it a phase.
I just can't deal with talking to you right now, alright?
Or anybody for that matter.
It is going to annoy me.
I will get mad.
At friends.
At family.
And it will be attitude.
If you keep asking me whats wrong.
When I quickly answer I'm fine.
Up in a tree.
Hidden in my closet.
Behind the couch.
Lying on my bed.
Under a bush.
With no one around to ask questions.
Silence Alone.
I can think.
I can day dream.
I can just lay there.
Be amazed by the smallest things.
Or nothing at all.
It's not so strange I don't want to talk.
Constantly about useless nothings.
I am content.
In bliss.
When I am able to just exist.
Without wasting time and words.
You'd be amazed.
In wonder.
At how much more you understand.
What becomes clear.
If you were quiet.
Noticed more about others.
Discovered things about yourself.
Just sat the
:iconokamiofthetsuki:OkamiOfTheTsuki 119 26
This House Is Not A Home II :icondpressedsoul:DpressedSoul 174 68 Loosed and Ripened :iconchicken-yuki:Chicken-Yuki 294 13 i n t r o v e r t :iconutopic-man:utopic-man 191 49
She was caught
In the depths of moonlight
A shadow passing
Just out of his sight
Her face full of Longing
Her eyes like glowing Stars
A mystery to mortal man
A heart of deepened scars
A wish and a hope
A whisper in the dark
Silently she is waiting
For any one remark
She sighs with disappointment
Fading into the black
Many sought to have her heart
But her love would not come back
The essence of a phantom
A haunting whisper she spoke
Her voice echoes his name
But no feeling did she provoke
Moonlight is her name
Wanted by many lovers
Unnoticed by her only love
Never to share with another.
:iconmeowsap:meowsap 19 31
train problems and solutions
Problem one.
You're nowhere near your room.
Problem two.
The girl next to you is incessant in her chatter of 'Oh my god, so like-'.
You quickly drown this out, and fish around the various objects in your purse for your headphones, hoping that you didn't leave them on your desk this morning.
You feel an urge to roll your eyes and sink further into your seat in the corner, forcing enough control on yourself to not slap her silly.
You were cranky.
Problem three.
You're pretty sure that guy in the corner was staring at you a moment ago. To make matters worse, it was through your reflection on the window next to you.
This became horribly apparent when you saw him repeating the motions when you reached the beginning of the tunnel, the sound of your music being drowned out by the noise of the train.
You picture yourself shooing him away, finding the glances all too uncomfortable.
A little creepy too.
Problem four.
There were no other problems, but you were hoping t
:iconentitaria:Entitaria 23 19
Hang College!
They said college would be better than high school.
New friends, new school, better subjects, better life.
When I was young, all I could think of was going to college.
I kept thinking:
"Wow those parties!" and "I'm gonna have so many friends"
Now, I'm left with nothing.
I have no friends at all.
I sit alone in every class, I eat alone at lunch, and nobody talks to me.
There are times where I  go through a day without talking to anyone.
The only people I talk to are my online friends.
I envy my block mates;
They look so happy while I'm stuck in the back of the class writing poems to soothe my sorrow.
I come home to nothing and no one but myself,
Alone, typing away in the darkness.
As if that wasn't enough.
My grades are bad too.
Being a music student, trying to learn all these advance things
While dealing with the everyday sorrow is not easy.
People would often discriminate that fact and say:
"Just get over it" and " No, no! Just do it" and "Stop being such a baby"
I wish they were
:iconmebwrittings:MEBwrittings 16 34
introvert, defeated.
Let's waste the year, my dear
and feel it slip
through the gaps in our memories.
Let us cherish the darkness of the night, my love
and how it hides, crouched
mutters curses under the collapsing sky.
Let us never sleep, my sweet
just let exhaustion tug at our lids,
pull us down into the quicksand
screaming and crying out into the peaceful marshlands.
Let's crush them, my friend,
crawling all over the city streets
we shall crush them all beneath our heels
and turn instead to the sparkling glass windows.
Let us live forever, my nothing
for these people have carved out my eyes
and cut your liver from your body
and we'll lie here, forgotten, forever.
:icon91816119:91816119 22 12