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Islamophobia :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 126 213 Trailer, MLP Thinking with Portals: Breaking In :iconyudhaikeledai:Yudhaikeledai 827 156 Show Your Purple :iconsparklydest:SparklyDest 368 52 - The different one - :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 869 0
On Second Commandment, Jews, and Abstract Art.
There will not be much discussion of abstract art in this volume, although some modern art will be considered.  But as abstract art is very much part of our lives, and certainly a very large part of our museums, I've decided to get it done and over with by beginning this volume with this piece, which considers possible origins of conceptual art.  There have been multiple studies on the subject of course, and perhaps the thesis I am about to propose has been advanced before.  I hear that everything has been advanced before.  But as I am unaware of it, I make bold to introduce it here with appropriate apologies to my possible precursor.  I have no doubt that many a connoisseur will find this thesis objectionable, in which case I should warmly welcome a debate, for although I am far less hopeful than Socrates was of truth prevailing through polemic, I also humbly submit to his far greater and far more ancient wisdom.
Before the likes of Helen Frankenthaller and Yv
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PocketJesus :iconpseudo-manitou:pseudo-manitou 279 102
Have I got a deal for you :-O
What a deal!
Hello everybody! Bob here, and have I got a deal for you! What if I told you there is a religion which gives you unshakeable confidence in your own righteousness? Now you might say, “That sounds too good to be true,” but I’m here to let you know that it IS true! This religion beats all the others hands down.
Just look at how great this religion is:
- Want to hate those who are labelled by a difference of tradition? It’s okay.
- Want to toss logic happily out of the window? It’s okay.
- Want to believe you’re so special that God pointed YOU to the truth but not others? It’s okay.
- Want to threaten adults and little children with the eternal and unquenchable fires of hell? It’s okay.
-  Want to believe that Socrates and Cicero shall perish while wicked, vicious people like me inherit eternal life? It’s okay.
This religion forces others into respecting your right to think in your own terms, but YOU don’t have to res
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Marie de France on God :iconfiskefyren:fiskefyren 185 298 Tolerance, Respect, and Courtesy :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 37 9
Fighting Intolerance
My fellow Americans — and Swiss, and Provolone, and even that fellow over there from Tibet:
No more shall we, as the saying goes, stand alone! It is time to let our pressers — I mean, oppressors — know that their rancid regime is about to rind down — excuse me, wind down.
For far too long, we cheeses have been treated as second-class foods. Grains and meats garner all the glory, while we languish half-forgotten in the endmost dairy case. It's no surprise that many of us suffer from low self-esteem! And occasionally, heartburn.
Some people will actually go out of their way to avoid us! What have we done to earn such scorn? We are certainly not ashamed of our history and our heritage as curdled milk. Perhaps there is a subtler, more sinister reason?
(By the way, who let in the representative from Limburg? Somebody, please, open a window!)
Well, no more shall we allow them to string us along; we demand our own thick slice on the pantheon of foods! We are
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Je Suis Charlie! :iconsecret-hookers:Secret-Hookers 246 19 This is why Molly should have her job :iconbronybyexception:bronybyexception 793 416 The Cowardice of the Left :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 130 127 we want anarchy not chaos :iconswoboda:Swoboda 136 59 Baptism :iconirenelangholm:IreneLangholm 160 147 The World is a Barbie Factory :iconlil-miss-strange:Lil-Miss-Strange 147 75 Unnatural??? :iconmattkemis:Mattkemis 158 186
There is a fever
That can not be contained;
It infects, 
Embeds like insect saliva
And cooks in poison our brains. 
And when many brains boil as one, fear
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 17 2
The Grand Finale
The hour at hand at when the bell tolls,
The cry of a land digging countless holes.
Nothing short of going through the motions.
A long shot in the pointless devotions.
God forbid that something goes well,
To seek some light in this blackened Hell
Watch and witness the lack of vigilance,
Begin to weep at impact of first glance.
The double take does you little good,
Yet nothing yet seems to be understood.
The hour at hand at when the bell tolls,
The cry of a land digging countless holes.
A coffin arrives, sealed over with rusted nails,
Awaiting that final one when all else fails.
:icongrubbswriting:GrubbsWriting 16 5
Atheism, what it REALLY is
Whenever I'm having arguments with theists, or when I'm looking up what people think the word ''Atheist'' actually means, I notice how misinformed people actually are about us. I'm not only talking about the religious fanatics, but also about the casual theists, and even many people who don't want to admit that they are technically Atheists. This article is meant to combat the stereotypes related to Atheism.
Let's start with the definition of Atheism. An Atheist is (
1. Negative Atheism: Someone who doesn't have believe in any kind of god (either he/she has never heard of God,  doesn't take a stand regarding the existence of god, or simply believes that God's existence is unlikely, without believing that the statement ''There's at least one god'' must be false). In this case, Atheism is simply LACK of theism. This means that most agnostics are also Atheists, even though they don't like to admit it.
2. Positive
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Mere Tolerance Isn't Enough :iconcookies-n-scream:Cookies-n-Scream 107 107 Gamer tolerance stamp :iconbluedragonkaiser:BlueDragonKaiser 268 258 The Silence of Our Friends :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 65 14
Ridiculous Homophobia
Earlier this year, after I came out as biaffectionate, a few of my friends started asking why there was such a fuss over same-sex marriage and adoption, or even army enlistment for sexual minorities. They wondered why our school suddenly needed a gay-straight alliance so badly; there had been no record of prejudiced discrimination in the past. They asked me why there was such pressure from equal-rights lobbyists to include sexuality in the legislations regarding hate crimes. What they wanted to know most of all, then, was why the ‘rainbow community’ had to have the same kind of legal and social protections in place that the African-American populace had to fight so vigorously for during their own Civil Rights Movement.
The answer was astonishingly simple, and yet it was that very simplicity that drove the pounding madness into my heart all the harder: the LGBT community required such measures because its people were stopped short of telling the rest of the world who they were
:iconshujy:Shujy 16 22
Hey, are you listening?
I'm never sure, because you rarely seem to answer anymore.
Do you believe what they say?
That hell is home for me, because I'm gay?
I can think of several other reasons why.
If You made me perfect,
like they told me every day in catholic school,
then why would you order a hard and fast rule,
about who should be loved by who?
God, I've been a good girl, gone to church every week,
but still I feel so low, I can hardly keep,
my head up anymore.
I have lots of friends, tons of support,
and plenty of places to be,
but that's not enough for me,
I'm too stubborn and too tough, to ask for help.
I can't do it anymore,
God, that's why I'm sitting here with empty bottles on the floor,
I could really use someone right now.
God, what if I die right now? What if nobody shows up before these things take effect?
What if my mum comes in here and finds me seemingly asleep,
sees the bottles and realizes it's something more?
Who would clean it up?
Would you leave my parents to
:iconrewy400:rewy400 14 12
In Salem Town a voice was heard
that shook this stool 'neath heaven’s feet.
'Twas Granvill's words that rang hell’s bell
and gather'd ev'ry hated bird-
such clanging sound a grim death knell.
The holy men who stood replete
the ones who sat on judgment’s seat
and pray'd to God for wisdom 'bove
held in themselves no brother love.
"What strange and eerie things do tell-
hast Satan left unholy hell
to visit dark upon this place
to cast his spell on ev'ry face
to haunt then leave without a trace?"
The battle soon became engag’d
religious hearts were fill’d with rage
as weary souls who’d felt the wrath
now pray'd to God to help them through-
yea, had they left the holy path
was now the question ask'd anew.
‘Twas sixteen hundred ninety-two
when fear and trepidation pour’d
throughout this small community
and seiz'd the hearts of all who knew
no earthly cause could this thing be.
Each child afflict'd to her core
first two, then spreading on to mor
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Milk Farts :iconfartprincesssamantha:FartPrincessSamantha 72 116 Germany's Nazi Paradox :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 45 84 Silence :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 73 17
With Wolves as Shepherds
Ill nevermore, the dead or dying wastelands,
Unsure because of the constant winds.
All too different, all too alike the religions.
All too pointless, all too meaningful the tensions.
The civil ferocity of the self-proclaimed diplomacy,
Beats to a pulp, the face of democracy.
Ill nevermore, the undead carcass of logic crawling back to the folded arms of reason,
To each our own, the sugar coated denial of each and every season.
God revive this, that, these morals once found relevant,
To a history now seen a fairytale, ever halting development.
They seek to deeply reroute the roots of history, shooting point blank, the very sources of hope.
Where behind the scenes, do corruption and idiocy elope.
The cattle, take little notice, without a word.
That wolves have taken the form of shepherds
Philosophy hangs from a rope, carved from hair and thread.
Ill nevermore, we the walking undead.
:icongrubbswriting:GrubbsWriting 12 11
Holy Wars :icongyaban:gyaban 69 14
Loop through and through the cycle that binds the existence of jackals,
of those parasitic fiends. Use what eyes are possessed to witness
why here and now they live and breathe,
sharing the air of our labored lungs.
Strength is the cloak worn by them accompanied by masks
of any required attribute. My only gift in preaching
against them is the acknowledgment of
their endless ability of adaptation.
When boiled down to the reeking sulfuric husks,
those possessed eyes will see the talons clinging
for life to brimstone. Boil them with the fires
they were born in! Reduce them to scale and unholy bone!
Do you not see? Past the smoke of smoldering kingdoms
and legions of fallen souls, where power is obsolete,
dwell fields of growth and harvest,
where the old grows the new, the machine simply never dies.
Have you only two cheeks to turn against your fellow man
before by standing becomes the act of disgraceful cowards?!
Have you not the mind and temple to
combat the wake and pulse of Evil?!
:icongrubbswriting:GrubbsWriting 13 1
Intolerance :iconjackcomstock:jackcomstock 120 77
Spit or Swallow?
Caught in affairs and matters
with blood and ink on your hands not of your own.
Careless at any cost, as the jack of lying trades,
gutting your kin with smile and song.
Not so fresh along the road to Hell where the faces
of its inhabitants are just familiar colleagues.
You take such pride in the actions that you deny being done in the dark...
Spinning bottles in your power aroused circles as the gains and losses of your Russian roulette carry on.
Swallow your pride and choke...rather than swap it out by force
into the throats of your victims...
The appalling anatomy of such a lively arrogance
is the ignorance that courses through its filthy veins...
and the hypocrisy through your clogging arteries.
Bitter am I, the people of your oath and power.
The victim of your manipulating agenda. With time will I rise over you,
my shadow will be the fear in your faded eyes,
and my voice will resonate through your very system and core.
You will quake and wither from within and I will consume you wi
:icongrubbswriting:GrubbsWriting 11 6
J E S U S | C H R I S T :icondavid-dennis:David-Dennis 302 43
My hair is falling out and you can find it everywhere: the drains, the couches, between my fingers, the fridge, underneath breakfast-questing feet, and you gather it up in your hands and ask me to stop shedding, like these follicles are jackets I choose to wear when I am too warm, because you remember I like self-destruction and watching things come out of my body like running feet; but they are like hailstorms, and I’ve only a 5 foot 6 inch bin to cram them in (I wonder if I’ve grown… I’ve stopped measuring myself because every time I only think of caskets, and “will the ground be big enough - small enough - to fit me?”)
I am not worried, so you follow suit, but it is because these root-showing strands look as inauthentic as my face when I tell you the words “It’s nothing, I’m fine.”
(I do not want to risk you gathering me up to ask me to stop shedding)
:iconnullibicity:Nullibicity 10 10
Listen 21 :iconbenke33:benke33 124 31 support diversity :iconsadlilelf:SadLilElf 72 10 The Paradox of Tolerance :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 33 23 2150 AD: Superstates in a nutshell :icongeneralhelghast:GeneralHelghast 34 37 David Stevens on religion :iconfiskefyren:fiskefyren 39 1
A Sermon Concerning Homophobia
And Amen My Brothers and My Sisters, This I Say To You...
No hate nor resentment shall be found here, for I trust in the Lord our God and our Father through Whom all are united as one spirit in a bond stronger then that of mere flesh that will crumble and blood that will someday run dry, and know that as His Children we are called to forgive those who have made grievance against us and instead of returning the hate for hate give back nothing but love and compassion. And it is because of this that I say to you my wayward brothers and sisters that though you stray from the path of God's Love and condemn that which you do not understand that I forgive you. And I pray for you to God who is both your Father and my own, not for His devine forgiveness, for He too loves you and has forgiven all that you may transgress against Him, but I pray for you that He may help open your eyes and your hearts to accept the Love-pure and simple-that comes from him, as all love does and must, for He is all t
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Shifty Borders (Master Q Parody) :iconmeiyeezhu:meiyeezhu 77 64 God's Annotations part 2 :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 40 54
A rant on Intolerance
I logged into my account today and I saw this 'lovely' deviation that said "Homosexuality is unnatural" with the word 'unnatural' flashing in a deep red. Now I'm all for people expressing their opinions, but really? Really people? And the person even had a 'scientific' explanation as to why homosexuality is unnatural. So, me being me, I left a well worded comment that wasn't nasty at all and simply stated a few facts to prove that it isn't 'unnatural'. Saying that it is would be saying that fire isn't hot because there are a lot of animals that do have same-sex relationships. Hell, there's even an entire species of lizard that is almost entirely female! They reproduce with each other, no male needed. So, therefore, it is safe to assume that homosexuality is, in fact, natural.
All I have to say is this: Why are people so fucking intolerant? It's only in recent history that intolerance for homosexuality started to show up! In the Roman Empire and in Sparta, they encouraged homosexuality.
:iconfoxxilov:foxxilov 10 45
Free Speech for Fascists :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 27 14 Toonman Villain: Cheeseman :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 32 70 Religious Double Standard :iconfiskefyren:fiskefyren 33 44 Lord of Illusion :icononyx-philomel:Onyx-Philomel 68 85 i'm kind of in denial about my lactose intolerance :iconstarsweep:starsweep 100 61