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Islamophobia by AmericanDreaming Islamophobia :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 131 223 - The different one - by ValentinaKallias - The different one - :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 865 0
On Second Commandment, Jews, and Abstract Art.
There will not be much discussion of abstract art in this volume, although some modern art will be considered.  But as abstract art is very much part of our lives, and certainly a very large part of our museums, I've decided to get it done and over with by beginning this volume with this piece, which considers possible origins of conceptual art.  There have been multiple studies on the subject of course, and perhaps the thesis I am about to propose has been advanced before.  I hear that everything has been advanced before.  But as I am unaware of it, I make bold to introduce it here with appropriate apologies to my possible precursor.  I have no doubt that many a connoisseur will find this thesis objectionable, in which case I should warmly welcome a debate, for although I am far less hopeful than Socrates was of truth prevailing through polemic, I also humbly submit to his far greater and far more ancient wisdom.
Before the likes of Helen Frankenthaller and Yv
:iconartravesty:Artravesty 97 60
Trailer, MLP Thinking with Portals: Breaking In by Yudhaikeledai Trailer, MLP Thinking with Portals: Breaking In :iconyudhaikeledai:Yudhaikeledai 822 156 Je Suis Charlie! by Secret-Hookers Je Suis Charlie! :iconsecret-hookers:Secret-Hookers 244 19 The Cowardice of the Left by AmericanDreaming The Cowardice of the Left :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 138 128 Marie de France on God by fiskefyren Marie de France on God :iconfiskefyren:fiskefyren 184 298 Baptism by IreneLangholm Baptism :iconirenelangholm:IreneLangholm 161 147
Have I got a deal for you :-O
What a deal!
Hello everybody! Bob here, and have I got a deal for you! What if I told you there is a religion which gives you unshakeable confidence in your own righteousness? Now you might say, “That sounds too good to be true,” but I’m here to let you know that it IS true! This religion beats all the others hands down.
Just look at how great this religion is:
- Want to hate those who are labelled by a difference of tradition? It’s okay.
- Want to toss logic happily out of the window? It’s okay.
- Want to believe you’re so special that God pointed YOU to the truth but not others? It’s okay.
- Want to threaten adults and little children with the eternal and unquenchable fires of hell? It’s okay.
-  Want to believe that Socrates and Cicero shall perish while wicked, vicious people like me inherit eternal life? It’s okay.
This religion forces others into respecting your right to think in your own terms, but YOU don’t have to res
:icontheboredintellectual:TheBoredIntellectual 39 149
Fighting Intolerance
My fellow Americans — and Swiss, and Provolone, and even that fellow over there from Tibet:
No more shall we, as the saying goes, stand alone! It is time to let our pressers — I mean, oppressors — know that their rancid regime is about to rind down — excuse me, wind down.
For far too long, we cheeses have been treated as second-class foods. Grains and meats garner all the glory, while we languish half-forgotten in the endmost dairy case. It's no surprise that many of us suffer from low self-esteem! And occasionally, heartburn.
Some people will actually go out of their way to avoid us! What have we done to earn such scorn? We are certainly not ashamed of our history and our heritage as curdled milk. Perhaps there is a subtler, more sinister reason?
(By the way, who let in the representative from Limburg? Somebody, please, open a window!)
Well, no more shall we allow them to string us along; we demand our own thick slice on the pantheon of foods! We are
:iconhavetales-willtell:HaveTales-WillTell 28 80
Tolerance, Respect, and Courtesy by AmericanDreaming Tolerance, Respect, and Courtesy :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 39 9 Intolerance by jackcomstock Intolerance :iconjackcomstock:jackcomstock 121 77 This is why Molly should have her job by bronybyexception This is why Molly should have her job :iconbronybyexception:bronybyexception 792 416 PocketJesus by pseudo-manitou PocketJesus :iconpseudo-manitou:pseudo-manitou 278 102 The Silence of Our Friends by AmericanDreaming The Silence of Our Friends :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 90 20 we want anarchy not chaos by Swoboda we want anarchy not chaos :iconswoboda:Swoboda 137 59
My eyes have found the bottle,
Half full with a proclaimed solution. Consumption is my body's only need...withdrawal, it's demons kept at bay only by repetitive submission...
The bottle stares back with lifeless, nonexistent eyes...a thousand yard stare only to find me in my own mind, staring at a broken mirror at choices of mere potential...a clap of thunder snaps me from hypnosis.
A sweat grows from the soil of my pours, as my ears pick up the screaming demons drawing closer by the second...insanity is the flare that they so love to follow to my place of solitary self torture.
Closing my eyes only grants those demons the images they were made into, and sleep merely makes them physical unto my subconscious realities...where anything is possible....
Bewitched, all that breathe, breathe to hunt me...paranoia sets in before my vigilance can tell me...I lose track of my location, and the time becomes irrelevant to my struggle and war.
Perhaps blending would serve me? Like a slave for hire
:icongrubbswriting:GrubbsWriting 17 8
Atheism, what it REALLY is
Whenever I'm having arguments with theists, or when I'm looking up what people think the word ''Atheist'' actually means, I notice how misinformed people actually are about us. I'm not only talking about the religious fanatics, but also about the casual theists, and even many people who don't want to admit that they are technically Atheists. This article is meant to combat the stereotypes related to Atheism.
Let's start with the definition of Atheism. An Atheist is (
1. Negative Atheism: Someone who doesn't have believe in any kind of god (either he/she has never heard of God,  doesn't take a stand regarding the existence of god, or simply believes that God's existence is unlikely, without believing that the statement ''There's at least one god'' must be false). In this case, Atheism is simply LACK of theism. This means that most agnostics are also Atheists, even though they don't like to admit it.
2. Positive
:iconresponsibleatheist:ResponsibleAtheist 17 31
There is a fever
That can not be contained;
It infects, 
Embeds like insect saliva
And cooks in poison our brains. 
And when many brains boil as one, fear
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 17 2
Mere Tolerance Isn't Enough by Cookies-n-Scream Mere Tolerance Isn't Enough :iconcookies-n-scream:Cookies-n-Scream 108 108 Gamer tolerance stamp by BlueDragonKaiser Gamer tolerance stamp :iconbluedragonkaiser:BlueDragonKaiser 274 260 Show Your Purple by SparklyDest Show Your Purple :iconsparklydest:SparklyDest 368 52 Silence by AmericanDreaming Silence :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 73 17
Loop through and through the cycle that binds the existence of jackals,
of those parasitic fiends. Use what eyes are possessed to witness
why here and now they live and breathe,
sharing the air of our labored lungs.
Strength is the cloak worn by them accompanied by masks
of any required attribute. My only gift in preaching
against them is the acknowledgment of
their endless ability of adaptation.
When boiled down to the reeking sulfuric husks,
those possessed eyes will see the talons clinging
for life to brimstone. Boil them with the fires
they were born in! Reduce them to scale and unholy bone!
Do you not see? Past the smoke of smoldering kingdoms
and legions of fallen souls, where power is obsolete,
dwell fields of growth and harvest,
where the old grows the new, the machine simply never dies.
Have you only two cheeks to turn against your fellow man
before by standing becomes the act of disgraceful cowards?!
Have you not the mind and temple to
combat the wake and pulse of Evil?!
:icongrubbswriting:GrubbsWriting 13 1
Unnatural??? by Mattkemis Unnatural??? :iconmattkemis:Mattkemis 155 186 On Ideological Purity by AmericanDreaming On Ideological Purity :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 43 53 The World is a Barbie Factory by Lil-Miss-Strange The World is a Barbie Factory :iconlil-miss-strange:Lil-Miss-Strange 147 77 support diversity by SadLilElf support diversity :iconsadlilelf:SadLilElf 72 10 Holy Wars by gyaban Holy Wars :icongyaban:gyaban 72 14 God's Annotations part 2 by AmericanDreaming God's Annotations part 2 :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 40 54 The Paradox of Tolerance by AmericanDreaming The Paradox of Tolerance :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 35 23 J E S U S | C H R I S T by David-Dennis J E S U S | C H R I S T :icondavid-dennis:David-Dennis 302 43 American Art by Diana-Huang American Art :icondiana-huang:Diana-Huang 13 13
My hair is falling out and you can find it everywhere: the drains, the couches, between my fingers, the fridge, underneath breakfast-questing feet, and you gather it up in your hands and ask me to stop shedding, like these follicles are jackets I choose to wear when I am too warm, because you remember I like self-destruction and watching things come out of my body like running feet; but they are like hailstorms, and I’ve only a 5 foot 6 inch bin to cram them in (I wonder if I’ve grown… I’ve stopped measuring myself because every time I only think of caskets, and “will the ground be big enough - small enough - to fit me?”)
I am not worried, so you follow suit, but it is because these root-showing strands look as inauthentic as my face when I tell you the words “It’s nothing, I’m fine.”
(I do not want to risk you gathering me up to ask me to stop shedding)
:iconnullibicity:Nullibicity 10 10
Intolerance by SympleArts Intolerance :iconsymplearts:SympleArts 33 12 Social Issue Poster-Gay Rights by punkprincess66 Social Issue Poster-Gay Rights :iconpunkprincess66:punkprincess66 32 24
Leelah Alcorn
Why not accept your daughter?
Why taking her to a therapist?
Making her hate herself
Making her to shame herself
More and more isolated
Did she become
No support from you at all
Not even a single sign of love
And then….
Even after her suicide
You are not able to see
Keep desecrating her memory
By calling her a HE
I wish wherever Leelah is
That her dream will fulfill
Fix Society. Please.
:iconcrazymai:CrazyMai 9 10
Germany's Nazi Paradox by AmericanDreaming Germany's Nazi Paradox :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 49 94 The age of Intolerance .. by PakinamElBanna The age of Intolerance .. :iconpakinamelbanna:PakinamElBanna 100 30 Milk Farts by FartPrincessSamantha Milk Farts :iconfartprincesssamantha:FartPrincessSamantha 75 116 David Stevens on religion by fiskefyren David Stevens on religion :iconfiskefyren:fiskefyren 39 1 Listen 21 by benke33 Listen 21 :iconbenke33:benke33 125 33 Now to prepare for the hornet swarm... by SweetlyCanada Now to prepare for the hornet swarm... :iconsweetlycanada:SweetlyCanada 225 208 pseudo-manitou-a by pseudo-manitou pseudo-manitou-a :iconpseudo-manitou:pseudo-manitou 40 23 2150 AD: Superstates in a nutshell by GeneralHelghast 2150 AD: Superstates in a nutshell :icongeneralhelghast:GeneralHelghast 34 38
Where Have the Goddesses Gone
                                 Where Have the Goddesses Gone
                      Hello there, sacred queen to whom men once did pray
               the kind and merciful divinity who long since gave us form and life
            the victim of cruel mortals and a jealous god, who stole your temples and
              banished your face from the hearts and minds of the children of heaven
:icondrekeagan:Drekeagan 8 13
Lord of Illusion by Onyx-Philomel Lord of Illusion :icononyx-philomel:Onyx-Philomel 66 85 Desmotivacional: Social Justice Warriors by MarioStrikerMurphy Desmotivacional: Social Justice Warriors :iconmariostrikermurphy:MarioStrikerMurphy 26 22