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Inquisition by JPShieux Inquisition :iconjpshieux:JPShieux 2,708 234 Repent! by Hokunin Repent! :iconhokunin:Hokunin 354 36
Playing the Innocent (a tickle story)
Please Note: This is my first story on dA, and it also contains tickling and bondage so if you don't like that sort of thing, please don't read it. Thank you!
Playing the Innocent
Her muffled, melodic laughter could just be heard as I stepped through the doorway.
Before me I saw a gorgeous blonde lying on the bed at the far end of the room, thrashing her head, pulling at her wrist restraints at the headboard and trying to kick her legs to break free of her ankle restraints.
I saw my colleague, Jamie, tickling her upper body quite frantically, and I saw him flitting his fingers around the girl's belly button, then he glided up her stomach and then he parted his hands to tickle both of her sides, and she was writhing ferociously.
I smiled and walked towards her, and she briefly turned her head as she heard my footsteps on the cold, concrete floor, but she quickly turned away again to resume her struggle.
I walked over to her bedside by her head and l
:icontaintedtickle:TaintedTickle 111 50
SAU Vampire Hunters by wraithdt SAU Vampire Hunters :iconwraithdt:wraithdt 568 13 Interrogation by mysticalpha Interrogation :iconmysticalpha:mysticalpha 1,527 283
Violet Stuffing Story (Request)
“Hello, Violet.”
Violet looked up from the cold, metal table in front of her and stared at the man who had just entered the room. He was wearing a long, white coat that he had fastened and so any clothes that he may have been wearing were out of sight. He was 5’11 and judging by how healthy he looked, weighed around 150lbs. His dark hair suited his pale green eyes and he fluttered them unintentionally at Violet. His skin was tanned which was strange considering it was winter. Maybe it was just his face; the rest of his skin was covered by his coat and his hands were behind his back. It could also be the gloomy room that they were both situated in that made his skin appear to be a different colour than it was. They locked eyes, and the pale green shone into Violet’s own dark violet-blue eyes and made her feel instantly relaxed and calm. She gave a nervous smile, and he returned it, allowing her to see his gleaming white teeth.
Instead of sitting on the chair oppo
:iconfeederfetish:FeederFetish 66 8
Project Blue Light by Ruffu Project Blue Light :iconruffu:Ruffu 424 25 Negotiations by Canis-ferox Negotiations :iconcanis-ferox:Canis-ferox 731 93 Interrogate: Twilight Sparkle by FoxInShadow Interrogate: Twilight Sparkle :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 1,177 66 Every Victim -Redux- by Xerces Every Victim -Redux- :iconxerces:Xerces 780 161 Missing in action by sa-woo Missing in action :iconsa-woo:sa-woo 119 27 May's Answer to the Ticklish Question [HD/1080p] by mysterio0 May's Answer to the Ticklish Question [HD/1080p] :iconmysterio0:mysterio0 528 13 Not Where She Died by dasTotenkopf Not Where She Died :icondastotenkopf:dasTotenkopf 579 175 Wait by elanesse-v Wait :iconelanesse-v:elanesse-v 444 279 Sensitivity Test by wtfeather Sensitivity Test :iconwtfeather:wtfeather 1,400 122 The Fetish Awakens by Bigfootfantasies The Fetish Awakens :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 888 31 Tracer Overwatch by Bigfootfantasies Tracer Overwatch :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 808 27 Gwens Continued Interrogation by Caroos-Dungeon Gwens Continued Interrogation :iconcaroos-dungeon:Caroos-Dungeon 1,094 64 [COM] Interrogation by Snow-chanDA [COM] Interrogation :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 810 82 what does tickle more?? by AlienShade what does tickle more?? :iconalienshade:AlienShade 724 4 [Commish] Hestia_Bell by wtfeather [Commish] Hestia_Bell :iconwtfeather:wtfeather 1,014 71
Hogwarts TK: Interrogation
Harry Potter TK: Interrogation
Hermione and the rest of the acknowledged “DA girls” quickly awoke to find themselves trapped in stock-like contraptions with their hands tied behind their backs and as Hermione made efforts to turn around she soon realized that only a select few of the girls from the DA (Cho Chang, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood) were trapped within these devices and she could imagine why, as the others began to stir she tried to whisper to Cho Chang ,who was opposite her but before she could she was loudly interrupted by Professor Umbridge.
“Hello, my naughty students. I believe there is something about your activities you wish to share with me” she announced loudly with a toad-like grin on her face.
Ginny was the first to respond, whipping her crimson hair up as she looked Umbridge in the eye “Where are the others? What did you do with them?” She demanded.
“Oh don’t you worry my dear, the only reason you four are here is th
:icononeortheother:oneortheother 186 73
[Commish] Misty_Flora [1/2] by wtfeather [Commish] Misty_Flora [1/2] :iconwtfeather:wtfeather 1,020 77 Penny's Interrogation by Caroos-Dungeon Penny's Interrogation :iconcaroos-dungeon:Caroos-Dungeon 818 55 Gwen and Pennys Predicament by Caroos-Dungeon Gwen and Pennys Predicament :iconcaroos-dungeon:Caroos-Dungeon 976 83 Waiting to be interrogated! by Kidetic Waiting to be interrogated! :iconkidetic:Kidetic 891 40 Kingdom DIDs by erikson1 Kingdom DIDs :iconerikson1:erikson1 1,019 140 Raven's Daddy Issues by Fire-Fox-America Raven's Daddy Issues :iconfire-fox-america:Fire-Fox-America 548 51 The Neon Tickle Interrogation by TheHunter1338 The Neon Tickle Interrogation :iconthehunter1338:TheHunter1338 509 25 Naruto-The strangest exam, image by DivJustice Naruto-The strangest exam, image :icondivjustice:DivJustice 643 48
Interrogated-The Resistance
A story based on nothing in particular, besides my over active imagination--Hope you enjoy
How long could you endure before you crack?
A loud clattering sound rung, one that woke Hunter rather suddenly.  He came to slowly, shaking his head; he turned sideways, only to find that he could barely move, or see for that matter.  He was blindfolded, and his eyes were paved in blackness for the moment.  He tugged at his hands but they to were bound, tied together in over-arm fashion, with his head sandwiched between his arms.  He was well secured to a sturdy metal chair.  
It was then that Hunter realized his predicament, and his worst fear had come true—he’d finally been captured by his enemies.
The year was 2080, and the world had collapsed on itself; a war had ensued splitting things down the middle.  2 opposing forces remained, T
:iconcreative779:Creative779 37 13
The Girl With Ticklish Feet by Bigfootfantasies The Girl With Ticklish Feet :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 291 19 Alias The Claws Come Out by Bigfootfantasies Alias The Claws Come Out :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 277 12 Marina Bound ... For Trouble by PsylisiaDragoon Marina Bound ... For Trouble :iconpsylisiadragoon:PsylisiaDragoon 280 33 Peggy Carter  by Red2870 Peggy Carter :iconred2870:Red2870 176 28 Dragonite Interrogation by dlpeattie Dragonite Interrogation :icondlpeattie:dlpeattie 284 72 Interrogation procedures by DivJustice Interrogation procedures :icondivjustice:DivJustice 624 72 Scoobie Doo Barrel of Laughs by Bigfootfantasies Scoobie Doo Barrel of Laughs :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 312 14 Bat Butt V2 by Bigfootfantasies Bat Butt V2 :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 356 14 A Lesson in Interrogation! by Foot-paws A Lesson in Interrogation! :iconfoot-paws:Foot-paws 329 73 Commission: Feathers Break Tough Guys by benj24 Commission: Feathers Break Tough Guys :iconbenj24:benj24 211 48 Lara Croft Awaiting Torture by Bigfootfantasies Lara Croft Awaiting Torture :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 494 28
Tickled Behind Enemy Lines
Beth Miller was a young member of the US Air Force. She had only been in the military a little over a year but she loved every second of it. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and always smiled, in her mind of course! Beth always kept her cool on the outside. Additionally, she was always quite a loner even with her beauty. She only had one or two boyfriends and a small group of friends who she wasn't very close too, most of them she met in basic training. Beth was always afraid that other people would slow her down or get her into trouble.
Beth was called to the briefing room to discuss a new mission. A mission she would go on alone. She was very excited as she had always wanted to go on a lone mission. She skipped happily right into the briefing room where she greeted her lieutenant.
"Senior Airman Miller, please take a seat." Said Beth's lieutenant.
Beth saluted him and said, "Yes Sir!"
"We don't have much time so let's get right to it. For the past couple months, we have been investigat
:icongamernerd323:Gamernerd323 33 8
Expendables by Bigfootfantasies Expendables :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 202 17 Buffy And Willow by Bigfootfantasies Buffy And Willow :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 228 14 DS9 Dax Captured by Bigfootfantasies DS9 Dax Captured :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 202 8 9 Kristen Bell by Bigfootfantasies 9 Kristen Bell :iconbigfootfantasies:Bigfootfantasies 275 9 Hostile Takeover by Redscript77 Hostile Takeover :iconredscript77:Redscript77 234 23