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Start Of A Journey [Spark x Reader]
[Name] glared at the trio of males in front of her, holding her precious Bulbasaur tightly against her chest. She and her Pokemon, her first and most cherished, had been out to find more Pokemon and hatch some eggs when these three had jumped out at her.
“Hey, look, another loser with their Pokemon!” one had sneered, picking up a handful of rocks and chucking them at her Bulbasaur, sending the poor creature dashing behind her legs to gain some type of cover.
“Look at it run!”
“What a loser!”
[Name] had then turned around and scooped her Bulbasaur up, leading to where she was now. She wasn't sure if these guys had Pokemon of their own, but she didn't want to risk it.
“J-just leave us alone! What is wrong with you?” she cried out, blinking her [color] eyes in surprise when one of the guys walked over to her.
She was not able to react in time and was promptly pushed to the ground. She winced when she felt her tail bone hit the concrete benea
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Instinct by Kezrek Instinct :iconkezrek:Kezrek 1,021 129 sith killer instinct by CrimsonBrainstorm sith killer instinct :iconcrimsonbrainstorm:CrimsonBrainstorm 630 44 Protective by NaBHaN Protective :iconnabhan:NaBHaN 2,571 103 Go Team Badges by SilverSlinger Go Team Badges :iconsilverslinger:SilverSlinger 868 42 Yin Yang by Arcane-Rhapsody Yin Yang :iconarcane-rhapsody:Arcane-Rhapsody 1,026 267
Frantically he scrambles away from the dark
Eager to be free of his waking nightmare
Acting only upon the instinct within him;
Reminded constantly that he is prey
For some time he hides in the pervasive shadows—
Earnestly praying that he will not be discovered
A single sound is all it takes to jar him;
Running from a creature that he can barely see
From head to toe it is certainly monstrous
Enshrouded in an aura of absolute repugnance
As the acid drips from its cruel jaws,
Rapidly dissolving the ground below
Fearful, he cowers, beneath boxes and cardboard,
Escaping away into a tiny corner of his mind
Alone with only his anxiety for company—
Resting for what might be his very last
From birth, Ever-present, Always Remembered
such is the nature of FEAR…
Writing poetry again Doctor Cecil? That's good!
You'll need a hobby to be working in an environment like this…

-Chen Yuan Wen, 9th October 2012
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Survival Instinct - Luxray TF
It had been several hours since Peter last saw an outpost in the savanna, something that worried him as he noticed his bicycle chain beginning to come loose from the gears. If it broke off, it'd be a long walk back with no one but the local Pokémon to keep him company.
"Come on...I can make it..." He said to himself, peddling carefully, trying not to knock the chain loose as he continued cycling down the dusty desert pathway.
He took his eyes off of the path for a brief moment to make sure the chain was still there, and in that moment, he failed to notice a ditch in the path, obscured by the dust. With a cry of alarm, he tumbled to the ground, his bike hitting the dirt hard. Hard enough, to his dismay, to snap the worn chain on impact.
"GAH!" He cried out as he landed face first on the pathway, his bike falling beside him. He pushed himself back up from the floor, looking over himself. It was a bit of a nasty tumble as he saw, a few gashes along his arms and face, and from the loo
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