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2p!AmericaxInnocent!Reader Innocence
Two 2p!America series?! What madness is this?!
Reader-chan is allergic to sulphite in this story. Link for more information down below!
This is Al, ok? Expect swearing.
You waited outside the pub, trying not to breathe in the noxious cigarette smoke wafting out from the small booths.
You knew waiting outside the pub was idiotic, but it was like an addiction. No, you weren't addicted to the second-hand smoke, you were waiting for your father. You knew it was pointless, because he had passed away a few days ago, but you just couldn't accept his passing. So you drove up to the pub everyday and waited outside.
Many men walked past and offered to buy you a drink, but you politely declined. It's not like you could have a drink, even if you wanted to - you were allergic to sulfite, which made you allergic to many things, beer and wine being only two of them.
You heard Allistor call your name, and stepped in, seeing many familiar faces nod or raise their eyebrows in
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Male!Snow White/Reader - Killing Innocence
Male♂Snow White/Reader - Killing Innocence 

(Snow White - His name stays the same in this one but I'm calling him Snow most of the time.) 
(All other genders remain the same.)

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" The Queen had asked the magical mirror she owned. The mirror would always respond to her and tell her she was the fairest one of all but that day was different. 
"Famed is thy beauty, Majesty. But hold, a lovely servant I see. Rags cannot hide his gentle grace. Alas, he is more fair than thee." the mirrored told her.
With a jealous rage she glowered at the mirror in disbelief, "Impossible! I am the fairest one of all! Reveal his name!" The Queen wickedly commanded the magic mirror in front of her. 
"A voice like velvet, hair as black as ebony, skin white as snow-" The Queen's eyes widen and
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