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DayDreamer by kangel DayDreamer :iconkangel:kangel 244 68 Never too Late . 3 of 4 by Mezzochan Never too Late . 3 of 4 :iconmezzochan:Mezzochan 101 11 Never Too Old To be Young by LOVELLIEXOX Never Too Old To be Young :iconlovelliexox:LOVELLIEXOX 235 65 The Evanescent Child by Sophquest The Evanescent Child :iconsophquest:Sophquest 109 52 SMS - Chibiusa by Maiyuna SMS - Chibiusa :iconmaiyuna:Maiyuna 214 24 Moonchild by astral-phoenix Moonchild :iconastral-phoenix:astral-phoenix 156 159 Killing My Inner Child 1 by MsLauraOlivia Killing My Inner Child 1 :iconmslauraolivia:MsLauraOlivia 73 109 Learn to Forgive Yourself by paintausea Learn to Forgive Yourself :iconpaintausea:paintausea 338 93 healing the child within . by Achiru-et-al healing the child within . :iconachiru-et-al:Achiru-et-al 274 29 Selena Gomez by WolfRefuge Selena Gomez :iconwolfrefuge:WolfRefuge 104 5 Wait... They're Real!? by M-Mannering Wait... They're Real!? :iconm-mannering:M-Mannering 102 63 Inner Child by Skatefreak14 Inner Child :iconskatefreak14:Skatefreak14 36 2 Vegeta's inner child by FrontierComics Vegeta's inner child :iconfrontiercomics:FrontierComics 176 36 Exploded brain. by traffic-cone Exploded brain. :icontraffic-cone:traffic-cone 166 77 Me, Myself and I by ElyneNoir Me, Myself and I :iconelynenoir:ElyneNoir 26 12
Mud Luver
She spent the morning in the past, reclaiming childhood.
The raindrops felt like second grade, if second grade
could run down a back or stick hair to cheeks.
Red boots brought back picture books, mud splatter up to
the waist, disregarded. The way the lightning freezes time
in bright instants, every drop a crystal ball in reverse,
sharing tea parties that once were, and gourmet mud pies.
Umbrellas are a hindrance, unless they're used for dancing.
Time resumed at noon, when working women must punch in,
but the seven-year-old smile stays put, with the mud under
the nails that life cannot wash away.
:iconquiestinliteris:QuiEstInLiteris 56 19
Inner Child
Don't look at me
I'm afraid, afraid that you'll see
See the things that made them run
Run and leave me
I loved them all, I really did
I tried so hard to keep them happy
And still they left, left once they saw
Saw me for me and nothing more and all
I don't know what it is that they saw
It must have been awful there must
Have been no love, no love at all
Because they all left, left me
I tried to tap into the beauty
In to the energy that must have been there
That needed to be there for them to have cared
But it never lasts I'm still me when it never lasts
Don't look at me
I'm afraid, afraid you'll see
See that things they saw, must have been without beauty
That made them run, you'll run, you'll leave
:iconconflicted7769:conflicted7769 10 17
Keepsake by Ferelwing Keepsake :iconferelwing:Ferelwing 82 36 Original by NattymonNoir Original :iconnattymonnoir:NattymonNoir 58 21 Inner child by SanderJansen Inner child :iconsanderjansen:SanderJansen 80 78 His Inner Child by MewKwota His Inner Child :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 100 67 Inner child by mjdaluz Inner child :iconmjdaluz:mjdaluz 53 9 inner child by Ralu77 inner child :iconralu77:Ralu77 106 22 Inner Child by Fuzzyfishdorito Inner Child :iconfuzzyfishdorito:Fuzzyfishdorito 58 50 Rapt by byrnfri Rapt :iconbyrnfri:byrnfri 44 83 Cookie Capers of a Young Fuzzy by fuzzydemon Cookie Capers of a Young Fuzzy :iconfuzzydemon:fuzzydemon 135 124 Gaia's Life Force by JenaDellaGrottaglia Gaia's Life Force :iconjenadellagrottaglia:JenaDellaGrottaglia 54 12 Inner child 2 by JoshuaDunlop Inner child 2 :iconjoshuadunlop:JoshuaDunlop 36 6 Inner Child by Healersmoon Inner Child :iconhealersmoon:Healersmoon 40 22 Inner by RoHu-veronicaP Inner :iconrohu-veronicap:RoHu-veronicaP 33 15 inner child by thepolishyogi inner child :iconthepolishyogi:thepolishyogi 136 45 Inner Child by SnaiLords Inner Child :iconsnailords:SnaiLords 173 139 TMNT: Leo's Inner Child by GwenIala TMNT: Leo's Inner Child :icongweniala:GwenIala 108 26 Inner Child by jojoMALFOY Inner Child :iconjojomalfoy:jojoMALFOY 39 68 Russian Dolls At Night by 21citrouilles Russian Dolls At Night :icon21citrouilles:21citrouilles 18 18 His inner child by TenshiHime7 His inner child :icontenshihime7:TenshiHime7 86 35 Innerchild Stamp by KawaiiSteffu Innerchild Stamp :iconkawaiisteffu:KawaiiSteffu 134 6 My Inner Child [Fluttershy] [WP] by UtterlyLudicrous My Inner Child [Fluttershy] [WP] :iconutterlyludicrous:UtterlyLudicrous 23 1 No Pickels by Spot80 No Pickels :iconspot80:Spot80 29 12 -don't let me let me die- by runty -don't let me let me die- :iconrunty:runty 39 35 Innocence by TheTrippyTippy Innocence :iconthetrippytippy:TheTrippyTippy 10 15 Stamp0000094 by o0Cynical0o Stamp0000094 :icono0cynical0o:o0Cynical0o 120 6 Lonley child inside by abuse27me Lonley child inside :iconabuse27me:abuse27me 20 23 Ukitake's Inner Child by talespirit Ukitake's Inner Child :icontalespirit:talespirit 120 36 Spiderman by mdavidct Spiderman :iconmdavidct:mdavidct 94 12 The Death of My Inner Child by stephenshanks The Death of My Inner Child :iconstephenshanks:stephenshanks 24 31
The Split - Chapter 1
It was hot that day, unusual for the area. The drummers were out, Mike thought they only came out Friday nights. "Oh well," he said to himself. Becky had heard what he said an had then turned to remind him, "It IS Friday!"
"I knew that," he said.
Walking around the downtown area was one of their favorite activities. It was old, but the architecture made the city feel very modern. Foodies seemed attracted to the area, Mike and Becky included. They could walk for miles, just the two of them, and even years later still loved every step. Every so often though...
"Mike! Stop!" cried Becky.
Mike had taken to trying to climb on some statues.
"Why not?" he thought. He would do this every so often. He was usually very timid, and scared of doing anything that might get him hurt or in trouble. Sometimes he could just cast all of that aside and do things neither he or his wife could explain.
He giggled the entire way up.
After letting himself down, and after much yelling from his better half, his
:iconmikey-the-little:mikey-the-little 23 100
The Visitor by ArtOfTheMystic The Visitor :iconartofthemystic:ArtOfTheMystic 71 21