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[inhuman] demo v.1.1 by AliceXOffered [inhuman] demo v.1.1 :iconalicexoffered:AliceXOffered 245 199 Queen Medusa by jj-dreamworldz Queen Medusa :iconjj-dreamworldz:jj-dreamworldz 256 43 inferno by luez2 inferno :iconluez2:luez2 2,001 253 + A z r e a L + by Sayda + A z r e a L + :iconsayda:Sayda 1,278 68 Troll by Rodrigo-Vega Troll :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 378 28 Medusa by Claudia-SG Medusa :iconclaudia-sg:Claudia-SG 557 23 Inhumans Vs X-Men #6 Storm by TerryDodson Inhumans Vs X-Men #6 Storm :iconterrydodson:TerryDodson 504 49 Joe Mad's Inhuman 03 cover! by MarteGracia Joe Mad's Inhuman 03 cover! :iconmartegracia:MarteGracia 818 72 INHUMAN SPECIAL #1 by Pryce14 INHUMAN SPECIAL #1 :iconpryce14:Pryce14 375 19 SPN - Sam's Hell by Renny08 SPN - Sam's Hell :iconrenny08:Renny08 636 94 Fire, fire, FIRE! by Hekkoto Fire, fire, FIRE! :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 243 58 Skye - Agents of SHIELD by JamieFayX Skye - Agents of SHIELD :iconjamiefayx:JamieFayX 220 17 Red Passion by InertiaRose Red Passion :iconinertiarose:InertiaRose 168 21 Vapula - Cyberdemon Duke by Maxa-art Vapula - Cyberdemon Duke :iconmaxa-art:Maxa-art 239 27 AT ~Jason the Toymaker~ by Ayato-Inverse AT ~Jason the Toymaker~ :iconayato-inverse:Ayato-Inverse 367 37 Incredific idea: Inhuman by Crispy-Gypsy Incredific idea: Inhuman :iconcrispy-gypsy:Crispy-Gypsy 202 44 Can you stop that? by Hekkoto Can you stop that? :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 157 30
Inhuman Desires
My Tongue Begs For Your Taste
My Heart Wishes To Beat With Yours
My Body Craves Yours On Mine
My Sanity Begs To Feel Your Touch
My Soul Churns To Collide With Yours
My Eyes Beg To See Yours
My Mind Is Restless With Thoughts Of You
My Hands Search Frantically For Yours
Every Nerve Screams To Be Touched By You
In Any Way Possible
Endlessly Unsaturated Cravings
As My Heart Begs For Your Love
Screaming Silently
Inhuman Desires?
Or Simply What
They Call
:iconpleasurelypainful:PleasurelyPainful 26 65
|Eyesless Jack Fanart| by 0ktavian |Eyesless Jack Fanart| :icon0ktavian:0ktavian 379 35 Unmeltable by Les-Diables Unmeltable :iconles-diables:Les-Diables 217 32 Come, Mikasa is ready to fight! by IIYametaII Come, Mikasa is ready to fight! :iconiiyametaii:IIYametaII 105 22 Azrael CyberPunk 2020 by LeviLord004 Azrael CyberPunk 2020 :iconlevilord004:LeviLord004 48 3 Alien Boy Design by vshen Alien Boy Design :iconvshen:vshen 233 20 Overlord Adell by stonemonkthewise Overlord Adell :iconstonemonkthewise:stonemonkthewise 151 31 SkyeWard by JamieFayX SkyeWard :iconjamiefayx:JamieFayX 176 17 Medusa by Mro16 Medusa :iconmro16:Mro16 501 16 Horned Woman II by Jebriodo Horned Woman II :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 246 68 Mouthbleeder by Viergacht Mouthbleeder :iconviergacht:Viergacht 91 13 TLIID 196.Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel make mine Marvel by AxelMedellin TLIID 196.Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel make mine Marvel :iconaxelmedellin:AxelMedellin 464 58
Your lies are so much more beautiful
than the truths you attempt to tell,
how I dislike the efforts you make
to be noble, it ill suits you
and your goodness holds no interest to me.
Why must we play that game
of pretending to care,
it is the moments of brutality
that spark your eyes which arouse my interest.
I prefer to think of you bloody
not draped in white,
you see with you I don't have to
masquerade as a better person.  
There are times, frightening and sublime
when I feel I could throw it all away,
and walk the savage war path
without ever looking back.
But you hesitate and falter,
I do not believe in your guilt,
but at moments you are lost to me
when you want to wear the facade  
of still being human in some definable way.
What is humanity to us?
Only a speck of dust,
wash your remorse down the drain
let us not play the tortured soul game,
I have no apology.
Rise to the occasion
embrace the hunger which consumes your soul
tremble not before them
but let them drink from
:iconsilverwynd:SilverWynd 17 14
Raxer - Darkness by Hekkoto Raxer - Darkness :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 131 38 Alien Concept No. 6- Enkirid by Christopher-Stoll Alien Concept No. 6- Enkirid :iconchristopher-stoll:Christopher-Stoll 46 4
In the dead of night
At any corner or shadow
An inhuman creature stirs
To be seen by ones with fear
It likes to play a game
A game with the mind and weak
It hollows out the soul
To be fulfilling it's thirst
Every now and then
You can hear a petrified scream
A whimper, a veil of a voice
The sounds of snapping
Flesh tearing, ear aching crunches
The drips of rubies
The tears of fear
The pain of hell
The last memory
It lurks, it runs
It appears and disappears
Sometimes it is near you while you sleep
Breathing in your existence
Sometimes it watches you
While you cry with an outstretched hand
Too close and you are gone
Too far and you will lose
The game has only begun
The game that makes people mad
The thrill of fear
Cunning minds and slick moments
A silent mover
A creature with a piercing look that can paralyse anyone in their path
You hear them cackle as they devour you
You hear them engulfing emotions
Engulfing everything
Engulfing you
It can take the most real objects to become warped
:iconwhite-angel-1:White-Angel-1 32 7
Hellish bitch! Zalgo by Hekkoto Hellish bitch! Zalgo :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 106 17 Contest Entry: Warrior by ladyfish Contest Entry: Warrior :iconladyfish:ladyfish 212 58 The Queen is not Amused by jj-dreamworldz The Queen is not Amused :iconjj-dreamworldz:jj-dreamworldz 115 21 Quake by TheDankKnight1 Quake :iconthedankknight1:TheDankKnight1 123 1 Cosmic Species by LaVolpeCimina Cosmic Species :iconlavolpecimina:LaVolpeCimina 96 99 New look of His Highness's portrait by Hekkoto New look of His Highness's portrait :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 125 85 Differences between Raxer and Zalgo by Hekkoto Differences between Raxer and Zalgo :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 101 22 Homo Insectus: 50 percent by mmeeow Homo Insectus: 50 percent :iconmmeeow:mmeeow 76 7 in an inhuman race [8/365] by DaphneNg in an inhuman race [8/365] :icondaphneng:DaphneNg 48 5 Hellish bitch! Raxer by Hekkoto Hellish bitch! Raxer :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 97 11 everything you say by KimberleyCamilleri everything you say :iconkimberleycamilleri:KimberleyCamilleri 157 12 Xantos - Void by Hekkoto Xantos - Void :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 102 19 steam powered giraffe by silvercookiegirl steam powered giraffe :iconsilvercookiegirl:silvercookiegirl 166 21 for your blinded minds by Acrylicdreams for your blinded minds :iconacrylicdreams:Acrylicdreams 82 8 MERRY HELLISH CHRISTMAS! by Hekkoto MERRY HELLISH CHRISTMAS! :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 127 41 The Queen of the Inhumans by Igloinor The Queen of the Inhumans :iconigloinor:Igloinor 80 7