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Hierarchy of Angels and Demons by justdejan Hierarchy of Angels and Demons :iconjustdejan:justdejan 1,564 270
Character Bio Template
(A piece of text that your character has physically spoken that somehow relates to them)
:bulletblack:General Information:bulletblack:
Full Name: (The character's full name)
Also Known As: (Any nicknames or aliases, it is not necessary to list who gave them)
Age: (The number of years the character has lived. It would be helpful to include the aging system if character is otherworldly or ages unusually)
Gender: (The birth sex of the character)
Sexual Orientation: (Homosexual, Heterosexual, Bisexual, or Asexual.-- I don't personally place Bi-curiosity, or Pan-sexuality here, since I feel that pansexuality would fall under bisexuality. Both of these can be further explained in the Relationship or Trivia sections if needbe.)
Marital Status: (Single, Dating, Married/Committed, Divorced/Widowed, or Uninterested. I reserve "Uninterested" for those mentally unprepared for it or those who just don't w
:iconblood-of-severity:Blood-Of-Severity 802 188
Beginner Pony Plushie Tutorial by Voodoo-Tiki Beginner Pony Plushie Tutorial :iconvoodoo-tiki:Voodoo-Tiki 2,284 367
Naruto OC: Character Info Template
NARUTO Shippūden character info
*Remember to remove anything in [BRACKETS]
Age:[ Remember to add an age for Pre-Shippūden AND Shippūden]
Species:[Ex. Human, Zetsu (Half Plant), Kisame (Half Shark), Etc]
Sexual Orientation:
Blood Type:
Good Trait(s):
Bad Trait(s):
Fear(s): [Try and make it unique, Google a list of fears; EX. Try not to make it something like Blood or The dark these are overused and cliche :c ]
Weakness(es): [Remember everyone has weaknesses!]
Personal Quote:
Clan Info
Clan Name:
Kekkei Genkai:[If any,Remember not every clan needs a Kekkei Genkai :3]
Status: [Is your clan fully functional,In hiding or is everyone dead? ]
Clan Appearance
[This is what members of your clan usually have, for example Hyuuga's usually seem to have paler skin,and brown or black hair, and of
:iconmonochromacy:Monochromacy 918 266
Eyeball Puppet [INFO] by DrawKill Eyeball Puppet [INFO] :icondrawkill:DrawKill 1,205 117
Dangan Ronpa OC Info Chart -Base-
Basic--....The basics 
First Name:
Last Name: 
Blood Type:
Waist (in): 
Chest (in): 
Skin Color:
Hair Color: 
Hair Style: 
Eye Color: 
Super Duper High School Level/Ultimate: 
Physical Description--Attire and Misc. (clothing, jewelry, tattoos, etc)

On Head: 
On Neck: 
On Torso:
On Right Arm:
On Left Arm:  
On Waist: 
On Right Leg: 
On Left Leg:
On Right Foot: 
On Left Foot: 
Family--....Family: Both blood and spiritual. Dead? Alive? Who Knows? Orphaned? Tell it.
Personality and Actions--how they show/what they do themselves when...
Seeing Murder: 
Seeing Crush: 
When Tired: 
When Stressed: 
When Nervous: 
When Afraid:&
:iconmayhemb:mayhemb 168 43
Beginner Pony Plushie Pattern 1 by Voodoo-Tiki Beginner Pony Plushie Pattern 1 :iconvoodoo-tiki:Voodoo-Tiki 959 92 Centaurs of Loi by Uinn Centaurs of Loi :iconuinn:Uinn 398 124
A small talk about pricing your art
You're creating art. You have the passion, you have the skills. Why not make some money out of it then? It's a good idea, right? A lot of people live from creating art, and even more earn some money on the side by taking commissions. You should give it a shot!
So... How much money is your art worth?
It's a hard question to answer for those who are just starting their adventure with selling and creating art for money. Is its worth equal to the price of the materials you used? Is it equal to the value of the time you've spent on creating it? What about the emotional value you put into it? Should your education influence your prices?
No matter if art is your job, hobby or a pastime, you should never undervalue it. In this article I will try to give some tips as to how assess the value of your artwork and touch the problem of too low prices.
We're in it for the money.
Let's be honest - if you're reading this then you probably want
:iconvesner:vesner 1,139 266
OC Reference Sheet TEMPLATE by AtomixZaldox OC Reference Sheet TEMPLATE :iconatomixzaldox:AtomixZaldox 3,536 395 Taiju by Sekares-Arisawa Taiju :iconsekares-arisawa:Sekares-Arisawa 186 17 Personal - Sniper Angel Dragon Reference Sheet by TwilightSaint Personal - Sniper Angel Dragon Reference Sheet :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 534 65 Whales of the Mediterranean sea - POSTER by namu-the-orca Whales of the Mediterranean sea - POSTER :iconnamu-the-orca:namu-the-orca 2,079 464 Zero Blackfire Ref 2017-UPGRADE by xKoday Zero Blackfire Ref 2017-UPGRADE :iconxkoday:xKoday 608 101
Commission Info - CLOSED
This is my official commission info journal UvU, I'll update it when needed

UPDATE!: Ive made some updates to my commission types and added my custom sticker commissions along with samples to this journal! Scroll down and take a look if you're interested! Ive also decided to add the option that if you want your commission as a sticker, it is an additional $10 added to you to your commission! I will only add this option for all REGULAR COMMISSIONS except Pixel Chibis (due to low resolution) and upper body commissions.
Another change that has been made is that I will no longer off basic ref sheets or outfit commissions for adoptables as the popularity of them has died down for me. As a replacement, they can be added on charges for Custom Refernce sheet commissions, and will be relabeled "Custom Character commission". Scroll below and see the changes and prices.

  **Just a reminder, I have an ac
:iconrap1993:rap1993 308 144
Beginner Pony Plushie Pattern 2 by Voodoo-Tiki Beginner Pony Plushie Pattern 2 :iconvoodoo-tiki:Voodoo-Tiki 800 56 Commission Info Template by zodiacspothole Commission Info Template :iconzodiacspothole:zodiacspothole 1,002 269 The Official Reference Sheet of Sergals - Part 1 by mick39 The Official Reference Sheet of Sergals - Part 1 :iconmick39:mick39 207 7
Ouran Host Club OC Template
Ouran High School Host Club OC Profile
First Name:
Middle Name:
(if their not Japanese, ‘cause the Japanese don’t use middle names)
Last Name:
Nick Name(s):
Sexual Orientation:
Birth Date:
Her/His Story:
Personal Information…
Good Habit(s):
Bad Habit(s):
Talents & Goals…
Life Dream/Goal(s):
Family, Friends, & Acquaintances…
Best Friend(s):
Academic Information…
Do You Go To Ouran High School?:
If Not, Which School Do You Go To?:
Are You Part Of A Club?:
    If So, What Club?
Have You Heard Of The Host Club?:
    If So, What Is Your View About It?:
    Are You In The Host Club?
:iconlitbit-momo:LitBit-Momo 320 43
Ramses Reference by LordMarlon Ramses Reference :iconlordmarlon:LordMarlon 617 76
OC Bio Sheet *BLANK*
Name (Pronunciation)[Meaning]:
Nickname (Pronunciation)[Meaning]:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Physical Description
Physical Description:
Typical Clothing:
Most Hated/Dislikes:
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:
Sexual Preferences:
Place/Type of Residence:
Additional Notes
:iconyellowroseoftexas:YellowRoseofTexas 376 106
Heavy drop troops by PenUser Heavy drop troops :iconpenuser:PenUser 496 46 Map of Canada by littlepaperforest Map of Canada :iconlittlepaperforest:littlepaperforest 1,503 223 Reference - Western Dragon Anatomy by TwilightSaint Reference - Western Dragon Anatomy :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 377 31 COMMISSIONS INFO - CLOSED by vonBorowsky COMMISSIONS INFO - CLOSED :iconvonborowsky:vonBorowsky 427 280 Meet the Artist - Deenco Edition by deency Meet the Artist - Deenco Edition :icondeency:deency 557 65 Rohkuh Species Sheet by xKoday Rohkuh Species Sheet :iconxkoday:xKoday 401 107 Sewing 101 by ShadowedPorcelain Sewing 101 :iconshadowedporcelain:ShadowedPorcelain 684 24 ColorInfo by whoslepe ColorInfo :iconwhoslepe:whoslepe 4,530 209 Personal - Spitfire Reference Sheet by TwilightSaint Personal - Spitfire Reference Sheet :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 358 54 ~Current Commission Information~ by TwilightSaint ~Current Commission Information~ :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 469 0
Bleach OC: Marise Asahina [Fullbringer Profile]
"No! Be quiet! Your opinion is wrong too!"- Marise Asahina
Name: Asahina Marise [Surname, First Name]
Kanji: まりせあさひな
Nicknames: Goldilocks, Mari-muffin, Mari-chan
Age: 17
Birthday: June 11
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Race: Human [Gifted, Spiritually Aware]
Ethnicity: Half-Japanese [Father] and Half-French [Mother]
Height: 150 cm (4'11")
Weight: 43 kg (95 lbs.)
Blood Type: B+
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Soichiro (Father), Lucille (Mother), Ryunosuke (Brother), Taro (Brother), Coco la Veau (Grandmother)
Appearance: Marise has long, curly blonde hair (hence the nickname Goldilocks), that reaches about halfway down her back, and side-swept bangs. She sometimes whines about her curly hair, as it's often caught in tangles when she brushes it and can't be straightened. She also wears a hot pink bow in her hair, and because of this, many
:iconamber-sky:amber-sky 196 251
NEWS! CLAN AND HYBRID-ShadowMonsters Specie - INFO
:new: News about Shadowmonsters!! Edit 05/08 Faction Clan and Hybrid Faction Discovered!!! :new:
A lot of people these years asking for "Hybrid" Shadowmonster Something like a fusion with the races, and since this is a big and permanent Idea I thought about something a little different : Create Clans!
Where a faction change their culture keeping their basic features!
Because the combinations are very a lot and with a race like Yuli for example it's very hard create a fusion ( Yuli+Manto? a Manto with tracksuit? argh no x°D )
New Shadowmonsters Clan! Faction now have more features \;u;/ These :
Estra : Oculus Clan ( maybe less elegant but more badass xD )
:new: Mabisa : Hotaru Clan ( Something like a Mabisa+Farah )
:new: Alerie : Hitobito Clan ( Something like an Alerie+Mabisa )
:new: Manto : Immondo Clan ( Not anymore only warriors but also Sorcerer )
:new: Farah : K'arishkhali Clan ( Somethin
:iconpiffi-sisters:Piffi-sisters 261 215
Irulian Helite by MarioWibisono Irulian Helite :iconmariowibisono:MarioWibisono 1,562 42
Aira-ty Nokta history
NAME: Aira-ty Nokta
RACE: Lonagh-whanian
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 1.67 meters
WEIGHT: 61 kilograms
SKIN: Pale purple-ish
EYES: Orange
HAIR: Turquoise
WEAPON: As padawan a lightsaber with green colored blade
As a mercenary Westar-34 twin blasters and knife. Additional weapons: flame thrower, grenades, poisoned darts, hidden blades, etc.
After the Clone Wars she built a new lightsaber with purple colored blade
SHIP: part owner of the Slave I, and has a modified Swiftwind-class courier, the Sleek Blade.
Aira-ty bornt as the single child of her parents on Lonagh Wha. When she was 4 a Jedi Knight arrived to the planet and recognized the little girl’s force sensitivity and convinced her parents to let her go to the Jedi Temple.
In the Temple despite her best efforts Aira-ty remained strongly emotional and restless, almost unable to meditate but she was skilled at lightsaber fight.
She was very fond of her best friend Sabor Ng'hru, as a teen she even had a
:iconrayn44:rayn44 104 63
Fire within Azure by Nachiii Fire within Azure :iconnachiii:Nachiii 519 176 Sonic,Shadow And Silver Wallpaper by SonicTheHedgehogBG Sonic,Shadow And Silver Wallpaper :iconsonicthehedgehogbg:SonicTheHedgehogBG 744 29
Bleach OC: Marise Asahina [Shinigami Profile]
Marise Asahina
Personal Information
Race: Shinigami
Nicknames: Goldilocks, Mari-muffin, Mari-chan, Blondie, Pudge
Age: Unknown (appears to be in her early twenties)
Birthday: June 11
Gender: Female
Height: 150 cm (4'11")
Weight: 51 kg (113 lbs.)
Professional Status
Affiliation: Gotei 13, Soul Society
Occupation: Member of 5th Division
Team: 5th Division
Partner: None
Base of Operations: 5th Division HQ, Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives: None
Education: Shinō Academy
Shikai: Kenagekishi
Bankai: Not Yet Achieved
Appearance: Marise is the 'reincarnation' of her Human self, and so has retained many of the same features from then. She has curly blonde hair that has been cut short, and side-swept bangs on the left. She wears a pink bow in her hair, and is always seen with it. Her eyes are a de
:iconamber-sky:amber-sky 228 216
Personal - Isra' Reference Sheet by TwilightSaint Personal - Isra' Reference Sheet :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 309 49 Ref Sheet Comish - Avarus Lux by TwilightSaint Ref Sheet Comish - Avarus Lux :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 336 39 Eridan: Info-paper -Full view- by SystemicHysteria Eridan: Info-paper -Full view- :iconsystemichysteria:SystemicHysteria 519 51 Character Profile by ElvenDeathMarch Character Profile :iconelvendeathmarch:ElvenDeathMarch 533 193 Riley Reference Sheet by CanineHybrid Riley Reference Sheet :iconcaninehybrid:CanineHybrid 495 112 Sonic The Hedgehog Snowboarding Wallpaper by SonicTheHedgehogBG Sonic The Hedgehog Snowboarding Wallpaper :iconsonicthehedgehogbg:SonicTheHedgehogBG 883 40 Ref Sheet Comish - Azure by TwilightSaint Ref Sheet Comish - Azure :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 338 44 Personal - Navy Reference Sheet by TwilightSaint Personal - Navy Reference Sheet :icontwilightsaint:TwilightSaint 433 71 Sonic The Hedgehog And Friends Wallpaper by SonicTheHedgehogBG Sonic The Hedgehog And Friends Wallpaper :iconsonicthehedgehogbg:SonicTheHedgehogBG 884 68 My dA Transit Map by pica-ae My dA Transit Map :iconpica-ae:pica-ae 848 268