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Matthias Gamble by Valentina-Remenar Matthias Gamble :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 2,824 193 Squigly Action Portrait by oh8 Squigly Action Portrait :iconoh8:oh8 2,310 111 Steampunk Gauntlets by Skinz-N-Hydez Steampunk Gauntlets :iconskinz-n-hydez:Skinz-N-Hydez 1,792 118 IndieGogo Commission: Hermione by ktshy IndieGogo Commission: Hermione :iconktshy:ktshy 1,690 67 indiegogo print by renecordova indiegogo print :iconrenecordova:renecordova 1,101 24 Indiegogo Exclusive! by MeganLara Indiegogo Exclusive! :iconmeganlara:MeganLara 825 0 Heart of Wildfire - Sahn Lamarey by Parororo Heart of Wildfire - Sahn Lamarey :iconparororo:Parororo 806 27 25 THOUSAND BREACHED! by alexiuss 25 THOUSAND BREACHED! :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 800 25
Amplitude Fanart Contest - WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT
We are helding meeting to decide the winner, it's kinda hard coz there are a lot of high quality work, sadly we only can pick 3 winner.
They are based on our theme "Poster Illustration" juding: concept, creativity, and quality. The skill isn't the only point we look.
For the winner, please note :Sakon04 to give us the email for paypal prize ^^
Commentator: :iconkimkeii: & :iconxerofit51:
First Winner: saruicchi

1st winner.  Your concept is awesome, we like it, how you project the soul really does show like they don't have any soul in them
Second Winner: KaNoir (via email)

2nd winner : Your art style and technique is awesome, clearly you have talent, however it lacks impact and does not have the exact poster feel that we're hoping for, hope you get more creative in
:iconsakon04:Sakon04 126 175
Crowdfunded Game TF/RP
For the third RP, I've decided to step away from the developed series and try something different! The story goes like this:
It's the last hour for your favorite game’s Kickstarter (or Indiegogo), and your last chance to support it. Luckily, you have the funds to give it the last cash it needs, even if it's a bit steep… still, it comes with a great reward tier where you can become directly involved with the game’s beta development. You don't even need prior game developing experience! What happens then is up to us to decide, but of course there will be some sort of change! And a few dozen wavers…
The RP will only work with a certain set of games, that being crowdfunded games. These games include (but are not limited to):
Angels with Scaley WingsArmelloBloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Broken Age
Freedom Planet
Homestuck Adventure Game
Legend of Iya
Mighty No. 9
(The) Miskatonic
Psychonauts 2
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
Shenmue III
:iconcrazynaut:CrazyNaut 17 11,781
'Darkness over Cannae' - six days left! by Gold-Seven 'Darkness over Cannae' - six days left! :icongold-seven:Gold-Seven 259 29 The Indigo-Go's by Alamino The Indigo-Go's :iconalamino:Alamino 242 29 50 days to my indiegogo project by renecordova 50 days to my indiegogo project :iconrenecordova:renecordova 245 1 Apophenia by spoonbard Apophenia :iconspoonbard:spoonbard 99 5 THANK YOU for your support by ktshy THANK YOU for your support :iconktshy:ktshy 724 76 Eliza by KoiDrake Eliza :iconkoidrake:KoiDrake 452 40 Minotaura-Girl Figurine (Raw Version) by ZombieSandwich Minotaura-Girl Figurine (Raw Version) :iconzombiesandwich:ZombieSandwich 111 9 DRAKE: A Dragon Miniature Wargame by Ajulianm DRAKE: A Dragon Miniature Wargame :iconajulianm:Ajulianm 108 12 The Firelight Isle by spoonbard The Firelight Isle :iconspoonbard:spoonbard 126 33 The Circus has Arrived by ArtemisAesthetic The Circus has Arrived :iconartemisaesthetic:ArtemisAesthetic 185 15 The Ito Have Arrived by Pechan The Ito Have Arrived :iconpechan:Pechan 61 8 Fiona Indiegogo front pic by aachi-chan Fiona Indiegogo front pic :iconaachi-chan:aachi-chan 159 88 Sketches_66 by Megan-Uosiu Sketches_66 :iconmegan-uosiu:Megan-Uosiu 162 12 Silly Kingdom comic IndieGogo by ktshy Silly Kingdom comic IndieGogo :iconktshy:ktshy 178 30 Yukino awaken animation by mayshing Yukino awaken animation :iconmayshing:mayshing 179 14 Plugsuits for Nana - Salvation or 3rd Impact? by NanaKuronoma Plugsuits for Nana - Salvation or 3rd Impact? :iconnanakuronoma:NanaKuronoma 785 92 Ice Cream by daikkenaurora Ice Cream :icondaikkenaurora:daikkenaurora 641 52 SkelePlum by CookingPeach SkelePlum :iconcookingpeach:CookingPeach 329 11 Red Monika  Size Queen by daikkenaurora Red Monika Size Queen :icondaikkenaurora:daikkenaurora 398 37 Broken core Tshirt illustration by OscarCelestini Broken core Tshirt illustration :iconoscarcelestini:OscarCelestini 67 8 Clothesplosion Hazard T-Shirt by bar1scorpio Clothesplosion Hazard T-Shirt :iconbar1scorpio:bar1scorpio 106 8 Creature Of The Forest by ZombieSandwich Creature Of The Forest :iconzombiesandwich:ZombieSandwich 73 0 ..::LSL:Final Countdown::.. by Megan-Uosiu ..::LSL:Final Countdown::.. :iconmegan-uosiu:Megan-Uosiu 142 16 13 days till finish by Ninidu 13 days till finish :iconninidu:Ninidu 75 0 Matthias Gamble portrait by Valentina-Remenar Matthias Gamble portrait :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 199 20 Eros and Psyche Indiegogo by Ninidu Eros and Psyche Indiegogo :iconninidu:Ninidu 82 3 Support Our Film 3 - Anthro: Animating the Soul by Stitchfan Support Our Film 3 - Anthro: Animating the Soul :iconstitchfan:Stitchfan 197 174 Rim City - Mutant Submarine by RadiumProject Rim City - Mutant Submarine :iconradiumproject:RadiumProject 25 0 Ross Boston - New Title by DrewGreen Ross Boston - New Title :icondrewgreen:DrewGreen 52 16 Indivisible! by NightHead Indivisible! :iconnighthead:NightHead 89 9 Sailor Moon Stickers by TheDutchesse Sailor Moon Stickers :iconthedutchesse:TheDutchesse 158 23 Commission: HOW Kickstarter by ZenithOmocha Commission: HOW Kickstarter :iconzenithomocha:ZenithOmocha 400 7 5 Days Left for SenshiStock Sketch IGG! by SenshiStock 5 Days Left for SenshiStock Sketch IGG! :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 43 19 Skullgirls - Annie by possumpoff Skullgirls - Annie :iconpossumpoff:possumpoff 42 2 825+k ! by scarlettwing 825+k ! :iconscarlettwing:scarlettwing 251 17 Science by daikkenaurora Science :icondaikkenaurora:daikkenaurora 402 74 7 days till finish by Ninidu 7 days till finish :iconninidu:Ninidu 41 0 Com : Marx+Luka by Esther-Shen Com : Marx+Luka :iconesther-shen:Esther-Shen 84 13