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2p!America X Reader X 2P!Canada- Sports
Lame at baseball. That's how you were. You loved baseball, but when it comes to play it you just can't. Your mother told you to practice, that way you will learn and get better and thats' what you did. You played it every day after school, but nothing. The popular girls always laughed at you for playing boys sports. Like football, hockey. Yes, you were awesome at all sports, just not baseball and you hated that.
Right now, you were playing all alone baseball, trying to hit every ball that came towards you. You managed to hit some, but still not enough. Tomboy, that's what you were and the fact that you sucked at one sport made your blood boil in rage. After the final ball that you missed, you sighed in defeat and sat on the ground with a sad look on your face. You heard footsteps coming towards you and you turned your head to see Alfred, or Al how he liked to be called. He was the typical bad boy of the school along with his brother Mathew. When he saw you he just smirked.
"Why are you
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Hetalia X Reader- High School Rulez Ch.1
New school, a new life. That's what your friend Daiana was talking about on your way to school, along with your other friend Andra. Moving in a other country, meant a new way to life, not like you cared. For you, every place meant new things to learn and new rules to break. The people from your natal town asked themselves how you three could be friends. I mean, Daiana was the shy and innocent girl, always worried and paranoid. She was your right hand, always there for you and you always there for her. Andra was the so called diva of your group. Even though she may look like one of this bitchy girls, she meant well and her heart is in the right place. She would always be there to help you if needed. Last, you were the tomboy of the group, the one that could care less for what others thought about you.
"Please, [Name]. Promise me that you will behave this time. I wanna people see us like normal students, not like some weird and insane ones. Is not like I don't like the way you act! I-Is.
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:.Incubus!PrussiaxReader: Your Desire.:
School was calm, quiet, and quite boring. It was the same old thing everyday: Get up, go to your classes, go home. You never experianced any excitement in your life, but you didn't seem to mind it. You liked still being a virgin, liked the fact you have never done any type of drugs, and the fact you never dared put alcohol in your mouth. You were different than the other girls, that's what made you a prime target for bullying. All the girls in your school were sluts, potheads, and alcoholics. To you, you were different in a good way. To them, you were different in a bad way. Luckily, you avoided such crowds and tried your hardest not to get into any trouble.
It was Monday, the worst day of the week, and you were sitting in Math, twirling a pencil between your fingers, not really paying attention to what the female teacher had to say on the lame subject. You let out a soft yawn, and used your other hand to cover it up before anyone could see. You were just a tad too late.
"Tired, are we
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2P!America X Reader- Nails and Chains Ch. I
You sighed and groaned, trying to calm your nerves down. Your parents decided to send you outside more, how they would call it. It wasn't that you were anti-social or anything. You were just shy and nervous when talking to new people. Sometimes when new people came in town you tried to be friendly and nice, but they brushed you aside or send you dirty looks when you crossed their views.
Right now your parents were sending you to some little camp with some other teenagers, hoping you would open up more, but that was just impossible, even if you wanted. It was nighttime and you began to pack full month of stuff. You knew this following month was going to be crazy and boring. The other people who were coming are definitely going to be spoiled slutty girls teenagers or smartass jocks. You put on a pair of jeans, an over-sized T-shirts along with two tight ones, a pair of combat boots, a pair of red converses. Lets don't forget three baggy hoodies to make sure you'll not catch a cold.
You l
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AT: 2P!England X Reader- Cooking Competition
At school you were the best in one single class. Cooking. Your classmates envied you for your talent. Every food that you made was pure heaven, something that every lucky living could taste. When your food touched the tongue of someone it made him or her feel like they have wings, angel wings. You were proud of this and so were your friends and parents. You were the best, the queen of cooking....Or were you?
Today the teacher annouced that is going to be a new kid in this class, the class of cooking. Someone new? That means someone your gonna teach to cook, since you were better than your teacher.
"Class, please meet Oliver Kirkland and lets give him a warm welcome." your teacher said with a smile on her face. The new kid had strawberry-blonde hair, neon-pinkish blue eyes and he was dressed like from wonderland. He wore a light pink shirt and a light purple vest with light brown dress pants, a pair of leather black shoes and for a last touch, a neon blue bow tie. He also had freeckless
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Hetalia Police Heaven
Is time for the POLICE, but not any type of police.....The Hetalia Police Heaven~.....Just enjoy yourself with the handcuffs and whips in the jail~
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Princess to Succubus
Seated on the throne carved from Marble, The being sat there one arm laid on his lap and the other on the arm of the chair his head resting on his palm.
The figure was an handsome figure, with short red hair and golden eyes. He was well built and handsome as his abs and stomach were exposed as he wore a simple vest with no shirt and a long brown loincloth that went to his knees.
He was a Demon…an Incubus to be exact. A creature that could seduce a female with a mere look if he wanted to and a powerful being in The Demon Realm as he ruled over many lands. More than once he had gutted those who had challenged him for power although his true joy came from having women in his bed with him and the pleasure he got from them.
He was also bored with the lack of things that had been going on. Nothing had happened in months it felt like. And for a creature such as him, who thrived in exciting events, it was enough to drive him mad.
A small winged imp creature floated before him letting out
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