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Bruce Banner x Reader: Chocolate Milk
You were officially the assistant of the greatest gamma radiation specialist in the world, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. Well…if by ‘officially’ you meant ‘sort of but not really’. You did everything and anything that Bruce asked you for, along with a little bit more. You would organize his papers as a surprise for when he would come back to the lab. You would clean up the mess that stained his workbenches. And, at times, you would find him late at night, sleeping on top of a pile of notes and reports. Whenever you saw him like that, you would bring him a pillow and gently place it underneath his head. If it was cold, you would put a blanket around him. And…every now and then…you would sheepishly kiss him on his cheek.
Yes, you had fallen for the doctor. His paranoid charm and his rare, calm and sarcastic smiles would always bring an embarrassing pink on your face. His sweet yet tired hazelnut-brown eyes were always focused on his work, glowing f
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How To Make an Awesome OC
Steps to Developing an Awesome OC
1.First, start out with just your imagination. Imagine the character in your head, their gender, appearance, attitudes and so forth. Try to make this character as real as possible, observe your friends and others and get inspired by their attitudes or incorporate your attitude into the character.
2.Uniqueness is everything, so try not to make the character too cliche or mediocre. Instead, give your character certain traits or something will make them more memorable. It could be the certain quirk in their behavior or a physical characteristc whether it is the way they walk, talk, or interact with others. Flaws and unique traits in a character only make them appear more real and fleshed out, rather than flat and boring.
3. If you are having difficulties creating a character of the opposite sex (i used to have that issue) try observing any friends you have that may be of the opposi
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