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The mannequin in the attic
The mannequin in the attic
By The Shadow Demon
(Woman into mannequin)
“This looks cute,” Bridgette says turning to her friend Emma, showing her a low cut pink singlet.
“Low cut, are you trying to get every boy to look at you?” Emma asks. Bridgette just gave her a smirk as she puts the singlet back. Both at the age of seventeen, Bridgette with long blonde hair while Emma had black, the two ever since they were ten were always into fashion and once they were finish with school the two were planning to go into the fashion industry.
“Now this is you!” Emma said grabbing a white shirt with pink decorations on it.
“That just screams girly, I don’t think so!” Bridgette said.
“Well better then these bimbo clothes that you are bringing out!” Emma explains.
“You got it, flaunt it!” Bridgette said cupping her C cup breasts and slightly jerked them up, Emma just shook her head as she returns to her shopping. Hearing her
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Wearing Your Friends
A Potion Place Story
by grapehyacinth
Carla hung over the Potion Place's counter, watching the tiny man sorting through his wares on the shelf. “Hi Mr. Wintergreen! Why did you make yourself so small?”
The storeowner clasped his hands over his ears. “Sh, Carla, your voice is really loud!”
The girl tittered and lowered her voice. “Oh, sorry!” She craned her neck to see him. “But why are you on the shelf?”
“It's so hard to bend down and sort through these tiny potion files. I find it easier to shrink down and get next to them to do it. This way it's kind of like sorting through a rack of posters, or...rugs...”
She straightened up. “Max likes when I'm small. One of the first things we do when we take the Ultimate Potion is to change sizes. I like when he's small too. Having my boyfriend in the palm of my hand can be a good thing.”
“I'll bet.” Mr. Wintergreen burst into lig
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Transhorties: The Biker Couple
When Lou came up the corner of Eddie’s block, he was expecting to find his friend sitting in his garage, bitterly staring at his motorcycle and lamenting the lack of action. It wasn’t like he liked seeing his friends suffer, but it really was funny. The two of them had never been the kind of take anything besides the wind in their hair and the thrill of the race seriously, so if Eddie suffered for letting his priorities wander it was his own fault. Everyone knew Eddie’s girlfriend Kaity was totally against racing - everyone except Eddie. Some of the gang even took bets on when the inevitable would happen (Lou won). But Eddie’s the one that chose to be all obsessed with her, so he brought it on himself as far as Lou was concerned. That’s why Lou never went for that sort of thing.
He intended to have a good laugh at his friend’s expense, and so he was thrown when Eddie suddenly rocketed past him on top of the most magnificent machine he had ever seen i
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The Greatest Show On Earth
There was a special magic show that had come to town for one night only. With only 200 seats, the tickets sold out quite quickly. People began to fill in until the whole place was filled. The lights went dim as spotlights began to form. It ended up showcasing a mere glass of water. Most of the crowd was confused. Suddenly, a voice spoke on the loudspeaker saying "Would someone mind taking a sip of that water?" 
A woman from backstage walked up onto the stage and waved to the crowd. She took a small sip of water and the glass and the woman herself began to shake. The water began to mold itself into a human. First hands and legs poked out, followed by a torso and head, soon a man wearing a suit had formed out of the water. Meanwhile, the woman was melting away, turning into a puddle of clear water. The crowd watched in both horror and amazement. If it was an illusion is sure was a convincing one! 
"Clean up on aisle 5" the man in the suit called out laughing as a janitor came o
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Transformation Camera [Terry]
The Transformation Camera was a crazy experiment that went public due to a breach in security. Luckily a failsafe enabled it so that only one app could be downloaded onto one phone at a time. Perhaps it would be better if the failsafe would prove effective...
Terry was searching on his phone for fun new apps he could fool around with when he got bored, which happened more times then not. He was looking for something on the more silly side of things, that's what he found more entertaining. He scrolled up and down the store, before a particular app caught his eye. "Transformation Camera" it was called. Upon reading up on it the app seemed to be one of those things that alter an image you take to match your needs. It was free, and he figured he'd have a little fun with it. Perhaps he could get some of his family in on it to. He lived with his mom, dad, and two sisters (one was 17 while the other was 9, Tyler was the the middle child at 15) they might get a kick out of
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One day at the Carnival...
One day at the carnival…
By Jonseycat79
(TF story)
One day Sandra Collins, Sandy to her friends, was waiting out by a bus stop on a fine summer day. Her curly sand colored hair rested on her shoulders as her hazel eyes stared to the sky, watching the clouds go by as she waited for her friends to arrive so they could go to the mall.  She heard the bus pull up and it stopped right by the stop and the doors opened with a hiss.  Sandy waved as her friend Stacy walked out dressed in a light blue tank top and shorts and had medium black hair. She smiled as she hopped off. Sandy crossed her arms. “You know how long I’ve been waiting?” Stacy looked to her. “Sorry, I got held up in some chores I had to do.” Sandy only smiled. “Well at least you’re here now.”  The next ones off the bus were two girls with brown hair, one short with a neon pink streak going on the left side and one with long hair tied in a pony tail. Moniq
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Kiva's Weekend
Nikki was technically a witch, but so weak she might as well not have been.  Her twin sister had always lorded her powers over her as they'd come of age, making her whatever she needed or wanted as whim struck her.  Their parents had made sure Nikki had been present for lectures and ambulatory for exams, but beyond that not interfered, thinking it good for the twins to hone their skills and defenses.  She'd grown out of it, but far, far too late to undo what she'd done to poor Nikki, who had grown unused to being anything other than her sister's plaything.
And so, the mark Nikki came to make on the world was wild, wild parties, where every two months or so she would rent out a bar, gather up a bunch of witches and mundanes, and have them all drink their humanity away.  She wanted to make a place where the question, at least for mundanes (a category in which, for most purposes, she counted herself), was not whether they would be transformed, but into what, and b
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Pool Bouncers Background :iconpainfulelegy:PainfulElegy 142 34
The Merging
(A Potion Place Story)
By grapehyacinth

This time all three girls from 
When Magic Takes OverWhere Science and Magic Meet, and The Melting Point of No Return 
use The Ultimate Potion together...
 Caroline, Lexi, and Gena were set for their last weekend of transforming before Gena's wedding. Gena had promised to try to continue their tradition of using transformation potions after she married, even offering to bring her fiance Jim on occasion. Jim had his share of fun with the potions, but he usually just became a fish in his free time. Although this could p
:icongrapehyacinth:grapehyacinth 73 9
The Ultimate Potion
By grapehyacinth
(Animal/inanimate TFs, merging, melting, inflation, shrinking, and more)
Caroline (from 
When Magic Takes OverWhere Science and Magic Meet, and The Melting Point of No Return 
gets her very own story....
Caroline was not too happy to hear that she was on her own this weekend. Spending time with her friends Lexi and Gena had become customary on their free weekends. They would get together specifically to use different transformation serums from the Potion Place, a small store that specialized in them. Now that Gena, a scientist, had gotten together with Mr. Wintergreen, the owner of the shop, they had been coming up with all kinds of extraordinary substanc
:icongrapehyacinth:grapehyacinth 80 42
We 'R' Toys
By grapehyacinth
After two weeks of training, Julie and Rhea were officially couriers of South Street Shipping. Julie was proud of this. Rhea was not.
The two college grads both were at a dead end. Julie had lost several jobs, and Rhea hadn't even been employed yet. When Julie informed her that South Street was hiring, Rhea scoffed at this. “I didn't get a college degree to go carry stuff around.”
“Well, I don't see anyone else offering you a job. And I need to make money somehow if I want to stay in this apartment with you. They pay really well at the courier service.”
“For being a glorified mailman? Ridiculous.”
“Until something better comes along, I'm doing it. And if you want to pay your rent without your mom helping you out, you might want to also.”
Donned in their new South Street uniforms – a gray shirt and slacks, the two girls made their way to their first destination. It was an old brick building on the edge of a ba
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The Case of the Wooden Actress - Inanimate TF
The Case of the Wooden Actress - Inanimate TF
By: ThatGuy
Angie would have been lying if she said this wasn't a strange day, even before the woman walked through her wall. “Strange” was part of the MPI job description, but it was still a hell of a slog. So far she had handled more cases this morning than she usually did in a week, which she probably should’ve taken as a sign all things considered.
First there was the pet-owner who needed help with her cat, who recently started speaking English and Swedish fluently. And the museum curator who suspected his lifelike statuary hadn't all always been marble. And it would be hard to forget the clearly insane woman who claimed a shrunken man was living in her ear, in order to disassociate from the eight-foot tall cockroach in her foyer calling in some nasty debts. And all before lunch, too.
With clients like hers it was sometimes hard to keep even her veneer of disinterest, but the job was d
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