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Commissh - Teagan Ambros :iconkasai:kasai 1,280 25 Imprinted: Bella and Edward :iconhmarynka:hmarynka 53 6 TWILIGHT Jacob Wolf Necklace :icon1brianna1:1Brianna1 58 24 YJBI Variation :iconcullenluvr-aliceluvr:Cullenluvr-aliceluvr 44 4
Imprinted On My Heart...
It's easier to judge
When you're outside looking in
But if you look beyond the glass
You'll see it all begin
See the happy child
And why she's so lost today
It began back when he left
My joy it took away
But I am still alive
I'm still here, I'm holding on
I know you'll be there for me
Within me till I'm gone
So now I understand
That no one ever really parts
You will be with me all along
Imprinted on my heart
:iconlex-logan:Lex-Logan 10 10
White Butterfly Music Leather Mini Bookmark :iconrandom-wish:random-wish 25 3 Goodbye Chains Halloween again :icontracywilliams:TracyWilliams 31 10 Twilight Couples :icondevilbaby6606:devilbaby6606 38 21 Just Pipi today! :iconemmil:emmil 47 4 Chloe Inspired Imprinted Pairings :iconmandipope:MandiPope 60 11 Twilight: Renesmee :iconginnypigg:Ginnypigg 50 12 I Paw You :iconmint-menta-me:mint-menta-me 49 7 HON: Bound to You :iconzellykat:ZellyKat 53 13 I'm a bird? :iconciameth:Ciameth 32 7 Do you mind? :icontornfeathers:TornFeathers 27 6 Wolf Pack Tattoo Crest Ring :iconcreativerampage:creativerampage 19 1 JxN: Walking After You Lineart :iconmandipope:MandiPope 20 8 Oh what's that? :icontornfeathers:TornFeathers 23 16 Twilight: Imprinted Pairs for Chloe :iconmandipope:MandiPope 17 7 The Stars are Imprinted :iconvfallingv:VFallingV 16 4 Imprinted mother :icongasmaskmonster:GasMaskMonster 29 5 Sunny Day Kestrel 2 :icontornfeathers:TornFeathers 13 6 You've Just Been Imprinted :iconcullenluvr-aliceluvr:Cullenluvr-aliceluvr 11 6 Sunny Day Kestrel 1 :icontornfeathers:TornFeathers 11 6 Imprinted :iconbubble-hugger:bubble-hugger 14 8 STOCK_45.2_Close Up Stud :iconbellastanyer-stock:Bellastanyer-STOCK 17 3 Viking Protection Necklace :iconadnilemsadornments:AdnilemsAdornments 12 0 Screw Prom. :iconladyladyington:LadyLadyington 11 2 Day 96: Imprinted :iconbengaltiger4:BengalTiger4 19 0 Laughter :iconarrania:arrania 8 3
I Wanted To -Jacob Black-
"JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Heidi yelled as loud as her lungs would allow into the forest. She snapped her arms across her chest and blew out a sigh, cheeks puffing and everything.
"GET. YOUR. FURRY. BUTT. OVER. HERE!!!!!" She screamed once again into the dark woods. She opened her mouth to scream yet again when a hand flew over the gaping hole. Her eyes widened and she started flailing.
Somehow in the commotion she hit the attacker's groin, the man immediately let go, fell to the ground and starting cussing. A lot. Heidi whipped away and went to finish what she started when she recognised who the 'attacker' was. "Oh, Jake! I am SO sorry!" The poor girl exclaimed, bending down to help the groaning boy.
"No, no. I'm fine." Jacob grunted, still rolling on the ground. Heidi thought it looked like he might cry. So she asked him, with wide eyes. "Are you gonna cry, Jake?" "I feel like it." He stated, struggling to his feet.
"I really AM sorry." She repeated her apology yet again. "I know you are." H
:iconjxxl1223:jxxl1223 8 3
Spiralicious VI :iconpsion005:psion005 9 9 Feeding Mrs. P, The Barred Owl :iconramdomizer77:Ramdomizer77 9 16 Hand in Hand :iconthephotogenesis:thephotogenesis 8 5 an Interview and Imprinted Issue 1 Cover Colors :icondustinevans:DustinEvans 7 4 Imprinted Issue 1 Cover Colors :icondustinevans:DustinEvans 7 9 Me and my canary :icontornfeathers:TornFeathers 6 5 Expectant Esther :iconmeihua:meihua 9 4 EMMETT: Team Emmett Cullen :iconimprinted-inc:Imprinted-Inc 4 7 Imprinted Issue 2 cover :icondustinevans:DustinEvans 5 2 QN certified IMPRINTED :iconquileuteslover:QuileutesLover 4 0 Foldable Water Bottle 01 :iconjohnnydwicked:johnnydwicked 3 5 Que Quowle Team Jacob Black :iconcreativerampage:creativerampage 5 0 Team Jacob Black Wolf Pack Paw :iconcreativerampage:creativerampage 6 0 Jake+ Nessie :iconsjmamaelf:SJMAMAELF 4 0 Imprinted :iconbydorecreations:Bydorecreations 4 2 Imprinted life :iconpikson:Pikson 5 8