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The Bet
It was the end of school, and Spring Break was about to begin. Marie, a fourteen-year-old girl, decided to call her best friend, Alice, up and she wanted to ask her if she wanted to throw a slumber party that evening. "Sure," Alice said enthusiastically, "I'll get my mom to bring me over tonight." Marie then hung up, and she immediately went home to prepare for the slumber party.
A few hours go by, and Alice finally arrived to Marie's house. Marie opens the door for her friend, and she hugs her tightly. "I'm glad you could make it," Marie said smiling warmly at her. "I wouldn't miss it for the world, dear," Alice replied back. "What do you want to do first," asked Alice. "We should pork out on a lot of food, and then we should play some games," said Marie. They proceeded to eat plenty of sweets and junk food, and their stomachs started to bloat up due to their heavy eating. "We should play now," said Marie as she rubbed her bloated belly. "What game do you want to play,"" Alice inquire
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Shanti's New Home - Animation Loop :iconfeedfancier:FeedFancier 292 39
Envy's Meal Delivered
One summer day, I took a walk down a path to my friend's place until I got to a fork in the road. One leads to my friend's, but there is a short cut that goes through a forest. I was hesitant in going through the forest because there was a rumor that girls who enter those woods are never found again. But I was late to meet my friend so I decided to go through, hoping that the rumors are just that.
I walked through the forest, feeling confident about getting through this alive when I smelt something intoxicating. The smell alone made me follow to the source, which was a small house right in the middle of it. The smell made my stomach growl and remembered that I forgot lunch so I had to wait until I reach my friend; unaware that I was being watched.
As I was about to leave, a door opened and from it came a voice saying "Hungry?" The voice came from a boy, almost teenage with long green hair almost like a palm tree, a head band, fingerless gloves, sleeveless top, shorts with loin cloth ha
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Micro instincts
[WARNING: This is a PONY FANFICTION Inspired by the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  This story involves Vore, Micro/Macro and implied digestion.
Read at own risk.  If you read it and don't like it/hate it, please keep criticism fair and don't post your hate.  Thank you.]
"Um.....hello?" A tiny voice among the leaves of an old tree spoke up, but there wasn't a sound.  The wind simply blew on by, dragging the leaves with it.  One of the leaves that flew by smacked into a tiny creature, no more than three inches tall, and made her flail her tiny arms and legs about, trying to get it off.
"Help!" she cried out, but again there was nothing, so the creature was helplessly dragged down to the ground.....until it was pulled off by another creature of equal size and height.  It was a pegasus, a black one with a silver mane, and he wore a rather shocked look on his face when he discovered another pony beneath the massive leaf.  
"Wha..." he muttered,
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Rock On Kylie :icontinyguy10:TinyGuy10 52 2
Curiosity Ate The Cat
B- I was supposed to meet my friend, Coven, near his place which was near the HQ of his gang. When he didn't show up I decided to look around the place. I then hear some noise down the hall and followed it, leading me to a room where the leader, Hezubah, was with someone.  I heard a lot of begging and taunting, then I saw a strange light and looked inside the room. To my horror I saw Hezubah extracting some sort of light from his victim. The light soon turned into a shiny orb that hovered over the mob boss' hand and he looked at it with a drool on the side of his mouth. I was backing away from the door when I bumped into someone.
C- "Going somewhere, Bry?" Coven said before grabbing her.
B- I screamed when Coven grabbed me and brought me into the same room I was trying to get away with.
H- Hezubah heard a scream and said "Who's there?"
C- Coven brought the girl in with him and said "It seemed that my little friend here got a little too curious for her own good."
H- Looking at
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Blue Plate Special For A Blue Demon
E- Eurynome
B- I was out one night, just window shopping to see if there was anything that might catch my eye. Little did i know that i might be catching someone's eye.I then found a necklace that i'm sure my mom would like for her birthday. I charged it and looked around some more before grabbing a bite to eat.
E- A tall man stands aloof, watching shoppers file in and out of the various stores all around. He was a rather intimidating figure, standing at a looming seven feet tall, his back pressed up against the wall of one store. Though despite his incredible height he seemed to fade into the background, hardly moving and certainly not wearing anything eye-catching--just a long, buttoned up trenchcoat and a baggy pair of gray dress pants, shoes--it was all very typical, sans his blue hair and bright yellow scleras.
He lets out a long, drawn out sigh, as if in disappointment, his red feline eyes wandering around from person to person underneath bored, half-closed eyelids. His nos
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Part Of Your Meal
It was about noon at a lone beach house. A girl thought of using the day to take a walk down the shoreline and see what can be collected and such. She then went outside with a small sack and began her stroll, collecting shells, rocks and all that. Little did she know that she was about to be collected herself by an unknown predator.
Zexion was swimming along hunting for his next meal. He didn't know what he was in the mood for, since he can mostly eat things about his size or smaller.  With his stomach growling, he found a small crustacean and was about to devour it, until a shadow walked past him and caught his attention. Zexion smiled and told the crustacean; "Looks like it's your lucky day" before letting it go. The sea mage then swam to the surface and hid himself behind a rock as he found the source of the shadow.
Zexion took a whiff of the human's scent and amazed by the smell. He smiled and licked his lips saying "I never had a human before, but I heard they were delic
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