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Reasons Why I Love Him
1. His Smile
2. His eyes
3. His laugh
4. His voice
5. His hands
6. His protective arms
7. His hugs
8. His kisses
9. His sarcasm
10. The way he strokes my cheek
11. The way he plays with my hair
12. The way he just watches me
13. The way he holds me when I'm scared
14. The way he holds my hand as we walk
15. His little concentrated look when he plays the guitar
16. His enthusiasm
17. The way he daydreams
18. The look he gives me when he just wakes up
19. The way he just cuddles me when I'm tired
20. The softness in his eyes when he's worried about me
21. The way he worries about me
22. The way he tells me everything
23. The way he kisses me to shut me up
24. The way his hand always finds mine
25. The gentleness of his touch
26. The way he cares for me
27. His disappointed face
28. The way he doesn't care how hyper or crazy I am
29. The way he kisses my neck
30. The way he looks when he's standing on the doorstep
31. The way he never wants to say goodbye
32. The way he always finds time
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Opium Queen of Diamonds :iconlokelani:lokelani 146 16
I Love Him
His rare smile's like the sun,
Blinding those around him.
His eyes are like emeralds,
Twinkling with silent laughter.
His hair's like silk,
Soft to run my hands through.
His arms are like stone,
Protective and loving.
His laughter's like music,
Making my heart dance to its own beat.
His mouth's like a rose,
Biting me for cries of bliss,
Or touching me softly for moans.
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I hate language.
so much gets lost in between the verbs and the nouns
that the words that, miraculously, make it out of my mouth
are always miles away from what I meant to say.
and sentences formed on a notebook or  typed onto my blinding screen
are disappointments
because my thoughts are always
infinitely more
so it's the best thing
in the entire universe
when I can get my damn point across
without civilization's most overrated achievement.
When he knows just what I mean
just by looking into
my eyes.
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i love him
I love Him
I gaze down onto his sleeping face.
When I look at him,
I think that,
he's the most beautiful creature on this earth.
I can't imagine why,
why he would choose to stay with me.
He's so perfect.
He makes me laugh,
he makes me cry.
He makes me feel
what I've never felt before.
Every emotion comes alive.
I hold his hand
and never want to let go.
I can't imagine never having
met him.
I want to wake up every morning
and see that perfect face next to mine.
I want to feel what I'm feeling now with only him, and no one else.
I want to be a part of every
aspect of his life.
If I didn't have him,
I think I would stop breathing.
i love you Russell....
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How I became a fan of Snape
This was originally an email to Brooke Hollis. It turned out to be my life-story of how I became a fangirl of Snape and Rickman. Enjoy reading
" My name is Brooke Hollis. I am children's literature graduate student and Expository Writing instructor at Kansas State University and am currently doing a study on portrayals of Snape's character in different mediums (novel, film, video games, etc) and the character's rise in popularity.
I was wondering if you might be able to tell me a bit about when you became a fan, why you like the character so much (I, too, am a big Snape fan!), etc.
If you can answer these questions at all it would be greatly appreciated and helpful for my paper.
Thank you so much for your time ! "
11 November 2010
8 Days till the Deathly Hallows I premier
Chère Brooke,
At first, I hope you don't mind I just called you Brooke. Since I expect every Snape fan to be a sort of
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Blue Hill
My feet tread the lonely road
to Blue Hill.
I kiss the gravestones
and breathe in the hands of ghosts
listening for the echo
of their voices in my bones.
Our tears fall for him
like the scales of fish;
the sweet taste of wax jambu
that lingers on the tongue.
and I love him for his words,
like so many others,
dripping poetry into his hands.
It's not his fading heart we feel,
it's the sound of his soul.
and we trace the empty pages
waiting helplessly for his pen
to bring us into the light.
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You Said
You said you'll always love me,
You said you hate it when i cry,
You said it was forever,
You said theres no goodbye,
You said you'de never leave,
You said you wont get high,
You said you'de never let me go,
You said you'll never lie,
You said i was the only one,
You said it many times,
You said that you would live with me,
You said "just you and i",
You said you wont give up,
You said you never would,
You said it was true love,
You said it how you should,
You said you'de never hurt me,
You said you werent them,
You said those words wont leave your mouth,
You said this just wont end,
You said you never touched her,
You said that i could trust you,
You said that you were more then that,
You said it was the truth,
You said all these lovely things,
You said it wasn't lust,
You said, You said, You said......
Now just shut the fuck up.
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