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Games - Izaya x Reader
Stars never shone the way they did here in Ikebukuro, back home the stars were just there. As your fingers reached for the numbers, the phone slipped to it's immediate death. CLACK. Sharp noises rang in your ears, head spinning along with your thoughts. As you dangled from the tallest tower in this shining city, You pondered with the blood gushing to your head. I watched you, your little pathetic human eyes searching for something in your tiny bird-brain to find an answer to this demonic game I played with you.
Why did I come here, to the town of misfortune? To find myself a extremley  dreadful situation, it's become clear. I like stars-
Oh wait. That's not right. You like excitement...there we go! If there was anything you could do your whole life, you would find a way to be entertained every damned second of your pathetic life. I admire that, I truly do...since I love you, ...Well not you, specificly. in humans.
"So. Welcome to Ikebukuro.
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Snow - Izaya Orihara
Snow – Izaya Orihara
7 p.m. It started snowing in Tokyo, Japan.
Not a lot, just a few snowflakes swaying in the wind. Slowly turning the city white, shopkeepers getting ready for Christmas, lights turned on everywhere.
Ikebukuro was beautiful.
Dazzling enough to make even Orihara Izaya, the infamous information broker, look up.
Shivering slightly he snuggled back into his trademark coat. Happy it was so warm and furry. Thinking back to last summer, it had been exceptionally warm and back then he started doubting if he wasn't crazy wearing a winter coat in full summer. Almost melting under the burning sun.
But now, he adored it.
His trademark coat.
Black. Long. Furry. Not to mention, Warm.
He loved it.
There was no Ikebukuronese who didn't know who he was. Even if they weren't able to see his face between al the fur.
The coat was a sign for them.
To keep away if they didn't want trouble.
Because everywhere the information broker goes, it surely will be lively.
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Strangers (Izaya x Reader x Shizuo)
"How disgusting." Izaya spoke watching Shizuo and an unfamiliar face enjoy each others company. He smiled before turning the other way heading back to his home.
It didn't take him long to figure out who the mysterious stranger was that would hang around Shizuo. He simply was taking a nice little stroll on the streets of Ikebukuro. He heard Shizuo call out the stranger's name as he walked over to her. Izaya watched as the two ahead of him continued into Russia Sushi.
"(f/n) (l/n)..." The name seemed to sound fitting. As he smiled and turned back and headed home.
"I like that name." He smiled to himself saying the name again as he hummed happily opening the door and stepping in.
"Oh Naime," He called out. "I'm home." He watch his secretary look up from her computer screen. Her stoic face never changed as she continued to go back to the screen and work.
"No welcome back Izaya? How was your walk?" He asked imitating a female voice. She glared at the screen before sighing.
"Welcome back Mr.
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The Decisions We Make
Chapter 4: Yokoso!
Izaya walked towards the busiest part of the city, the boy making plans for the evening. He took out his phone, checking if he received any new messages. He placed it back in his pocket when he saw none, about to take another step when his body was hurled forward quickly. He could hear people letting out surprised shouts and gasps, but none helped the poor male.
Ah, he knew it. There was only one man that enjoyed seeing his body being flung around like a lifeless doll.
"Yo, Shizu-chan!" Izaya stood up, dusting his jacket off.
"I heard you made __(y/n) upset." Shizuo threw a punch to his jaw, the information broker sent far off to the side.
"Haha, well, I'll own up to that mistake, but we've already made up!" Izaya dodged a kick to the ribs, jumping on top of a nearby tree. Shizuo didn't care if you forgave Izaya or not, that asshole deserved a beating! The blonde grabbed a nearby street lamp, wielding the massive pole easily as h
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Coming Home
For the fifteenth -and that was just a rough estimate if anything- time that week, he just sat at his bedroom window, staring out of the glass into the busied morning streets. Nothing was going as well as it should have since the other left for Tokyo. Of course, he knew he would be back late that night or the day after in the afternoon, but that didn't ease his mind in the slightest.
Continuing to wonder whether the other had enough cash to get dinner every night, or if he was in a safe hotel without any disgusting men to try and get anything from him, he sighed a bit and leaned back in the cool bed. No one ever meant as much as the other meant to him; No one even came close! He had no idea how much he meant to the other, or if he was ever on his mind this entire week, but he could always assume he was cared for the same way.
Sighing a bit in defeat as his emotions took over and made him the depressed slug he'd been the entire week, even when he was working, he grabbed that same
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MMMMMPHH-ZAAAAAYAAAAAAA :icondat-baka:dat-baka 216 52
The Girl in Ikebukuro Another Story 6
Izaya came home at around six.
"Good evening Orihara-san."
He looked at you and smiled "Ah (F/N)-chan, were you waiting for me? Sorry I had to leave suddenly; why don't I make it up to you? Let's go out for dinner."
Izaya took you to a nice restaurant. He was dressed in his usual attire, and you wore a simple white long-sleeved blouse and black pencil skirt. Your wheat-colored hair was pulled up in a high pony tail. The way you were dressed mad you feel as if you were in a job interview, not a date. Then again, this was the only thing you had available at the moment. Izaya didn't seem to really mind the way you were dressed anyway.
"Order anything you'd like (F/N)-chan, it's on me."
As you scanned the menu something caught your eye; saké. You never drank alcohol before and tried to set a good example for Taki.
"Hello, I'm Yuki and I'll be your waitress. What can I get you?"
You weren't really hungry, and before you knew it you blurted
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