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Bath: Kiba X Reader I
Warning: Contains profanity, Enjoy!
"Hey! Are you ok?!"
You moaned and opened your eyes to see a boy with messy dark-brown hair sating at you. He had red lines that resembled fangs down his cheeks and a wooly hoodie with a dog underneath...? He held you in his arms bridal style with your head pressed against his warm chest. You didn't have time to respond before he drew his head closer to your face with his lips only centimeters away, and sniffed you.
"Ugh, you smell disgusting. Like flowers or some frilly crap."
You jumped and practically flew out of his hands.
"What the hell are you doing?!" you screamed.
"You smell bad; it really hurts my nose 'ya know?" He clenched his nose between his fingers "You 'otta be more considerate to others."
"What do you mean 'be more considerate'?! This is how a girl smells right?! Be thankful I don't smell like you and the shit you rolled in!"
"Who just saved you from drowning in a pond?"
"That's beside the point! And-"
You looked down and witnessed yo
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Trade with Tkfr - Ichigo tickled by Grimmjow
Setting: SPOILER WARNING – Shortly prior to the invasion of Soul Society
Location: Karakura Town
Time: 2:04 a.m., Saturday
Ichigo pushed the door open, kicking his shoes off right on the threshold. They landed some feet away with two soft thumps. Usually he would have attempted to be more silent, but there was no one in the dark house. Karin was away with the soccer team, and Yuzu was enjoying a trip to the countryside, luckily bringing their father along. Indeed, the man had tried to convince Ichigo to join them, and it took the boy three beatings to make him finally desist. And Kon... where was the  stuffed lion again?
Anyway, he had the house all to himself for about two weeks. Which was a very good thing, since he was on a break from school for the same amount of time. At least, it would have been for any seventeen-year-old who did not spend most of his nights hunting down bloodthirsty Hollows. None of them was a threat to him, though. But that afternoon he had had some
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