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Best of: Zelda Majora's Mask Fan Art

The best of the best: Fan art of Zelda's Majora's Mask.

     Moonfall by Archaois
Majora's by Gahiko
Majora's Mask (Fan Poster) by Image-Six

Majora's Mask - Wooden Replica by ThePropBoxMajora's Mask - Wooden Replica by ThePropBox
Majora's Mask by KirstyCarter
Majora's Mask by Arabesque91     DoA: Playing With The Moon by Orioto
The Skull Kid by JohnnyCago
Majora's Mask: The Clockworks by EternaLegend
Majoras Mask: The Moon by MaxGrecke

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Link X Reader
You heard the cuccos crowing as the sun shone through your window onto your face. You sat up groggily in bed as you looked about your room before getting up to go get dressed. You lived in the small village of Kakariko with your mom; she ran a bakery that you had always helped her with. Today she had given you the day off since you ran to Hyrule town yesterday to get ingredients for the coming week.
However sometimes you wished she wouldn't give you the day off, mainly due to the fact that you really didn't know what to do since he left. You felt your heart sink in your chest as you were reminded of your old friend Link. It had been years since you had seen him last and it killed you that you didn't know where he was or how he was doing. To be honest you had always thought he was cute since the first time you met him and when you became friends those feelings only grew. You finished getting dressed as you remembered back to when you two first met.
At the time you were 8 or 9 at t
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