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The world grew dark by deannadeadly The world grew dark :icondeannadeadly:deannadeadly 138 15 Hex in Junkyard by rabidgirlscout Hex in Junkyard :iconrabidgirlscout:rabidgirlscout 172 7 the all seeing eye by rabidgirlscout the all seeing eye :iconrabidgirlscout:rabidgirlscout 138 11 Monstress Hex Hypoxia by rabidgirlscout Monstress Hex Hypoxia :iconrabidgirlscout:rabidgirlscout 118 7
limacina helicina ~ palpitations
      pacified &
                    steeped in the calming abyss of he,
                          with a <placid> gnash that lies in ictus between his milky teeth;
                                        her shaven lungs filled to the brim
                                                 as his <wraithlike> hydroskeleton l    
:iconlithium-cocoon:lithium-cocoon 11 9
Hypoxia by TwiggyTeeluck Hypoxia :icontwiggyteeluck:TwiggyTeeluck 131 17 Frostbitten Beauty by SingularDisease Frostbitten Beauty :iconsingulardisease:SingularDisease 72 18 Mesmerize by rawrrrr-321 Mesmerize :iconrawrrrr-321:rawrrrr-321 32 11 +Winter Winds+ by SingularDisease +Winter Winds+ :iconsingulardisease:SingularDisease 37 14 Hex Hypoxia as Harley Quinn by rabidgirlscout Hex Hypoxia as Harley Quinn :iconrabidgirlscout:rabidgirlscout 49 5 Caution by Sharpeshots Caution :iconsharpeshots:Sharpeshots 63 26 ghost angel by rabidgirlscout ghost angel :iconrabidgirlscout:rabidgirlscout 48 4 Arc V Fallen by rabidgirlscout Arc V Fallen :iconrabidgirlscout:rabidgirlscout 55 9 Hex Hypoxia by LaCice Hex Hypoxia :iconlacice:LaCice 59 12 Cold One by SingularDisease Cold One :iconsingulardisease:SingularDisease 32 9 Drowning In Isolation. by Cylian666 Drowning In Isolation. :iconcylian666:Cylian666 21 8 S E L F - R E S C U E by CeruleanDM S E L F - R E S C U E :iconceruleandm:CeruleanDM 27 2 Fighting by deannadeadly Fighting :icondeannadeadly:deannadeadly 34 13 I N S P I R A T I O N by CeruleanDM I N S P I R A T I O N :iconceruleandm:CeruleanDM 24 0 Z O M B I E      NATION by Cylian666 Z O M B I E NATION :iconcylian666:Cylian666 13 5 Prohibition Tribal Gear by rabidgirlscout Prohibition Tribal Gear :iconrabidgirlscout:rabidgirlscout 11 0 Hypoxia by TAG-Ink Hypoxia :icontag-ink:TAG-Ink 10 2 You Will Surrender by UlyssesHypoxia You Will Surrender :iconulysseshypoxia:UlyssesHypoxia 62 39 hypoxia, 02 by lilbittydemon hypoxia, 02 :iconlilbittydemon:lilbittydemon 24 23 +cut away this empty+ by ambientgray +cut away this empty+ :iconambientgray:ambientgray 19 2 Hex Hypoxia by rabidgirlscout Hex Hypoxia :iconrabidgirlscout:rabidgirlscout 221 32 Hex Hypoxia wallpaper by PhilosophyFetish Hex Hypoxia wallpaper :iconphilosophyfetish:PhilosophyFetish 57 8 Red and Black by deannadeadly Red and Black :icondeannadeadly:deannadeadly 45 14 Void by Cylian666 Void :iconcylian666:Cylian666 19 16 Hex Hypoxia by AarontheMagician Hex Hypoxia :iconaaronthemagician:AarontheMagician 10 0 Hypoxia by EmeraldCurse2 Hypoxia :iconemeraldcurse2:EmeraldCurse2 8 3 Hypoxia by Ceraisian-Alchemist Hypoxia :iconceraisian-alchemist:Ceraisian-Alchemist 8 60 CatCasino Cosplay by Cylian666 CatCasino Cosplay :iconcylian666:Cylian666 8 4 Hypoxia by MadHatters-Wife Hypoxia :iconmadhatters-wife:MadHatters-Wife 7 0 Hexed by IDreamofKerosene Hexed :iconidreamofkerosene:IDreamofKerosene 19 0 System Error by Cylian666 System Error :iconcylian666:Cylian666 10 1 Dead Souls by gulo-luscus Dead Souls :icongulo-luscus:gulo-luscus 6 6 Hypoxia - Teaser Film Poster by CrustyDog Hypoxia - Teaser Film Poster :iconcrustydog:CrustyDog 6 1 Hypoxia by syrogen Hypoxia :iconsyrogen:syrogen 4 21
cold ears and something about poor circulation. everything’s
not in its place. the fly hums, i die and retroactively make a brave
face.  winter’s bone affirms life; your heart pumps like a motor spilling
blood over pistons.  what will it take to get you to look at me for
more than two seconds at a
time?  my joints need oil from running such a slow pace. i feel
like i woke up yesterday then fell back asleep.  chimp ears. rheumy
eyes, head too big for the face. i want to hear your voice hum at an
intimate decibel.  i want to take in your breath and make it my own,
i want my blood to bond to your
CO2 and i want to see your face as my face goes
:iconcole-y:Cole-y 3 0
Cyanide. by Cylian666 Cyanide. :iconcylian666:Cylian666 4 0
The Promise, Pt. 2 of 10.
          Several minutes later, Jill stirred into consciousness.  Her large eyes fluttered briefly, and she reached out and about for her glasses.  They were on the floor -- away and a little lower.  However, she became aware of her circumstances when her hands encountered a flexible strong barrier on all sides.  "Damn!  The sleazy bitch locked me in a bag to suffocate," she thought.
          A garment bag to be exact.  Already, the air inside was getting stuffy, but she could still breathe with relative ease, to indicate that she had been enclosed in it recently yet.  Her vision blurred more and head throbbed as she slowly stood to regain full circulation in her legs and examine the new synthetic trap.
          The bag was wider and a little taller than she was, of
:iconnightwalker50:Nightwalker50 5 0
The Promise, Pt. 5 of 10.
          Fear dominated Jill's state of mind also.  She was still unable to find a way out of her life threatening situation and no longer could breathe normally.  Her own carbon dioxide was weakening her body and stealing her very breath inside the oppressive, seemingly impenetrable bag.  Already, she was perspiring and felt intoxicated from oxygen deprivation.  Unable to even think clearly as a result, only the basic instincts of survival prompted her to fight on.  
          She clumsily got back to her feet after another short uneasy period of rest.  Her senses reeled more, and she breathed faster, in deep draws and forceful pants, to use the available oxygen better, but at an obvious cost.  Feeling a little more calm anyway, she stood on the wide edge of the jacuzzi tub, crouching some, and jumped to the floor wi
:iconnightwalker50:Nightwalker50 4 0
hypoxia, 03 by lilbittydemon hypoxia, 03 :iconlilbittydemon:lilbittydemon 3 16 Geisha by DemonicKittyx Geisha :icondemonickittyx:DemonicKittyx 4 0 Eatbrain // Cognition EP by eatbrain Eatbrain // Cognition EP :iconeatbrain:eatbrain 3 2 hypoxia by tradelessjack hypoxia :icontradelessjack:tradelessjack 3 1