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Hunting House by GrimDreamArt Hunting House :icongrimdreamart:GrimDreamArt 1,442 293 house_3 by GrimDreamArt house_3 :icongrimdreamart:GrimDreamArt 950 227 Yaoi o'clock by tama-rai Yaoi o'clock :icontama-rai:tama-rai 1,604 82 Opalus by anndr Opalus :iconanndr:anndr 4,365 74 Way Station by GrimDreamArt Way Station :icongrimdreamart:GrimDreamArt 900 130 mountain_house by GrimDreamArt mountain_house :icongrimdreamart:GrimDreamArt 770 162 Ho-Ho-Homos - FREE TO USE! by P00CHYENA Ho-Ho-Homos - FREE TO USE! :iconp00chyena:P00CHYENA 529 54 PGWIFI:: Distracting Hus by yukinayee PGWIFI:: Distracting Hus :iconyukinayee:yukinayee 992 42 We're All Under The Stars by Cargorabbit We're All Under The Stars :iconcargorabbit:Cargorabbit 1,156 78 merry xmas HO HO HOMOSEXUALS by TSCLonix merry xmas HO HO HOMOSEXUALS :icontsclonix:TSCLonix 679 108
:17+: I'm Not... Gay? (Part 1)
It’s been quite a while. A year maybe since Pom and Shibe died and gone to Dog Heaven. Not to mention that whole first day bullshit with Pom killing Dog and becoming the new Dog. She could have destroyed Dog Heaven just to get the Wi-Fi she craved. But she didn’t.
A year or so after Pom “remade” Dog Heaven to fit her needs, you could say. There’s Wi-Fi and a lot more shit that Shibe thought was never needed. But not a lot of dogs complained about the changes, and most of them are just learning the ways of the Internet. Most of them were more than happy.
Still, Shibe felt a little sad about not being able to be with his owner. He couldn’t stop watching over her as she went to work and the store and every place else. He felt happy to see that she’d moved on but always came back to their resting place to lay flowers or just sit there.
“You’re still here?”
Shibe looked back, a bit startle until he saw it was only Hus. Shibe blushe
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Pom Yaoi by NocturneReturn Pom Yaoi :iconnocturnereturn:NocturneReturn 795 70 Pom Gets Wifi by hammie-d Pom Gets Wifi :iconhammie-d:hammie-d 918 82 Pom Gets Wifi - Wow Homos by MitarashiBoi Pom Gets Wifi - Wow Homos :iconmitarashiboi:MitarashiBoi 749 54 surfs up shinji-kun by sewerMonstar surfs up shinji-kun :iconsewermonstar:sewerMonstar 781 43 Wowsofurjoshi by misspixel Wowsofurjoshi :iconmisspixel:misspixel 307 7 DIE ANTWOORD by huseyinozkan DIE ANTWOORD :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 207 25 Jan Hus Memorial by EllieFragile Jan Hus Memorial :iconelliefragile:EllieFragile 201 27 medieval-houseTutorial by GrimDreamArt medieval-houseTutorial :icongrimdreamart:GrimDreamArt 852 164 Shibe-icon- by purple-reaper Shibe-icon- :iconpurple-reaper:purple-reaper 238 55 i l l u m i n a t i II by huseyinozkan i l l u m i n a t i II :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 199 46 Metal Gear Solid - Raiden by kalaspuff Metal Gear Solid - Raiden :iconkalaspuff:kalaspuff 281 37 winter story book cover by huseyinozkan winter story book cover :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 394 39 Shibe x Hus by NocturneReturn Shibe x Hus :iconnocturnereturn:NocturneReturn 308 28 DIs fanart is Laze by Riiahime DIs fanart is Laze :iconriiahime:Riiahime 283 26 HITLER by huseyinozkan HITLER :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 123 19 Pom gets Wi-Fi by NocturneReturn Pom gets Wi-Fi :iconnocturnereturn:NocturneReturn 307 18 Pom-pom doge by Half-Pint-Hero Pom-pom doge :iconhalf-pint-hero:Half-Pint-Hero 553 96 NEIL FALLON - CLUTCH by huseyinozkan NEIL FALLON - CLUTCH :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 84 6 Hus n Shibe by Kawaii4eva Hus n Shibe :iconkawaii4eva:Kawaii4eva 252 24 FOR JAN by kevissimo FOR JAN :iconkevissimo:kevissimo 79 22 POM GETS WIFI (gijinka) by lewd-dodo POM GETS WIFI (gijinka) :iconlewd-dodo:lewd-dodo 78 11 Ninja vs Tokoloshe by huseyinozkan Ninja vs Tokoloshe :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 109 41 LOCKSMITH by huseyinozkan LOCKSMITH :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 101 21 Pom gets Wi-Fi by siulai Pom gets Wi-Fi :iconsiulai:siulai 213 16 All under the stars by Carib0o All under the stars :iconcarib0o:Carib0o 165 5 Pom by PeachPrinceX Pom :iconpeachprincex:PeachPrinceX 88 11 IZZY by huseyinozkan IZZY :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 74 8 Mane 6 Embroidery Design Value Pack (Design Prevs) by adamlhumphreys Mane 6 Embroidery Design Value Pack (Design Prevs) :iconadamlhumphreys:adamlhumphreys 85 11 BOILED BRAIN by huseyinozkan BOILED BRAIN :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 188 28 REDMONKEY by huseyinozkan REDMONKEY :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 85 4 AXEandSNOW by huseyinozkan AXEandSNOW :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 92 5 40 by huseyinozkan 40 :iconhuseyinozkan:huseyinozkan 83 1 GAY BOYFRIEND 2 DA RESCUE by DetectiveRJ GAY BOYFRIEND 2 DA RESCUE :icondetectiverj:DetectiveRJ 320 15 PUNCH ME IN DA D*CK by SpaceMink PUNCH ME IN DA D*CK :iconspacemink:SpaceMink 111 14 Hus-icon free by purple-reaper Hus-icon free :iconpurple-reaper:purple-reaper 161 20 Mane 6 Embroidery Design Value Pack (Photo Ref) by adamlhumphreys Mane 6 Embroidery Design Value Pack (Photo Ref) :iconadamlhumphreys:adamlhumphreys 75 9 Pom Gets Wifi Domino Necklace (For Sale) by KrazyKari Pom Gets Wifi Domino Necklace (For Sale) :iconkrazykari:KrazyKari 50 7 Fanart- Pom gets wi-fi! by Bubble-Night Fanart- Pom gets wi-fi! :iconbubble-night:Bubble-Night 142 17
~Poetry Commission~
For most, when they think of zombies
They imagine vengeful, violent monsters
Although this isn't far from the truth
It makes it all the more unusual
To watch a scene of romance unfold!
To be honest, it was rather hard to tell
Which was male and which female
But there they were, cuddled up on a park bench
While their fellow zombies wreaked havoc in the city
Eating humans with ominous glee
Now, I don't quite know exactly what they planned
As I imagine they were too decayed to reach fourth base
But it was certainly a comical sight
When he slowly leaned down to kiss her
And one of his eyes popped out
She was slightly surprised
As it fell on the ground and rolled away
From where we hid in the bushes
It was somewhat hard to see
But when he stood up to retrieve it
I imagine he stepped on it
Since even at a distance
We heard a splat and a frustrated groan!
When they finally picked back up where they left off
My friend and I started to plan our escape
We certainly wou
:iconrollingtomorrow:RollingTomorrow 10 16