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If tears left scars... by DestinyBlue If tears left scars... :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 29,328 2,683
Helping Hurting People
This is a message I'm sending out to everyone in need of help with the problems, emotional and mental pains they are having. It doesn't matter who you are, what race, what kind of person you are, either you're atheist, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, straight or what you have done. Even if you killed someone, please don't be afraid, I want to help you. If we talk I'll keep it between us, so no one else knows. You are never too far away to be saved. I won't judge you. Whether you are in pain from people, have pain on the inside, you cut yourself, or even thinking of or planning on committing suicide. It's never too late to change your mind about something. Never give up on life, even when life seems impossible. I want to help. This isn't a fake, I really do wish to help. You have a purpose, you just need to find it. If you know someone who is looking for help or needs it, tell them about me. My e-mail msn hotmail account is mentioned in the description section below.
I'm not "perf
:iconfire-link:Fire-Link 151 479
Crying by akirakirai Crying :iconakirakirai:akirakirai 6,914 475 Marceline - I'm Hurting you Because I love you by KevinWerty Marceline - I'm Hurting you Because I love you :iconkevinwerty:KevinWerty 719 106 Mental pain reaction meme by limeyukiko Mental pain reaction meme :iconlimeyukiko:limeyukiko 666 32
I Love You
When I’m not talking to you, I’m thinking of you.
When you’re away, I’m hurting inside for you.
Heart sinking,
Belly aching,
Mind numbing,
Hurt for you.
I miss you.
When I’m talking to you, I’m thinking of us.
When you’re with me I come alive.
Heart beating,
Belly flying,
Mind racing,
Alive for you.
I love you.
:iconkikufire:KikuFire 1,477 1,275
Beowulf goes to the library by emlan Beowulf goes to the library :iconemlan:emlan 678 39
It glistens in the dark
   The blood on your razor
       You smile at your cut
            I grimace in pain
                The thought of you like that
                     Cuts me inside
:iconterrabird7:terrabird7 24 32
Ezio Auditore by Leon Chiro WIP 90% Cosplay by LeonChiroCosplayArt Ezio Auditore by Leon Chiro WIP 90% Cosplay :iconleonchirocosplayart:LeonChiroCosplayArt 263 16 Anime Expressions by rhaeigan Anime Expressions :iconrhaeigan:rhaeigan 1,441 277 Separate by Skia Separate :iconskia:Skia 1,089 42
Calm on the Outside
She's hurting,
She's breaking,
She's crying inside.
She's yelling,
She's screaming,
And hiding her eyes.
Yeah you wont, 
hear a thing,
It's a-ll inside.
The hurting,
the screaming,
Her smile's a lie.
She stares out,
The window,
And wishes to die.
Or maybe,
When she'll jump,
She'll finally fly.
You cannot,
See her face,
She's hiding it all,
So you wont,
Yeah you wont,
See her fall...
Calm on the Oustside, written by Emma Thrussell, 27/11/12
:iconstarspinner678:StarSpinner678 129 74
It Almost Feels like Cheating
Right now,
   I don't care who's arms I'm in.
They're all the |s|a|m|e|;
Just shells of people with names that don't matter;
    None of them are you
I wish I was better then this,
That I wasn't some whore seeking some attention just so she's not so
                           a          l         o         n        e
But baby, what can I do?
  You're gone & there's nowhere for me to go;
I've lost my direction, darling.
I wish I could be strong;
   & not just sit here and try to lock away
Painful, S-U-F-F-O-C-A-T-I-N-G memories,
Memories that used to make m
:iconspuffy12:Spuffy12 68 57
We Were Only Pretend
Look me in the eyes,
                       & Tell me the truth.
I'm sick of all the games,
                    & I'm tired of all the lies.
I know you're hiding something from me,
                                  & I know that you don't want me.
            So I don't see the point in staying,
                      Especially when I'm not worth your loving.
Don't make me promises you
:iconspuffy12:Spuffy12 49 17
Incapable of Love
Whisper to me softly,
Tell me that you need me,
Make me feel like I'm wanted.
I'm tired of feeling empty,
Somebody, give me something.
Someone, make my heart beat,
& Make me feel like I'm on fire when you kiss me,
Don't let me be able to forget you.
I want someone to unlock my heart,
   I'm sick of not being able to let anyone in,
                I want to fall in love again.
I'm so sick of this,
I need to feel something,
I haven't felt in love in so long.
I promise, every time I smile and say, "I love you, baby" it's a lie.
'Cause darling, I'm incapable of that kind of love.
                      {I swear}
I only say what you really wanna hear,
But it's not all a lie,
I do care, I do adore talking with you,
:iconspuffy12:Spuffy12 62 24
It just hurts by Zindy It just hurts :iconzindy:Zindy 834 124 Cry No More by LovelyDagger Cry No More :iconlovelydagger:LovelyDagger 682 77 let go by ErinBird let go :iconerinbird:ErinBird 788 163 A vote for BEOWULF is a vote for THE HURTING by emlan A vote for BEOWULF is a vote for THE HURTING :iconemlan:emlan 815 72 Physical Things. by aircrash Physical Things. :iconaircrash:aircrash 357 32
Dealing With Depression
Look at me,
     Tell me everything you see.
           What do you see? Are you sure you're seeing me?
                      I promise you that you're hardly catching a glimpse of what I really am.
If you could look deeper,
You'd see the ever-present demons in my mind,
& How hard they are to keep confined.
You'd see all the scars, hidden underneath my skin:
One for every single time I've thought about feeling the sweet release of the razor,
Or dreamed about the loving, easy, & soft embrace of death.
If you could look a little bit deeper,
You'd see the monsters blocking my heart,
& You'd see them whispering to me-
You'd hear them say that I'm never good enough, that I'm alone no matter what I do.
{There's no point in trying,
'Cause I
:iconspuffy12:Spuffy12 226 156
Don't you EVER give up
Please play the song while viewing this journal. I've tried my hardest to create a, well, a kind of experience for you. The music plays a crucial role in delivering that experience and a very important message. I promise you won't regret it. Just make sure the whole journal is loaded, turn on your speakers, push play, and start scrolling. The song is about 4 minutes so keep that in mind as you scroll. Please share this journal and help spread it's message!

depression? by DropDeadGirl
:iconbritlawrence:BritLawrence 206 124
Break Apart His Heart by ReturnT0Zer0 Break Apart His Heart :iconreturnt0zer0:ReturnT0Zer0 162 36
I'll Never Be Perfect
That's what you said I was.
It's what I thought you were.
That's what you told me we'd always be,
But now, darling, I know that you were lying to me.
'Cause there's no such thing as true perfection,
& That night when you left me, baby,
That was nowhere near perfect,
& That was the very last thing I wanted.
You told me I was perfect;
You told me that you loved me,
You told me that you could never leave me,
You told me that I was all you'd ever need,
But when you left me the other night,
I realized what I really meant to you;
        {I wish you would have stayed}
You showed me exactly what I meant to you when I saw her in your arms,
You proved to me that I was nothing; worthle
:iconspuffy12:Spuffy12 79 34
Please, Push me Away
I'm starting to n-e-e-d you,
I'm starting to depend on you.
& I'm starting to want you way more then I already do.
From my past, I know that this feeling is
& All that's going to come out of this is b/r-ok/e-n hearts and salty tears,
                     I'm going to hurt you,
:iconspuffy12:Spuffy12 77 39
Fallen Angel
Angel, stop crying
Hey Darling
No more tears
Baby, start smiling
Keep fighting
For those years
When all the world made sense
One more hurdle, one more fence
And I'll climb every mountain
To reach you, all alone
And I'll bring down the walls
To reach you, I'm comin' home
And I'll run those many miles
Fallen Angel, all alone
Honey, don't give up flying
Your wings ain't dying
They're simply torn
And the world ain't talking sense
One more hurdle, one more fence
I won't take no for an answer,
I won't take no for today
I won't stop holding your hand and
I won't let you get away
Angel, quit your hurting
And remember
That I'm here
Fallen Angel, I'm home…
:icon01demai:01demai 99 61
You're Not Mine
Darling, I'm no good for you,
Sooner or later, I'll be the death of you.
I don't blame you for leaving,
After all, I'd leave me to,
Especially since all I ever do is hurt you.
I know that you say that you'll always love me-
From death, into an eternity-
But even though you're sick of hurting,
& Tired of waiting,
Do you really need to be leaving?
I know that I'm a terrible person,
'Cause I want you,
Yet I refuse to have you.
{I love you, I want you, but I wont belong to you}
I never really did know what held me back-
And I still don't.
You gave me a choice,
Take you or leave you,
& For some reason, I couldn't chose either one.
I don't wanna be with you,
But I can't be without you
& I think I might just be in love with you.
But thinking is different than knowing,
& It's not like a love like ours could last,
'Cause there's way too muc
:iconspuffy12:Spuffy12 68 31
Enough is enough. by BritLawrence Enough is enough. :iconbritlawrence:BritLawrence 172 13 i would die for you by decayed i would die for you :icondecayed:decayed 319 57 Hurt by kimded Hurt :iconkimded:kimded 128 12
You're My Subconscious Memory
I wish I could remember.
I wish I could remember the way it felt to be in your safe embrace,
I wish I could remember the way you taste,
& That buzzing that was left on my lips after we shared a kiss.
I wish I could remember your eyes and their color-
That bright, vivid green that's impossible to describe & forever embedded in my subconscious memory.
{But I know that memories aren't photographs, & I know my memory is not doing you any justice}
I wish I could speak to you again, {Your voice always calmed me down}
You always knew exactly what to say,
& You knew how to make everything seem okay.
I wish that you'd come back to me,
I wish that you'd wrap your arms around me, look me in the eyes & tell me that you love me,
Just like you used to.
I wish that we could be together,
'Cause baby, with you I'm whole, complete,
But when we're apart like this, darling, it kills me.
You were once mine,
& I was once yours,
& A
:iconspuffy12:Spuffy12 35 17
Can't Shake This
I feel used
I feel dirty
Like you only want one thing out of me
But you don't want me at all
You crave my body
You treat me like a doll
You make me feel gross
As you rip my clothes off and "play" with me
You tease me
But you never please me
It's your own little sadistic game
A game
That I don't want to play
But I'm afraid to tell you how I feel
Afraid of what might happen when I do
Afraid I might lose you if I do
I love your touch
I love the feeling of your skin against mine
My bare chest on top of yours
You know that I would do anything
To make you happy
Even if it tortures me
You torture me
You "jokingly" call me names
And say things that make me feel uncomfortable
Things that make me feel like you're raping me
Are you raping me?
Do you even see what you're doing to me?
How much you're hurting me?
Or do you see
And think I'm okay
Because you know I'll wait
Wait for you to come back to me
That's why you play your little games
Your foolish, conceited games
You'll push as far a
:iconbr0ken-typ3-writ3r:BR0KEN-TYP3-WRIT3R 25 20
Cleaning His Wounds by Ayem Cleaning His Wounds :iconayem:Ayem 884 372 Depression by digitaltvirus Depression :icondigitaltvirus:digitaltvirus 216 34
Pouring my heart out
did you hear me?
You are not alone!
It is not your fault,
It isn't, hey, DID YOU HEAR ME?
Are you listening?
There is hope!
There is love,
Happiness is a choice
but you have to try to overcome the pain first,
you have to decide that whoever hurt you is not worth your anger
That you WILL NOT let them control your life or emotions
That you are stronger than they are
Because you are loved
Because you would never hurt someone the way you have been hurt
You are hope,
It's there, I can see it in you.
I can feel it in your words and yes,
even in your pain.
I know that you can do it
It isn't easy, but you are not alone,
The hurt rise up to protect each other,
from distances unmeasured and with power unseen,
we are the hurt, the victims
once hopeless, now an army,
a support to help people like us
to break through the barriers that numb us,
that make us hurt us when we don't deserve it,
that convince us that there is nothing better,
but there is
:iconcinders8328:Cinders8328 42 61
"Shh, don't scream"
'Then stop hurting me'
"Shh, clam down"
'Then stop hurting me'
"Shh, don't say that"
'Then stop hurting me'
"Shh, you are too loud"
'Then stop hurting me'
"Shh, slow your breaths"
'Then stop hurting me'
"Shh, don't cry"
"Then stop hurting me!"
:iconhikaru-nara-kheel:hikaru-nara-kheel 33 17
What's Happening?
"She seems like a whore"
But I--
"You're kind of bitchy"
People say I'm--
"He's cheating with you, isn't he?"
What are you--
"You act like such a slut"
I haven't even--
"You sure you're not a lesbian"
Yes!  I--
"God, you're so lazy"
I am not! I--
"You never take anything seriously!"
Maybe, but I--
"You're, like, a 9 on the scale"
What? I--
"You're so nice all the time"
I try--
"I never knew you were so deep"
There's a lot of--
"You're what this place is missing"
You really think--
"You're always so optimistic"
Well, yeah, I--
"Everyone loves you"
Are you--
"I think you'll go far"
I dont know--
You ask me what I'm talking about
When I seem so so confused
Why won't you just make up your mind, everybody
It's not like I've got something left to lose
I'm beaten down and brought back up
Now, every single day
Is this some sick tric
:icondreamcatcher5674:dreamcatcher5674 91 31
Depression by okbrightstar Depression :iconokbrightstar:okbrightstar 132 9
Hurting For A Very Hurtful Pain - English Translyr
Why does it hurt? Why does it hurt?
Why doesn't this pain ever go away?
Oh it hurts, oh how it hurts,
What did I ever do to deserve this?
Ah, and I want to tell you so,
Tell you how it hurts and only you can know
Oh, it's awful, it's awful,
What did I do to deserve to feel this bad?
I want you, and only you, now,
The pain is trapped inside my chest...
Yeah, I admit, I did this to myself
Yes, I insist on hurting myself.
It always go away when I leave it be,
But somehow the pain always comes back again,
When my eyes shut, all I can see
Are the things that can't possibly be
All I feel is grief and hopelessness and,
Oh somebody must understand me!
[Don't come near, don't come near,
Don't get so worked up over a little wound, now,
Don't mind it, don't mind it,
Shouting won't help, nothing can help you now
Go away, go away, yes,
I'll be gone again before you know it, so
Just be calm and simply put up with...
Oh it hurts, oh how it hurts,
What did I ever do to deserve this?
Ah, and I wan
:iconmomotaro556:Momotaro556 18 8
growing up.
five a.m and we were strolling down the sidewalks, like mice or streelights dancing. we pretended to be special and when you looked at the sky and said, all of my dreams are of this
i tried to understand. when we were eight years old you pushed me, too hard, and i fell and my knees bled and i was a baby begging for someone to hold me. but you just looked at me and said, you know, you have to hurt sometimes.
you'll never grow up otherwise.
and i didn't understand and i didn't want to try to.
five years later and here we are, you in whoknowswhere chasing the sky with some guy that's going to abandon you for someone better someday, maybe today and you'll turn to me, a baby begging again, and i'll say, he's not worth it, but i won't mean it.
because you'd do the same to him if you had the chance and you've done the same to me. and the truth is we're all hypocrites, we're all liars and thieves and we're always the person we never wanted to be.
and i guess, in retrospect, i would have loved
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 56 53
. . . Vanquish . . . by ChIandra4U . . . Vanquish . . . :iconchiandra4u:ChIandra4U 104 39 Fake Sonic X Screenshot by ShadowedLove97 Fake Sonic X Screenshot :iconshadowedlove97:ShadowedLove97 117 40
Hiding behind a smiling face,
The emptiness I feel on the inside is betrayed,
You’re angry with me,
I keep on saying sorry,
But you’re being unforgiving,
Won’t look me in the face,
But when I look into your eyes,
Into your eyes I fall from grace.
The void is defining,
Silence untouched,
I want a new beginning,
Cuz this one hurts too much,
Where is the forgiving?
Oh I’m crying out for you,
Are you listening?
Are you listening?
:iconkikufire:KikuFire 28 17
Rrrrround 3 by emlan Rrrrround 3 :iconemlan:emlan 408 41 . . . Time will tell . . . by ChIandra4U . . . Time will tell . . . :iconchiandra4u:ChIandra4U 120 74
Broken Rainbows
There's dimmed, spread out rainbows on the pavement,
A sign of the heavy torrential rain slowly lessening.
   While the light paints pretty pictures on the slippery ground; telling a story.
A story of hope and the innocence of childhood all too soon being erased
                   & |r|e|p|l|a|c|e|d| by fear and heartache.
A story of leaping from a height unknown & crashing onto the concrete; {heart first}
                              A story of not being caught.
A story of falling in love with his gray-green eyes & thinking that she saw forever in his shimmering, mu-r/ky depths, when all she really saw was e m p t i n e s s in his forest-colored orbs.
She thought that the rainbow in the sky on
:iconspuffy12:Spuffy12 21 16