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Rules of Manga and Anime
#1 also known as *The hair rule*:  Hair will be considered to be made out of steel in any circumstance unless:
a) it's length is enough to surpass the shoulders and there is wind or the character is hanging upside down.
b) the character has to put on a hat or helmet.
#2: if the words *Final battle* or *Ultimate enemy* are said, there will be another arc; unless the author dies or the company goes broke.
#3: if a character has a secret, such secret cannot be revealed unless it's the end of the arc, and chances are it'll be the next arc.
#4: the weight of a weapon is inversely proportional to its size and power.
#5: if protagonist is weaker than friend, and bad guy defeats named friend; then bad guy will be defeated by protagonist.
#6: there is no such thing as too much weapons.
#7: if protagonist is a bad guy, the series will end with his death or attempt of redemption.
#8: plans made in the last minute are ten times more likely to succeed than any plan that's been thought thr
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The Case Of Missing Earrings
While growing up, we had a domestic help who lived with our family. She was a Bangladeshi woman who had fled her country as a refugee and came to live with my grandmother after grandfather’s death. Her name was Sumita and I used to call her sumita pishi, as that was how I was told to address her.
Sumita pishi was a colourful personality. She liked the finer aspects of life and was full of stories from her country. She used to tell my mother and grandmother, the story of her life before she became a refugee, full of the joy and comforts that a rich village landowner has. How she fled with just two gold bangles on person as the rioters were setting fire to each and every house in the villages and killing any hindu in sight. Me, however she regaled with deliciously scary ghost stories of pisach dancing on tree tops in the marshes at night and setting them on fire. Of shakchunnis with feet which are pointed backwards and the devil himself with eyes on his shoulders, who was only scar
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Rules of Manga and Anime pt2
#1: happy-go-lucky, stupid and blunt is the mold for most protagonists of successful anime/manga series.
#2: almost all the personalities of the characters in a series are a copy of characters that have the same role in some other series.
#3: all protagonists are virgins; if not, they're older than twenty three and like drinking and smoking.
#4: unless the above rule says otherwise, all protagonists are younger than twenty.
#5: a bad guy will always say their ultimate master-plan when about to be utterly defeated.
#6: animals that can transform tend to turn into sexy females.
#7: there's a high chance there's a character that adds the same word at the end of every phrase.
#8: gender-bent characters are sexy, handsome/beautiful or overall pretty.
  #1: if she is sexy and mature, she's between 13 and 16.
  #2: if she's childish, underdeveloped and small, she's around her mid twenties.
  #1: the only way for him to be older than ninetee
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Funny Phrases, Slogans, Quotes
-"Coincidence is God’s pseudonym."
-"Those who can, do. Those who can't, criticize." - Arthur C Clarke.
-"The only cooking men do is barbecues because it involves danger." - Erma Bombeck
-"Let regulations be damned." - Hikaru Sulu.
-"After a time, you may find that having is not so much pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical but it is often true." - Spock
-"One man's trash, is another man's treasure."
-"I don't just want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying." -Woody Allen.
-"Everyone's a hypocrite; don't be so obsessed with someone's particular brand" - James Evans Wilson.
-"I am not a liar; I just have a very flexible relationship with the truth."
-"There's no ‘I’ in 'team'. There is a ‘me’, though, if you jumble it up."
-"If you talk to God you're religious. If God talks to you, you're psychotic."
-"Humanity is overrated." - Gregory House
-"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."
-"A lar
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Writer's Block Sonnet
Her feet are wearing holes in the carpet
While she paces 'round and 'round with a scowl
Apparently her book gives her a fit
And no one dares to talk to her at all
Her fists are clenched and waving through the air
Making gestures no one can understand
She has been pacing several hours there
Immersed in some issue that is at hand
Her eyes stare off into some unseen world
As if she is squinting at a wet page
The ink has run and everything is blurred
Her eyes too tired to read it in her rage
But then! some idea strikes her at last
I never knew that she could run so fast.
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