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I Am Here
Through the darkness and shadow
My cry through the battle
You know what I see
But you don't see me
Though I see you
I see right through
You are unreal to me
Living in your luxury
And I do not exist
With my hungry mouth and bony wrist
And what of I
Can you not hear me cry
Can you not save me
From this invisible enemy
Don't look away
Don't say 'Nay'
I need your second glance
Please give me a chance
No matter where you go
I will be in tow
No matter where you are
I will not be far
You may not see me
You may not believe
But here I am
A silent lamb
But who am I
Can I not die
As Truth I am always there
And my goal is to make you care
I may be the end of life
Starvation or emotional strife
The death of a child without sin
Or the genocide of many kin
I am everywhere
Though you may not see me there
My patience is a sea
How much longer 'til you notice me?
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Manips for Charity Project
Hiya Darlings,
    I'm about to ask for your support on a project. I am reaching out to the photomanipulators and digital artists on this one. It is strictly for charity and non-profit. For some of you, it may be asking too much. I understand, but for those of you who are willing to participate, I will give you unlimited free access to my exclusive stock gallery. I don't have much in the way of points to donate to this venture. Though for every person that participates* I will give them anything they want with no amount limit out of my exclusives folder. I have already donated one artwork to the cause and intend to make a few more. Those who donate will also be featured at The-Stock-Directory and  Fantasy-Paradise. Keep in mind that this is not a traditional contest with winners, but a collective group effort to help out the sanctuary.
The Manips for Char
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Thank You + Obituary - things that need saying
Thank you everyone who thought of me on my birthday! I got some beautiful gifts (see at the bottom). However, the 7th of January was not just my birthday this year, it was the saddest day France has seen since the end of World War Two.
12 were killed at Charlie Hebdo (as you probably all know by now) for drawing cartoons... those cartoons may have been offensive, but no matter how offensive they might have been, nothing can ever justify the actions of the three men. Not on that day nor in the aftermath, as even more people (including police & innocent bystanders) were killed during their attempt to flee.
My heart goes out to the families and to all of France and Europe. I just hope that the hatred will not spiral out of control and that there will be enough voices of reason to not let the likes of Marine Le Pen or
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