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Element Personalities
Fire (Defender, Avenger, Privateer)
Water (Nurturer, Compromiser, Stoic)
Air (Wanderer, Prankster, Adventurer)
Earth (Moderate, Guide, Naturalist)
Ice (Cynic, Scientist, Shyer)
Metal (Builder, Warrior, Sentinel)
Thunder (Judge, Demagogue, Inciter)
Plant (Druid, Cultivator, Hermit)
Light (Peacekeeper, Crusader, Luminary)
Shadow (Informant, Coward, Vizier)
Time (Scribe, Nostalgic, Profiteer)
Space (Cartographer, Observer, Guardian)
Absence (Remaker, Psychotic, Daemoniac)
General: Fire magic manifests most often in people with a capacity for strong emotions. Said emotions are often displayed as they are felt; Fire persons have no "poker face" and can't hide their true feelings. That said, though they feel and display emotions powerfully, such displays are often short lived and will soon reach more reasonable levels. Fire people are passionate and driven, often uncompromising when their mind is firmly set on a goal. They are confident and believe in their own ability to pers
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A First Encounter, Part One of 'The Relationship'
Note: This is a story, with vore. If you do not like that, do not read this. It is also my first story I have submitted. Critique is welcome, but do keep in mind I am new to this.
In a dense patch of wilderness, far from any civilization, was a village. The village, though self dependent, was a decent place to live. It looked like something straight out of the middle ages; the houses were built out of common materials, such as wood and straw, and many of the people in the village were farmers. The village knew about the world outside, but kept to itself; they found life in the wilderness appealing. There was no village leader; it was a completely democratic society, where they would join together and decide in issues in a clearing to the south. It was not paradise, but it was home.
In this village lived a young man by the name of Daniel. Daniel was about age eighteen, and not particularly athletic. He was very good with politics in his village, however, and his father was looked up to
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Morrow and Gwyneth by Zombiesmile Morrow and Gwyneth :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 2,201 129
Becoming a Knight
Becoming a Knight
Warning: This contains soft vore.
Deep inside a castle lied a forge, where a squire was busy sharpening a dagger. He had recently been given a message; today he would be given a special task by the lord of the castle, and if he succeeded, he would be knighted. The thought of finally becoming a knight filled him with excitement. He had been training for this his whole life, and now it was finally going to pay off. His excitement was a bit much, and he chipped the dagger he was grinding. I probably won't need it today anyway, he thought. He picked up the ruined dagger, and put in a rack for future repair. As he was doing this, someone knocked on the door. He answered it promptly.
"Who is it?"
A slightly muffled voice came from behind the door. "It's a messenger. I'm here to deliver some urgent news."
The squire felt confused. He was supposed to be given the task late in the day, and then he would proceed with it the next day. It was only morning.
"Come in, then."
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The Price to Pay -VORE-
“C’mon, lad…I’m starvin’.”
“NO. I said it already…I’ll say it again…NO.” The human growled flatly, not even bothering to look up from the charts he had laid out on his desk atop the giant’s tabletop…carefully marking passageways and double checking his notes from the last venture to make sure everything lined up.
He was planning another run tonight…and that meant he didn’t have time for Killian’s antics.
Especially ones of the nommy variety…
“Jooooooosh…” The whine that game from the huge brute leaning over him made the man roll his eyes upwards in a gesture of annoyance. He knew this wasn’t going to end well at all…and most likely he wouldn’t be getting his way in this.
Mostly because the big jerk simply refused to grant him that ounce of respect as to listen to his decline…
But the very fact that the giant had stooped to whining and mo
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