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Fantasy Lips Tutorial :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 10,025 201 Human Sans :iconadzze:Adzze 1,204 180 A talk at Grillby's :iconadzze:Adzze 801 96 Hand Tutorial 2 :iconqinni:Qinni 33,077 474 More Sans Sketches :iconadzze:Adzze 525 32 Beyond the Barrier :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 7,299 240 City guard :iconwindmaker:Windmaker 1,469 24 Sketchdump May 2016 [Perspective 2] :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,406 59 Mini Undertale Comic Series :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 1,307 103 City guard captain :iconwindmaker:Windmaker 1,714 37 Monsters in the Closet :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 3,898 243 Skeleton Brothers :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 2,051 109 Portal: Wheatley :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 8,384 1,150 Step By Step - Rainbow eye tut + video :iconsaviroosje:Saviroosje 8,463 261 Woman Stock Practice 5 - Kinda Sitting :iconazizlaswiftwind:AzizlaSwiftwind 1,293 10
Human! Freddy x Reader: Jealous Much?
    “Hey, Chica, have you seen Bonnie lately? We were planning to have a Guitar Hero contest,” asked (y/n) as Chica looked up from the pizza she was making. 
    “I’m sorry, (y/n), but I haven’t seen Bonnie since closing time,” apologized Chica as she went back to making her pizza. (Y/n) sighed out of disappointment.
    (Y/n) had been working at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria for about 2 months now. For her first two weeks, she had been working the night shift, trying not to get killed by the animatronics. It wasn’t until her last day as a night watchman did she learn their secret…
    “Ok, it’s 5:14am, just need 46 more minutes…” said (y/n) as she scanned the camera’s and the door lights. Bonnie and Chica were at a safe distance and Foxy was only peeping through his curtain. The only bastard missing
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Sci-Fi Revolver [final] :iconbringmeasunkist:BringMeASunkist 2,029 149 SKIN: a tutorial - Part 2 :iconnavate:navate 17,925 763 Smile :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 5,585 1,081 Semi-realism lips. step by step :iconfelicemelancholie:FeliceMelancholie 11,094 75 Human skull ornament PNG :iconraduluchian:raduluchian 1,075 318 Portal: Wheatley 2 :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 4,803 436 Guide to Human Types part 1 :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 14,262 1,276 ... I want to be cool ... :iconadzze:Adzze 608 106 Brushes: FUR 1 :iconsnow-body:Snow-Body 5,771 690 Guide to Movement1:Flexibility :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 10,209 619 Harvesters :iconoddly-spliced:Oddly-Spliced 387 17 Step by Step Manga Eye Tut :iconsaviroosje:Saviroosje 7,043 177 Humanoid Wing Anatomy Whatnot :iconturtle-arts:Turtle-Arts 4,703 289
Human!Golden Freddy X Reader - Family
"Foxy! Stop gnawing on the cable!" You picked him up before he could bite through it. Then you turned to Bonnie. "And YOU, Bonnie! Stop trying to plug the cable in the power point!"
Bonnie pouted a little but started to scowl at Foxy who let out a low growl. You spotted Chica on a table where she munches on a cupcake.
"Chica! You definitely have enough sugar for today!" You took her half-eaten cupcake away. Chica begins to cry and you quickly gave her, her favourite cupcake plush toy with the eerie eyes.
You put Foxy on the ground and looked at your boyfriend, Golden Freddy. He's sitting on a chair, currently asleep, with Freddy on his lap. You picked the little guy up without waking him.
Then you smacked Golden Freddy's head. He instantly shot up from his chair.
"OW! What was that for, love?!" You put one hand on your hip and glared at him. "What do you mean "What was that for"?! You're supposed to help me with the children! I can't take care
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Human!Springtrap X Reader - I'm Not Alone
"Yo, (Y/N)! If you want to wuss out of it then go straight ahead!" Your friend [Friend's Name] laughed and you growled.
"I'm NOT wussing out! But do you really think it's a good idea? It's already midnight and who knows what's going to happen in there!"
The building in front of you is a new horror attraction called "Fazbear's Fright". The place opened up recently and gives out a vibe that makes you VERY uneasy.
Especially at night and [Friend's Name] had the "brilliant" idea to test your courage. That means you need to sneak inside and spend the whole night inside the building.
"Like I said, (Y/N): If you're too scared then you don't need to do it." He played with the flashlight and grinned. You snatched the flashlight from his hands.
"Okay, okay! I'll do it! Just stay where you are and wait for me. If you leave without me, I'll quit our friendship!" [Friend's Name] gasped and clutched his shirt at the spot where his heart should be.
"OMG! Please don't quit our friendship
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Dark Knight Sandwich :iconharseik:Harseik 3,714 441 Brushes: Fur part: 4 :iconsnow-body:Snow-Body 3,625 212 Nose Chart Reference :iconmacawnivore:macawnivore 17,714 425