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6 Old sheets of paper textures by env1ro 6 Old sheets of paper textures :iconenv1ro:env1ro 1,617 437 MMD HQ Court Yard stages Download by saler1 MMD HQ Court Yard stages Download :iconsaler1:saler1 1,318 167 MMD HQ School Gym stage download by saler1 MMD HQ School Gym stage download :iconsaler1:saler1 1,649 186 HQ PNG Floating island by E-DinaPhotoArt HQ PNG Floating island :icone-dinaphotoart:E-DinaPhotoArt 663 140 Grungy Textures by env1ro Grungy Textures :iconenv1ro:env1ro 1,058 221 MMD TDA:Miku Doll (A.M.R) v2 Download!! by AmaneHatsura MMD TDA:Miku Doll (A.M.R) v2 Download!! :iconamanehatsura:AmaneHatsura 1,398 379 Pastel Gradients by shattereddesigns07 Pastel Gradients :iconshattereddesigns07:shattereddesigns07 840 106 GATES TO ELYSIUM by tigaer GATES TO ELYSIUM :icontigaer:tigaer 4,252 330 20 Grunge Textures by env1ro 20 Grunge Textures :iconenv1ro:env1ro 1,980 597
nosebleeds [hinata shouyou x reader]
No way was Hinata Shouyou a pervert, but he always found himself bleeding when he saw [Name]. Specifically bleeding through the nose. It was still a mystery, even to Tsukishima who was a know-it-all smart ass. But, maybe it was because it was hot in the gym? Or maybe was it because he liked her, in a sexual kind of way?
No way. He was way too innocent.
But then again, as a teenage boy, he thought she was sexy. Beautiful. Flawless. Wonderful. All of these words ran in and out of his teenage mind when he saw her walk through the gymnasium doors with Kiyoko, their dear manager.
There was a time when [Name] hugged him from behind and the blood just gushed out without warning. It was horrible. He hated himself because of it. It was only a simple hug, yet he felt her breasts pressed against his back and that was the trigger. How an act of kindness could trigger his teenage hormones was ridiculous. But, of course still possible.
And, there she was again, oblivious to his adoration as she talk
:iconokumurachanchan:okumurachanchan 890 110
20 SUPER HQ SPACE BACKGROUNDS - PACK 16 by ERA-7 20 SUPER HQ SPACE BACKGROUNDS - PACK 16 :iconera-7:ERA-7 125 19 MMD Hq Anime like Front gate to a school yard by saler1 MMD Hq Anime like Front gate to a school yard :iconsaler1:saler1 1,298 179 MMD HQ beach by amiamy111 MMD HQ beach :iconamiamy111:amiamy111 710 101 Coby Sparkles Photoshop Brushes by Coby17 Coby Sparkles Photoshop Brushes :iconcoby17:Coby17 777 39
tiresome [sick!kageyama tobio x reader]
"Tobiooo! I am here!"
When you slammed open his bedroom door, the boy was curled up on his bed with a heavy blanket over his body. After a second, he opened his eyes and looked up at you with a bright red face, tousled black hair and a red nose. If you weren't so concerned about his well-being and fever, you would've laughed your ass off and cooed at the sight because this was Kageyama Tobio.
He blinked when he realized it was you. "W-What are you d-d-doing here?!"
"I came to take care of my dear boyfriend, what else?" you snorted, tossing your backpack onto the floor and plopping down at the side of his bed.
"Go home before you get sick too."
"Nope. Never."
You placed the back of your hand atop his burning forehead. He flinched at your cold touch, but then relaxed after a moment. Suddenly, you shot up and crawled over to your backpack and retrieved the cough syrup you bought on the way over.
"You know, you never texted me back. I was really worried," you whined, peeling
:iconokumurachanchan:okumurachanchan 292 21
MMD TDA:Wedding Girls Download!! by AmaneHatsura MMD TDA:Wedding Girls Download!! :iconamanehatsura:AmaneHatsura 674 105 KageHina - First Kiss by Amanduur KageHina - First Kiss :iconamanduur:Amanduur 777 111 MMD HQ School pool satges download by saler1 MMD HQ School pool satges download :iconsaler1:saler1 989 62 30 Free Polygonal Low Poly Background Textures by RoundedHexagon 30 Free Polygonal Low Poly Background Textures :iconroundedhexagon:RoundedHexagon 402 57 THE GATES by tigaer THE GATES :icontigaer:tigaer 1,511 98 Premade BG Floating Island by E-DinaPhotoArt Premade BG Floating Island :icone-dinaphotoart:E-DinaPhotoArt 232 12 Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (1/5) by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (1/5) :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 614 86
affectionate [nishinoya yuu x reader]
You loved everything about your boyfriend, Nishinoya Yuu, but there was something about him that you loved most. His height. He wasn't some macho, muscular guy on steroids. You thought his height was perfect. But, you also loved his hair. Especially the blonde streak that ran through the middle of his faux-hawk. Every time you saw him, you'd touch his hair first, and he thought that was cute.
You loved it most when he had his hair down, without any salon products and whatever else he used. It made you feel just a bit taller and he looked really adorable like that anyway.
Nishinoya laid his wet head in your lap and let out a breathy sigh of content. "Ahh, you're so cute, [Name]-chan!"
You groaned. "Shut up, Yuu."
"Eh? No honorifics?"
You blushed a deep red.
He smelled of strawberry shampoo and the same body wash you used. You smiled slightly, weaving your small fingers through his wet hair in a warm, loving way. He let out a loud exhausted groan.
Then suddenly, he sat up, facing you wit
:iconokumurachanchan:okumurachanchan 679 60
Levi x Reader [Cadet Prom]
    You were walking through the corridors of HQ, silently fuming. It was so typical of Eren to come up with a plan like this, and even more typical was the fact that you got the worst end of it. As you turned a corner, the events of the past hour flashed through your head:
    It was after dinner, and all the 104th cadets were in their dormitory. Eren, Mikasa, Armin and you were sitting in a circle on the floor. The rest of t
:iconimmiker86:Immiker86 828 185
Haikyuu moms swap!! Iwaizumi in Fukurodani by Suncelia Haikyuu moms swap!! Iwaizumi in Fukurodani :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 487 60 VAN DIEMEN'S RETREAT by tigaer VAN DIEMEN'S RETREAT :icontigaer:tigaer 894 75 Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (3/5) by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (3/5) :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 594 68 Mikasa from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) by gameriuxlt Mikasa from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) :icongameriuxlt:gameriuxlt 1,325 59 The REAL deviantART by Heidi The REAL deviantART :iconheidi:Heidi 2,384 1,751 Haikyuu!! How to get a toy by Suncelia Haikyuu!! How to get a toy :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 435 45
If Only | Tsukishima Kei x Reader
You are annoying.
A nuisance.
A ray of sunshine he’s so eager to avoid.
He hates you as much as he now hates himself.
And you haven’t done anything to him.
"Oi Tsukishima! Focus on your receive dammit!" 
’Damn you.’
Tsukishima sighs tiredly, shoulders slumped as he make his way to the far corner. Coach Ukai finally called a timeout, and right now, is the first time he’s ever been so eager towards something, which is -
- to get you out of his sight.
Yamaguchi quickly follows his lead, casting a worried glance at his bestfriend. He knew what bothers the rimmed blond, and wished he could do something about it. But Tsukishima won’t tell him anything. He’ll just simply throw you a quick glance and immediately take it back, contempt written on his face as though you’re very presence brings him pain.
"Wait guys! You forgot your water bottles!" A cheerful voice interrupts their gait, Yamaguchi regarding you with a small sm
:iconjeneru:jeneru 304 36
Brushes - Paint Splashes by So-ghislaine Brushes - Paint Splashes :iconso-ghislaine:So-ghislaine 767 44 Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (5/5) by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (5/5) :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 491 54 HQ - Pokemon by kata-009 HQ - Pokemon :iconkata-009:kata-009 2,352 125
red string. | yandere!kuroo tetsurou [soulmate!au]
red string. | yandere!kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader
☆ soulmate!au where a red string connects two people together. only soulmates can see the other's red string.
☆ please keep in mind that this is a yandere fic. there will be dark themes, and possibly sensitive material. you have been warned.
There is a red string around Kuroo’s neck; it’s been there since his twelfth birthday. The thread fits around his neck perfectly — neither loose nor is chokingly tight. The peculiar thread that appeared spontaneously one day made him curious. Kuroo had pulled and tugged, and even brought a pair of scissors to his neck once, but no matter what he did, this single string remained ever present against his skin.
At first, he worried that it would hinder it his everyday life, but the red thread is thin and barely there. No one else could see it — only him and his future soulmate would — and it never bothered him during matches or practices or any other
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 417 60
Jealousy Part One [Nishinoya Yuu x Reader]
The school bell rang, signalling the end of school. "Finally!" All of your classmates including you, groaned. You packed your things and stretched your body. Your last period just had to be [least favourite subject] and what's worse was the teacher gave you a suprise quiz the whole period!
You chatted with your friends till the school's exit; where you guys seperate and head to your own directions. You were about to walk away when you heard a familiar voice calling out to you.
"Name!!" The voice called out. You turned around and saw Nishinoya, a member from Karasuno's Male Volleyball.
"Yes, Nishinoya-senpai?" You replied, tilting your head slightly.
Nishinoya blushed slightly and grinned, "Are you going home already [name]-chan?"
"Yeah I was. Why?"
"If you're free then come watch our volleyball practice!!" He suggested.
"Hm..." You thought about his offer for awhile and then decided, "Sure!" You gave him a smile and he returned a grin and dragged you to the gym.
:iconholyprussia:holyprussia 158 2
Premade BG Hight up by E-DinaPhotoArt Premade BG Hight up :icone-dinaphotoart:E-DinaPhotoArt 223 45 Photoshop Action 30 by IGotTheLook Photoshop Action 30 :iconigotthelook:IGotTheLook 606 41
The Weeb Handbook (Tendou x F!Reader)
The first time he saw you, he fell in love.
Your hair was an absolute mess, your lips were chapped, and you were glaring at everyone in the hallway.
To him, you were beautiful.
"Ahhh," Tendou sighed, griping to his close friend, Ushiijma. "Wakatoshi! I just don't know what to do!"
"Do about what?" Ushijima asked. His friend was being trivial as usual, but he seemed surprisingly wound-up, considering that he only walked from his last class to the gymnasium. He didn't speak to anyone in the short distance, so why was Tendou upset?
"I don't even know her name!" Tendou cried. He was dramatically pacing up and down the glossed floor, huffing and puffing, a frown placed on his lips. "But I want to know, Wakatoshi-kun!"
Ushijima got up, going to a crate of volleyballs. It seemed that Tendou would be riled up for quite awhile. "First, calm down."
"I am calm!"
Anyone looking at Tendou would think the opposite, with his face flushed as red as his hair, but Ushi
:iconcinderpelt333:cinderpelt333 182 70
Cuddles [ Bokuto Kotarou x Reader ]
Honestly, the (h/c) female known as ______ ______ did not, for the life of her, knew how this happened. Here she was, wrapped up in a certain male’s arms, on his bed, while wearing his clothes. His legs were tangled with hers and his face was in her chest area; she had been flustered at first, trying to push him away but he was way too strong.
Curse him and his athletic ways.
She looked down at the black and white hair that belonged to the one and only Bokuto Kotarou. She sighed softly, running her fingers through his surprisingly soft hair. She looked at her phone, wondering if her parents were wondering where she was; after all, they were overseas on a business trip.
How she got into this particular predicament was all the childish teenager’s fault. Well, she couldn’t actually blame him. She had said that she was feeling a bit unwell today. But he didn’t need to suddenly carry her in his arms and rush back to his home, which was closer than hers.
:iconsayuri-iera:sayuri-iera 273 6
Haikyuu!! Cheeks by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Cheeks :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 628 54 Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (4/5) by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (4/5) :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 476 60 Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (2/5) by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (2/5) :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 523 55 Haikyuu!! How do owls sleep by Suncelia Haikyuu!! How do owls sleep :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 489 57 Haikyuu moms swap!! Akaashi in Karasuno by Suncelia Haikyuu moms swap!! Akaashi in Karasuno :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 429 46 Spearhead Ship TX r3 by eRe4s3r Spearhead Ship TX r3 :iconere4s3r:eRe4s3r 286 36
irritation maximum : oikawa tooru
Oikawa Tooru X Delinquent!Reader
Whispers were heard all over the courtyard as she walked past. Students stopped their own conversations in order to talk about her. [Name] on the other hand really couldn't care less about what they were saying and only stuffed her hands into the pockets of her ankle-long skirt.
"That's [Surname]-san, right? I heard she got into another fight."
"Ehh? Again? She's always causing trouble."
They were so annoying. [Name] shot the pair of girls a glare and they immediately shut their mouths. She hated girls like that; ones that could only talk but not doing anything. It was because of them the stereotype of girls remained weak.
"[Name]." A voice called her.
She looked over her shoulder to find her classmate Iwaizumi behind her. The two were on good terms. He didn't piss her off and she didn't piss him off so the two were cool together.
"Hey." [Name] nodded, turning around.
"Ever thought of stopping?" Iw
:iconshitsuji-san:shitsuji-san 310 25
60 Diamonds Gems png pack by iamszissz 60 Diamonds Gems png pack :iconiamszissz:iamszissz 607 96