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MMD HQ Court Yard stages Download by saler1 MMD HQ Court Yard stages Download :iconsaler1:saler1 1,274 164 6 Old sheets of paper textures by env1ro 6 Old sheets of paper textures :iconenv1ro:env1ro 1,612 436 Grungy Textures by env1ro Grungy Textures :iconenv1ro:env1ro 1,051 221 MMD HQ School Gym stage download by saler1 MMD HQ School Gym stage download :iconsaler1:saler1 1,597 179 HQ PNG Floating island by E-DinaPhotoArt HQ PNG Floating island :icone-dinaphotoart:E-DinaPhotoArt 640 135
nosebleeds [hinata shouyou x reader]
No way was Hinata Shouyou a pervert, but he always found himself bleeding when he saw [Name]. Specifically bleeding through the nose. It was still a mystery, even to Tsukishima who was a know-it-all smart ass. But, maybe it was because it was hot in the gym? Or maybe was it because he liked her, in a sexual kind of way?
No way. He was way too innocent.
But then again, as a teenage boy, he thought she was sexy. Beautiful. Flawless. Wonderful. All of these words ran in and out of his teenage mind when he saw her walk through the gymnasium doors with Kiyoko, their dear manager.
There was a time when [Name] hugged him from behind and the blood just gushed out without warning. It was horrible. He hated himself because of it. It was only a simple hug, yet he felt her breasts pressed against his back and that was the trigger. How an act of kindness could trigger his teenage hormones was ridiculous. But, of course still possible.
And, there she was again, oblivious to his adoration as she talk
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MMD TDA:Miku Doll (A.M.R) v2 Download!! by AmaneHatsura MMD TDA:Miku Doll (A.M.R) v2 Download!! :iconamanehatsura:AmaneHatsura 1,362 369 20 Grunge Textures by env1ro 20 Grunge Textures :iconenv1ro:env1ro 1,980 596
affectionate [nishinoya yuu x reader]
You loved everything about your boyfriend, Nishinoya Yuu, but there was something about him that you loved most. His height. He wasn't some macho, muscular guy on steroids. You thought his height was perfect. But, you also loved his hair. Especially the blonde streak that ran through the middle of his faux-hawk. Every time you saw him, you'd touch his hair first, and he thought that was cute.
You loved it most when he had his hair down, without any salon products and whatever else he used. It made you feel just a bit taller and he looked really adorable like that anyway.
Nishinoya laid his wet head in your lap and let out a breathy sigh of content. "Ahh, you're so cute, [Name]-chan!"
You groaned. "Shut up, Yuu."
"Eh? No honorifics?"
You blushed a deep red.
He smelled of strawberry shampoo and the same body wash you used. You smiled slightly, weaving your small fingers through his wet hair in a warm, loving way. He let out a loud exhausted groan.
Then suddenly, he sat up, facing you wit
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MMD TDA:Wedding Girls Download!! by AmaneHatsura MMD TDA:Wedding Girls Download!! :iconamanehatsura:AmaneHatsura 662 104
Levi x Reader [Cadet Prom]
    You were walking through the corridors of HQ, silently fuming. It was so typical of Eren to come up with a plan like this, and even more typical was the fact that you got the worst end of it. As you turned a corner, the events of the past hour flashed through your head:
    It was after dinner, and all the 104th cadets were in their dormitory. Eren, Mikasa, Armin and you were sitting in a circle on the floor. The rest of t
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MMD Hq Anime like Front gate to a school yard by saler1 MMD Hq Anime like Front gate to a school yard :iconsaler1:saler1 1,269 179 Haikyuu!! Bokuto's Poker Face by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Bokuto's Poker Face :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 167 19 MMD HQ beach by amiamy111 MMD HQ beach :iconamiamy111:amiamy111 697 100 GATES TO ELYSIUM by tigaer GATES TO ELYSIUM :icontigaer:tigaer 4,248 330 Pastel Gradients by shattereddesigns07 Pastel Gradients :iconshattereddesigns07:shattereddesigns07 818 106 MMD HQ School pool satges download by saler1 MMD HQ School pool satges download :iconsaler1:saler1 959 60 MMD TDA:Punk Rock Girls Pack 1 Download!!! by AmaneHatsura MMD TDA:Punk Rock Girls Pack 1 Download!!! :iconamanehatsura:AmaneHatsura 424 45 Photoshop Action 30 by IGotTheLook Photoshop Action 30 :iconigotthelook:IGotTheLook 601 41 HQ - Pokemon by kata-009 HQ - Pokemon :iconkata-009:kata-009 2,341 124 The REAL deviantART by Heidi The REAL deviantART :iconheidi:Heidi 2,382 1,748 Premade BG Floating Island by E-DinaPhotoArt Premade BG Floating Island :icone-dinaphotoart:E-DinaPhotoArt 223 12 Mikasa from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) by gameriuxlt Mikasa from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) :icongameriuxlt:gameriuxlt 1,299 59
tiresome [sick!kageyama tobio x reader]
"Tobiooo! I am here!"
When you slammed open his bedroom door, the boy was curled up on his bed with a heavy blanket over his body. After a second, he opened his eyes and looked up at you with a bright red face, tousled black hair and a red nose. If you weren't so concerned about his well-being and fever, you would've laughed your ass off and cooed at the sight because this was Kageyama Tobio.
He blinked when he realized it was you. "W-What are you d-d-doing here?!"
"I came to take care of my dear boyfriend, what else?" you snorted, tossing your backpack onto the floor and plopping down at the side of his bed.
"Go home before you get sick too."
"Nope. Never."
You placed the back of your hand atop his burning forehead. He flinched at your cold touch, but then relaxed after a moment. Suddenly, you shot up and crawled over to your backpack and retrieved the cough syrup you bought on the way over.
"You know, you never texted me back. I was really worried," you whined, peeling
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::Kageyama Tobio X Reader:: Underwear [ 2 ]
The couple laid in their bed, the female's face tucked in to the boy's neck. Sweet breaths escaped both of them, chests heaving in unison.
They were both in their undergarments from last night, and [Y/N] slept on her boyfriend's chest. Both of them were asleep, and fingers seemed to intertwine with each others.
Nuzzling her nose into Kageyama's neck further, the raven haired male stirred, slender arms wrapping around her waist to tug her closer to his body, preserving the heat they shared. She hummed, navy blue eyes opened slowly, and he blinked repeatedly to clear himself of blurry vision.
A mess of [H/C] hair was in his line of sight, and he sighed, dragging two fingers up her bare back, stroking the skin soothingly. She moved, their legs tangled together as he continued to gently touch her.
Then she lifted her head, looking down at Tobio with half-lidded eyes. He released the hold he had on her hand, and raised it to her cheek, cupping it before pressing a soft morning kiss to her l
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::Tsukishima Kei X Reader:: Underwear [ 5 ]
If there was one thing that Tsukishima Kei was good at, it would be teasing. Making [Y/N] flustered was his favourite thing to do, and he knew exactly how to do it.. with teasing, of course.
His teasing came in different forms. Mocking her, making her beg for him.. or just simply being half-naked around her made his cute little girlfriend flustered. So he decided to do just that.
He'll probably do all three.
He sauntered to the bedroom they shared, and leaned his bare back against the door frame, watching her carefully. Her [E/C] hues seemed to only but glance up at him, but then back down to the book she held with tiny hands. She flipped through several pages, and looked back up again, cheeks turning scarlet when she realised who was in the doorway.
A squeaking voice escaped her, and she dropped the book on her lap, completely surprised. Good. This was the reaction he wanted. Slowly, he seemed to approach her, a smug grin on his face as he raised his hands to br
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Kiyoko Shimizu - Haikyuu III by Calssara Kiyoko Shimizu - Haikyuu III :iconcalssara:Calssara 334 50 30 Free Polygonal Low Poly Background Textures by RoundedHexagon 30 Free Polygonal Low Poly Background Textures :iconroundedhexagon:RoundedHexagon 400 57
Embarrassment || Oikawa Tooru x Male!Reader
From: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥
To: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)
ne, ne, [nickname]-chan! today is friday, right? let's eat something after practice! i'll even pick you up, i don't care if you're sweaty bc you always smell nice, heheh (*´˘`*)♥
You sighed silently in annoyance as the smart phone in your hands buzzed rather loudly for your liking during class.
That dweeb kept texting you no matter if you replied with a blunt fuck off or simply ignored him, he was just too annoying for his own good.
You inwardly clicked your tongue and tried your best to pay attention to the slightly grey clouds that loomed all over they sky.
Looks like it will rain later, you mused with a murmur.
From: Grand Trash King (−_−;)♥
To: [Nickname]-chan ♥(ノ´∀`)
it's a date then, k? i'll buy you some flowers and chocolate and then
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 655 61
Coby Sparkles Photoshop Brushes by Coby17 Coby Sparkles Photoshop Brushes :iconcoby17:Coby17 769 39
Cuddle buddy || Kuroo Tetsurou x Male!Reader
It was official; Kuroo Tetsurou was the best cuddle buddy ever.
It wasn't simply cuddling that we are talking about, no, he made it simply majestic.
His arms and legs were long and slender, easily to wrap them around your body, to tangle his longer limbs with yours, the large feet, which may or may not were covered in socks, brushing over your with your school pants covered legs, one arms securely wrapped around your waist whilst the other was used as a pillow as you slept.
Kuroo watched his slight softened eyes how you rested peacefully in his arms.
He had heard from other that you haven't felt good lately and that your sleep wasn't doing so good as well.
The black haired male knew that his hugs could fulfill magic, that was no secret, and he also was aware of that you would do anything for a good hug or cuddling.
That was the reason why he was your cuddle buddy.
Kuroo would always tell you 'no homo' – of course – before pulling you down with him as he would
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 582 36
Tsukishima x Reader - Softy
There was something wrong with Tsukishima lately. He used to be a huge jerk with a bad attitude, but that has calmed down a little. The whole team had been talking about this a lot lately, and to be honest, it scared the heck out of them. Deciding, after they eat their usual meat bun from the Foothill Store, they would secretly follow Tsukishima to who knows where.
"Ready?" Daichi asks the team. They nod their heads slowly, not knowing what to expect.
"What if he's in a gang?" Hinata whispers to Kageyama, but the tall setter could only hit the decoy's head to shush him, which worked. Tsukishima walked toward a similar route which only Yachi knew.
To l/n f/n's house.
Yachi is good friends with her and the two are best friends, despite Yachi's personality.
"G-guys..." she says nervously. The whole team had their eyes on her, and she squeaked a bit. "W-well, were actually going towards f/n-chan's house." she states, which makes everyone's jaws drop with shock.
"That Tsukishima better not
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::Nishinoya Yuu X Reader:: Underwear [ 4 ]
Slender fingers gently rubbed over the purplish blue spots spread out all over his skin, a gasp passing the male's lips. His girlfriend [Y/N], always had the tendency to touch the bruises he had earned from skidding across the floor as a libero, but her touches were always tender, and it made his pale cheeks turn pink.
"You work so hard.."
She murmured, [H/C] locks falling in front of her face. Nishinoya looked down at her, raising a hand to tuck the tresses behind her ear, and a small smile turned up at the corners of his mouth.
"Ngn.. Yeah."
[E/C] hues flickered up to her boyfriend, her thumb ran along the smooth but bruised skin, and she lowered herself, lips hovering over the injury. He felt a small hand run down his bare chest to the hem of his boxer shorts, and he swallowed, turning his head from her out of embarrassment.
A warm mouth pressed to his forearm, and his heart fluttered as the girl peppered his arms with sweet kisses. Her head seemed to raise itself, and was now at hi
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::Iwaizumi Hajime X Reader:: Underwear [ 1 ]
Warning: There's some touching that may make you uncomfortable; but no nudity.
The female moved throughout the apartment she shared with her boyfriend; Iwaizumi. They've been dating for a year and a half now, and the two decided it'd be a good idea to be together; considering how much time the brunette spends on volleyball.
He wanted to be able to see her more.. and this was the perfect solution for that.
Preparing their breakfast, the [H/C] coloured girl heard a low moan come from the kitchen, and her ears perked up. Slowly, she walked to the room her boyfriend was in, and her eyes widened.
He was clutching his stomach, his legs bare and only but his underpants could be shown under the navy blue shirt he wore. A look of pain spread across his features, and the girl tilted her head, confused.
"What's wrong, Iwa?"
His grey hues moved to her, and he let out a sigh, resting his hand on the counter's corner.
"I bumped in to this.."
A giggle emanated from the girl, and he furrowed hi
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MMD HIGH QAULITY Japanese Sitting room by amiamy111 MMD HIGH QAULITY Japanese Sitting room :iconamiamy111:amiamy111 828 97 MMD TDA: Vtg Girls Download! by AmaneHatsura MMD TDA: Vtg Girls Download! :iconamanehatsura:AmaneHatsura 653 94
Boyfriend || Sawamura Daichi x Male!Reader
Practice slowly neared its end. After a exhausting period of jumping, spiking, tossing and receiving everybody had grabbed a towel and a water bottle or two to calm their rapidly beating heart and wheezily breath down.
While others chatted a little bit, Hinata and Kageyama were resting sprawled out and totally worn out on gymnasium's cold floor; both of the sighed at the same time.
The coldness felt like heaven right now!
While resting both of them overheard a not-for-their-ears-meant conversation.
“...come over? Right now? Walk with me home? Sure, practice is over anyway and it'd be nice to spent some time with you. See you soon. Y-Yeah, I-I love you, too.”
Both sat up abruptly at the four last words and stared blankly ahead.
“Did he just–”
“– say what I think he said?”
They looked at each other, then to Daichi and then back to the other.
“Sawamura-san has a girlfriend!”, Hinata gasped loudly and Kageyama forced his hand over
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 484 45
irritation maximum : oikawa tooru
Oikawa Tooru X Delinquent!Reader
Whispers were heard all over the courtyard as she walked past. Students stopped their own conversations in order to talk about her. [Name] on the other hand really couldn't care less about what they were saying and only stuffed her hands into the pockets of her ankle-long skirt.
"That's [Surname]-san, right? I heard she got into another fight."
"Ehh? Again? She's always causing trouble."
They were so annoying. [Name] shot the pair of girls a glare and they immediately shut their mouths. She hated girls like that; ones that could only talk but not doing anything. It was because of them the stereotype of girls remained weak.
"[Name]." A voice called her.
She looked over her shoulder to find her classmate Iwaizumi behind her. The two were on good terms. He didn't piss her off and she didn't piss him off so the two were cool together.
"Hey." [Name] nodded, turning around.
"Ever thought of stopping?" Iw
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Cuddles [ Bokuto Kotarou x Reader ]
Honestly, the (h/c) female known as ______ ______ did not, for the life of her, knew how this happened. Here she was, wrapped up in a certain male’s arms, on his bed, while wearing his clothes. His legs were tangled with hers and his face was in her chest area; she had been flustered at first, trying to push him away but he was way too strong.
Curse him and his athletic ways.
She looked down at the black and white hair that belonged to the one and only Bokuto Kotarou. She sighed softly, running her fingers through his surprisingly soft hair. She looked at her phone, wondering if her parents were wondering where she was; after all, they were overseas on a business trip.
How she got into this particular predicament was all the childish teenager’s fault. Well, she couldn’t actually blame him. She had said that she was feeling a bit unwell today. But he didn’t need to suddenly carry her in his arms and rush back to his home, which was closer than hers.
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KageHina - First Kiss by Amanduur KageHina - First Kiss :iconamanduur:Amanduur 761 110
red string. | yandere!kuroo tetsurou [soulmate!au]
red string. | yandere!kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader
☆ soulmate!au where a red string connects two people together. only soulmates can see the other's red string.
☆ please keep in mind that this is a yandere fic. there will be dark themes, and possibly sensitive material. you have been warned.
There is a red string around Kuroo’s neck; it’s been there since his twelfth birthday. The thread fits around his neck perfectly — neither loose nor is chokingly tight. The peculiar thread that appeared spontaneously one day made him curious. Kuroo had pulled and tugged, and even brought a pair of scissors to his neck once, but no matter what he did, this single string remained ever present against his skin.
At first, he worried that it would hinder it his everyday life, but the red thread is thin and barely there. No one else could see it — only him and his future soulmate would — and it never bothered him during matches or practices or any other
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THE GATES by tigaer THE GATES :icontigaer:tigaer 1,510 98
::Sugawara Koushi X Reader:: Underwear [ 3 ]
Lyrics could be heard around the apartment that Sugawara and [Y/N] shared, and the male's ears perked, eyebrows knitting together. Rolling off the bed he was previously asleep in, he ventured out into the home in his boxers. He ran a large hand through his locks, and let out a sleepy yawn as the singing seemed to get louder.
Curiosity drilled through his entire being, and the smell of rice and eggs seized his senses. Turning down the hall, he opened his mouth to speak as he almost stepped foot in to the kitchen, but it shut when he walked in on his girlfriend.
She wore one of his shirts, a grey one, and nothing but polka dot underpants below that. Her hips swayed as a melodic voice rumbled up through her vocal cords and passed her lips, and she tapped an egg against the edge of the frying pan, cracking it open.
A silly smile found it's way on to the third year's lips, and he leaned against the door frame, watching for several moments as his lover sung beautifully, not noticing he was w
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Complex Spaceship View 2 by eRe4s3r Complex Spaceship View 2 :iconere4s3r:eRe4s3r 745 239
precious | kuroo tetsurou [drabble]
precious | daddy!kuroo x mommy!reader [drabble]
"Good morning my favorite little man!" 
Your sleeping body awoke to the noise and commotion going on around you. Slowly opening your vibrant-hued eyes to see what was going on, you were met with the early morning rays that briefly blinded your perceptual vision. Groaning in discomfort, you quickly pulled the cream-colored comforter over your head―protecting your face from the attacking sunlight. 
"Ohoho? Looks like we woke up mommy!" An obnoxious voice shouted. 
You lifted the sheets off of your head, and shot a glare at the ravenette laying on the edge of the bed. 
"Someone is grouchy~" The cat-like man chuckled. 
You rolled your eyes, and slowly rose from your laying position, "Have you always been this annoying?" You shot back. 
"Everything is annoying to you in the mornings, babe." He winked. 
Your rosette-hued lips formed a soft, faint smile as your eyes focused on the precious bundle o
:iconroyaldere:royaldere 218 28
Haikyuu: Kagehina Compilation by aokamei Haikyuu: Kagehina Compilation :iconaokamei:aokamei 1,243 52
The Weeb Handbook (Tendou x F!Reader)
The first time he saw you, he fell in love.
Your hair was an absolute mess, your lips were chapped, and you were glaring at everyone in the hallway.
To him, you were beautiful.
"Ahhh," Tendou sighed, griping to his close friend, Ushiijma. "Wakatoshi! I just don't know what to do!"
"Do about what?" Ushijima asked. His friend was being trivial as usual, but he seemed surprisingly wound-up, considering that he only walked from his last class to the gymnasium. He didn't speak to anyone in the short distance, so why was Tendou upset?
"I don't even know her name!" Tendou cried. He was dramatically pacing up and down the glossed floor, huffing and puffing, a frown placed on his lips. "But I want to know, Wakatoshi-kun!"
Ushijima got up, going to a crate of volleyballs. It seemed that Tendou would be riled up for quite awhile. "First, calm down."
"I am calm!"
Anyone looking at Tendou would think the opposite, with his face flushed as red as his hair, but Ushi
:iconcinderpelt333:cinderpelt333 172 69
MMD HQ Bedroom by amiamy111 MMD HQ Bedroom :iconamiamy111:amiamy111 1,763 293 MMD TDA:Spice Girls 1 Download!! by AmaneHatsura MMD TDA:Spice Girls 1 Download!! :iconamanehatsura:AmaneHatsura 470 44