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Not Quite Houdini by Culpeo-Fox Not Quite Houdini :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,389 92 My Pokemon. UPDATE by Jubilations My Pokemon. UPDATE :iconjubilations:Jubilations 3,352 463 StupidFox - 79 by SilentReaper StupidFox - 79 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 7,033 250 what only Houdini knew by jabberholic what only Houdini knew :iconjabberholic:jabberholic 509 38 Rabbit People by Culpeo-Fox Rabbit People :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 441 29 Lilo and Stitch Sketch Dump by parochena Lilo and Stitch Sketch Dump :iconparochena:parochena 282 74
Another To Do List
Another Time Traveling To Do List:
Things to do with my favorite people ever.
Fight next to Jeanne d‘Arc.
Paint with William Blake.
Hallucinate with Lewis Carroll (by merely being near him).
Take a walk on some railroad tracks and have a few beers with Johnny Cash.
Smoke cigars with Winston Churchill.
Steal Salvador Dali’s mustache while he is asleep and paint one back on his face.
Sing a duet with Ella Fitzgerald.
Tell Jokes with Mitch Hedberg.
Safari with Ernest Hemingway.
Give Audrey Hepburn as many roses as I can carry.
Discuss the Universe with Frank Herbert.
Gamble with Doc Holiday.
Box Harry Houdini.
Hike with Rudyard Kipling.
Kiss Hedy Lamarr.
Fight bears with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.
Smoke pipes with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.
Give H.P. Lovecraft a hug.
Destroy my crappy old drawings with Michelangelo.
Prevaricate with Baron Münchhausen.
Give Edgar Allen Poe a hug.
Dance with Madame de Pompadour.
Make believe with Mr. Rogers.
Ride wi
:iconvynettedantes:VynetteDantes 24 53
My brother killed a cat today. There was a famous Chinese general who once said that you would truly discover a man through his torture. I have come to disagree. When are we more exposed than when we are in sorrow, ridden by guilt?
My brother killed a cat today. It was a little cat, a black one named Houdini with long fluffy hair and a sweet face. I'd heard of Houdini before when his owner pinned a note to our door when we were out asking if we would like to take him in. She had mistaken us for our neighbor, who has eleven cats. Her name was Holly and she sounded like she was between jobs.
My brother killed a cat today. It was a little cat, a black one named Houdini with long fluffy hair and a sweet face. He hit it with his car. It's a white 1997 Toyota, an Avalon. Our grandparents gave it to us in mint condition (practically), despite over 100,000 miles on the odometer. He put a NASA sticker on it and a sticker that says, "+5 Car of Driving." Before my brother got it, my dad had it fo
:iconobliviousgenius:ObliviousGenius 477 347
Takin' A Dump, Cannon Ex 1 by FloatingBubbles Takin' A Dump, Cannon Ex 1 :iconfloatingbubbles:FloatingBubbles 157 48 Escape, plz by Culpeo-Fox Escape, plz :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,293 125 dress up miss bunbun by kayliesaurus-rex dress up miss bunbun :iconkayliesaurus-rex:kayliesaurus-rex 844 132 Alakazam by Culpeo-Fox Alakazam :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 944 62 Love Bugs by JarrodHasenjager Love Bugs :iconjarrodhasenjager:JarrodHasenjager 246 36 Houdini by Culpeo-Fox Houdini :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 498 61 Houdini by Nezart Houdini :iconnezart:Nezart 43 0 Kamen Rider Ghost Flash Belt 1.43 by CometComics Kamen Rider Ghost Flash Belt 1.43 :iconcometcomics:CometComics 396 2,188 Houdini the Eastern Screech Owl by JakeJynx Houdini the Eastern Screech Owl :iconjakejynx:JakeJynx 218 30 CT: Number 604- Houdini by Koyukistyle CT: Number 604- Houdini :iconkoyukistyle:Koyukistyle 148 122 FISH FOOD by Hartman by sideshowmonkey FISH FOOD by Hartman :iconsideshowmonkey:sideshowmonkey 388 164 .H.P Lovecraft's Under the Pyramids. by MalakiaLaGatta .H.P Lovecraft's Under the Pyramids. :iconmalakialagatta:MalakiaLaGatta 100 6 Brody by Olga-Tereshenko Brody :iconolga-tereshenko:Olga-Tereshenko 269 21 Mass Effect 3 - They Are Here by michaelcraft Mass Effect 3 - They Are Here :iconmichaelcraft:michaelcraft 158 10 Houdini and Bess by PollyGuo Houdini and Bess :iconpollyguo:PollyGuo 437 29 Blue Frontier: Houdini Sister by Alice13th Blue Frontier: Houdini Sister :iconalice13th:Alice13th 121 38 Pika? by Cuenk89 Pika? :iconcuenk89:Cuenk89 161 35 geraldine houdini by felipmars geraldine houdini :iconfelipmars:felipmars 146 17 Houdini and Holmes 2 cover by PollyGuo Houdini and Holmes 2 cover :iconpollyguo:PollyGuo 286 6
Lesson 4 - Action and Reaction
Lesson 4 - Action and Reaction
Have you ever watched something where you felt like it was a couple of dead fish in person suits? Watching reviews by The Nostalgia Critic, one becomes sensitive to certain faux pas that occur in the movie industry, and you can see them in other media as well.
Action and Reaction are what keeps the plot moving. Getting that stupid plot moving can be both very important and very difficult for the aspiring writer. The need to move the plot forward has even given rise to such tools as the MacGuffin, any item whose sole purpose is to move the plot forward, like the Arc of the Covenant or the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones movies. You could switch those items for other items of historical/religious significance—the spear that pierced Christ's side, or the Lost City of Atlantis. In these stories it is an object or a situation that is moving the plot forward.
I'm not particularly fond of that as a writer. As an audience, a good MacGuffin is worth
:iconelainerose:ElaineRose 60 14
Rapture by abuseofreason Rapture :iconabuseofreason:abuseofreason 69 8 Kamen Rider Specter by Taiko554 Kamen Rider Specter :icontaiko554:Taiko554 98 53 You will be SOOOOOO FAB by DragonRider13025 You will be SOOOOOO FAB :icondragonrider13025:DragonRider13025 597 131 Houdini n Holmes cover by PollyGuo Houdini n Holmes cover :iconpollyguo:PollyGuo 405 80 Rayman: The Magician by Sandette Rayman: The Magician :iconsandette:Sandette 69 33 Smoke and Mirrors -- Fanart by Involuntary-Twitch Smoke and Mirrors -- Fanart :iconinvoluntary-twitch:Involuntary-Twitch 126 14 Infinity Cityscape by KopeKope Infinity Cityscape :iconkopekope:KopeKope 38 3 Minimalism by kuzy62 Minimalism :iconkuzy62:kuzy62 56 21 Strained Relations by DragonRider13025 Strained Relations :icondragonrider13025:DragonRider13025 370 69 Cartilage by blinkpen Cartilage :iconblinkpen:blinkpen 54 3 Rogues by blinkpen Rogues :iconblinkpen:blinkpen 41 3 Framed by kuzy62 Framed :iconkuzy62:kuzy62 50 19 Houdini Poster by TylerChampion Houdini Poster :icontylerchampion:TylerChampion 68 9 Pixel Houdini -604- by Felix-KoT Pixel Houdini -604- :iconfelix-kot:Felix-KoT 104 1 One Big Ohana by Piranhartist One Big Ohana :iconpiranhartist:Piranhartist 189 30
You're Not There
Arms length
A step or two
Different worlds
Walls to run through
Welcoming smile
Familiar face
But hallucinations
Leave no trace
Revived Houdini
A phantom of sorts
An apparition
That quickly distorts
It's not only the person
But memories lost
Forever remembered
Valued without cost
Everyone's sane in a world of crazies
A world where you stop, and point, and stare
But now I'm convinced of insanity
Because I can see you but you're not there
:iconpaper-doesnt-judge:paper-doesnt-judge 11 13
Gain again what they want to steal by peacemakerwarfreak Gain again what they want to steal :iconpeacemakerwarfreak:peacemakerwarfreak 44 17 CT- CHibi Houdini by Koyukistyle CT- CHibi Houdini :iconkoyukistyle:Koyukistyle 50 32 Kid Houdini Cover by Jackademus Kid Houdini Cover :iconjackademus:Jackademus 90 17 Distorted Reality Poster by nicholaskole Distorted Reality Poster :iconnicholaskole:nicholaskole 37 2 Kamen Rider Ghost Mugen Damashii Wallpaper by malecoc Kamen Rider Ghost Mugen Damashii Wallpaper :iconmalecoc:malecoc 37 8 Lilo and Stitch - UGF Dad 3 by Stitchfan Lilo and Stitch - UGF Dad 3 :iconstitchfan:Stitchfan 139 35