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Pasta hotline by sharadhaksar Pasta hotline :iconsharadhaksar:sharadhaksar 1,903 259 Hotline Miami by MDPenman Hotline Miami :iconmdpenman:MDPenman 1,084 44 Hotline Miami: The Jacket by steven-donegani Hotline Miami: The Jacket :iconsteven-donegani:steven-donegani 671 54 Hotline Miami Movie by tramvaev Hotline Miami Movie :icontramvaev:tramvaev 229 20 Midnight Animal by SpineBender Midnight Animal :iconspinebender:SpineBender 340 35 Hotline New Vegas by Sliferjam Hotline New Vegas :iconsliferjam:Sliferjam 341 38 hotline miami by ChestyMcGee hotline miami :iconchestymcgee:ChestyMcGee 384 28 HOTLINE MIAMI POSTER RENEWAL by MMMALLO HOTLINE MIAMI POSTER RENEWAL :iconmmmallo:MMMALLO 242 11
The front door opens, and the hit begins.
The world vanishes;
Everything is a gorgeous haze!
Nothing exists but the rush.
Bright, neon hues
Hot, sticky blood
A bat's firm handle
Flashing lights
Pounding bass
Yet abruptly, it's over.
The world returns in all its horrific, damp glory.
Corpses litter the floor.
I look at my messy hands.
This mask I wear is not just an identity,
It is my only identity.
I am no man.
I am an animal.
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Mr rabbit by victoranomalous Mr rabbit :iconvictoranomalous:victoranomalous 252 23 Hotline miami revamps by victoranomalous Hotline miami revamps :iconvictoranomalous:victoranomalous 233 13
His cubicle is like any other in the office – standardized, small. He makes it unique. Multi-coloured sticky notes litter the small shelf, the monitor, the pencil holder. Anything in sight, really. Varied snippets of life in ink - some end in smiley faces, others crossed out in impatient scrawl.
In pride of place on his desk is the phone. Worn, bright red, plastic. Obnoxious some might say. He knows it just makes it easier to find amidst the clutter. Scattered messages for the man upstairs surround it; he’ll need to sort those print-outs into the proper piles.
Born again Christian?
How many times?
Yes ma’am, that is
A legitimate question
We do have to
Ask this of all who want
To be reinstated a share
In this company
If you could hold please
And I’ll patch you through
To the proper department

He finds a pockmark in the jarrah of his desk and wonders at the imperfection, fingers poised. The amount of times he’s drummed his fingers over the surface (unimpre
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Hotline Miami Masks Wallpaper by Dan-The-Gir-Man Hotline Miami Masks Wallpaper :icondan-the-gir-man:Dan-The-Gir-Man 345 33 Hotline Miami by juhoham Hotline Miami :iconjuhoham:juhoham 354 25 Hotline Miami by fatalframerZer043 Hotline Miami :iconfatalframerzer043:fatalframerZer043 525 45 Canines Assemble! by spacecoyote Canines Assemble! :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 641 0 Tony by Cyberworm360 Tony :iconcyberworm360:Cyberworm360 219 9 Florida Phone Man by AngusBurgers Florida Phone Man :iconangusburgers:AngusBurgers 376 21 Hotline Miami by B-trndl Hotline Miami :iconb-trndl:B-trndl 530 12 Hotline miami fanart by Pa-Go Hotline miami fanart :iconpa-go:Pa-Go 361 16 Richter by Cyberworm360 Richter :iconcyberworm360:Cyberworm360 176 8 HOTLINE MIAMI by promadas HOTLINE MIAMI :iconpromadas:promadas 552 25 Hotline Miami by MMMALLO Hotline Miami :iconmmmallo:MMMALLO 276 35 Call the Hotline, I don't give a fuck by endrae Call the Hotline, I don't give a fuck :iconendrae:endrae 187 11 HOTLINE MIAMI by P-cate HOTLINE MIAMI :iconp-cate:P-cate 265 15 Late Night Valentine's Gift by Sanone Late Night Valentine's Gift :iconsanone:Sanone 274 17 Hotline Fortress 2 (COLLAB!) by sikkofoley Hotline Fortress 2 (COLLAB!) :iconsikkofoley:sikkofoley 218 16 Hotline Miami by JonasScharf Hotline Miami :iconjonasscharf:JonasScharf 571 42 I'm starting my diet tomorrow by Flobelebelebobele I'm starting my diet tomorrow :iconflobelebelebobele:Flobelebelebobele 141 184 Hotline Miami by Decepticoin Hotline Miami :icondecepticoin:Decepticoin 286 10 Hotline Miami by Kaktus-chan Hotline Miami :iconkaktus-chan:Kaktus-chan 282 8 Hotline Miami in pictures by DNMNY Hotline Miami in pictures :icondnmny:DNMNY 309 24 Hotline Miami by Decepticoin Hotline Miami :icondecepticoin:Decepticoin 261 20
The first time I dialled your number I felt a skipping in my chest
the skip that comes with talking to strangers
the skip that tells me that I’m strapped into the rollercoaster, ready or not for the ride.
You answered, and your voice was like a cave,
deep and warmish and mossy
with echoes trapped inside the dark spaces
like a cave to keep me safe from the storm.
I spoke to you and my own voice was like cobblestones,
cracked and scattered
strewn out across a much-trodden road and kicked into the gutter,
like cobblestones with missing bits, crumbling from the elements.
You told me that things would get better from here on out,
that I’d made the first step and
that you would talk to me for as long as it took to get me from one place to another one
or longer, even.
You spoke to me about large things
responsibility and Ferris wheels and distant nebulas
you spoke to me about small things
garden mice and sub-atomic particles and how many spoonfuls of sugar you take with your tea.
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hotline miami by Silsol hotline miami :iconsilsol:Silsol 347 5 You're Dead Meat by togaco You're Dead Meat :icontogaco:togaco 310 23 Miami's Nighthakws by Larryhazard Miami's Nighthakws :iconlarryhazard:Larryhazard 64 3 HOTLINE MIAMI - RICHARD by B-trndl HOTLINE MIAMI - RICHARD :iconb-trndl:B-trndl 172 3 The New Mask by SrPelo The New Mask :iconsrpelo:SrPelo 205 22 Hotline Miami: Trio by pantego2591 Hotline Miami: Trio :iconpantego2591:pantego2591 157 7 Hotline Miami - Decadence by Gameguran Hotline Miami - Decadence :icongameguran:Gameguran 271 8 Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number Minimal Poster by mdk7 Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number Minimal Poster :iconmdk7:mdk7 205 4 hotline by SAte2801 hotline :iconsate2801:SAte2801 240 6 PPG Reboot: Similarities by ITBluebeadTI PPG Reboot: Similarities :iconitbluebeadti:ITBluebeadTI 433 188 Hotline by mellow-monsters Hotline :iconmellow-monsters:mellow-monsters 180 8 Yeah, that's right.. by MMMALLO Yeah, that's right.. :iconmmmallo:MMMALLO 103 2 call me! by kopfstoff call me! :iconkopfstoff:kopfstoff 356 47 Tony the tiger by Desperish Tony the tiger :icondesperish:Desperish 323 20